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That’s a switch!

Politics Examiner sees Denver shaping as the OK Coral

For the first time in over three decades I will be glued in front of the television for the first three days of the convention. The first ballot is sure to be a made for television moment. I talked to a Clinton delegate here in Maryland and he told me that they have been instructed to vote for Hillary on the first ballot. To make things more interesting, there is a movement to swing 160 delegates from Obama to Clinton. If that occurs, Clinton could re-establish her campaign and face John McCain in the fall

After all the derision finally someone looks at the facts and numbers:

The Democratic Convention may be shaping up as the O.K. Corral, Part Two. The weapons will be delegate votes instead of Colt Peacemakers. “Where are the Clintons?” They are patiently waiting for Denver. The only question is: will it be an easy nomination for Obama or one of the grandest political ambushes ever pulled off…on the voting floor of the Convention.
Link to PUMA blog is given
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Union Square, NY

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…..Later that day

On the way to Union Square, some people (Obots?) were distributing stickers: “SEXY PEOPLE VOTE”.

he looked at my buttons as he was offering me one:

“I see that you already…..”

“You better believe I will vote!” and I put the sticker on.

I since checked – it was from the GLBT center

I fail again to find the other PUMAs but I am getting increasingly comfortable wearing my signs ans buttons on my own…I also found this impeachment group on the steps that was having an open mike event…One by one they were taking this mike and saying something impeachment related…One of the speakers surprised me by starting to read “He ventured forth to bring the light.. After that he read a poem “I want my country back” . it spoke of stolen elctions among others and at the end – not sure if part of the poem or personal confession – but the last line was “and I am not proud of my association with Howard Dean” The first applause of the evening followed.

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OK, in all fairness, this one was lobbed by pundits – but they are acting as surrogates so:

“Hillary Clinton would be in the ticket if the Barack Obama campaign felt that they were in some trouble with the voters that she brings — the older women, those voters in rural America, battleground states. They don’t think they are in trouble there, so they probably don’t think they need her,” Borger said.

It’s always good to remember that we have been dismissed. And this guide still applies:

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.check the green mode

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Finally! After entire states and 18millions voters have been accised of racism, someone says something about it!

McCain campaign accuses Obama of playing race card

As the Illinois Democrat campaigned in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Thursday, Republican John McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis has issued a statement saying that Obama “played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck.”

Davis said that move was, as he put it, “divisive, negative, shameful and wrong.”

The last drop for this to finally happen was

Obama’s remark Wednesday that President Bush and McCain will resort to scare tactics. Obama said: “What they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. … You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

I wish someone would have said that when the race memo was unveiled

To quote Gene Lyons

A good tactic, but a very bad strategy. Those who would have no problem seeing a black president will resent it and the actual racists won’t care.

Update with McCain comment

“All I can say is we’re proud of that commercial,” McCain said, after being asked by a voter if he was retreating from his promise of a clean campaign, according to ABC. “We think Americans need to know that I believe that we should base this campaign on what we can do for Americans at home and how we can make Americans safe and prosperous and that’s the theme of our campaign.”


Politico examines race moving to the center of the campaign:

McCain aides say their goal is to pre-empt what they believe is Obama’s effort to paint any conventional campaign attacks as race-based.

Obama’s aim, in the view of the McCain camp: “to delegitimize any line of attack against him,”

And the thing I really like

Remarkably, in fact, Schmidt sees a sort of political soul mate in Bill Clinton. “Say whatever you want about Bill Clinton,” Schmidt said, “but it’s deeply unfair to suggest his criticism of Obama was race-based. President Clinton was a force for unity in this country on this subject. Every American should be proud of his record as both a governor and president. But we knew it was coming in our direction because they did it against a President of the United State of their own party.”

facing protestations that add:

“He injected this yesterday,” Schmidt said. “We are compelled to respond. Tomorrow, if he does not do it again, we will not talk about it again.”

“We will not be smeared on this subject, period.”

Update with a National Review (sorry) bit on what was ignored in the primaries

His declaration that his grandmother was a “typical white person,” was, at the time, derided primarily because it was seen as Obama “throwing her under the bus” for political expediency. But the statement’s premise — that the “typical” white person is a reflexive racist — is at least as offensive.

the second one – the “bitter” remarks:

the commentary surrounding Obama’s statement to San Francisco elites about bitter, working class voters focused largely on the condescension in his claim that such folks “cling to guns or religion.” Somewhat ignored was the clause “…or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…” Again, Obama is branding a huge swath of the American populace in unsavory terms.

Both were unguarded statements, both accuse everyone who doesn’t support him of racism, both were purposefully ignored in extremely publicized  statements. Why?


B0 campaign concedes that the dollar bill remark was about race


Kinda expected as other similar statements were “they’ll tell you I am black”

which begged for this

Posted Image

It’s been said that politics is Hollywood for ugly people…

But now it all merges – and McCain hit on that

It released a TV ad Wednesday describing Obama as the “biggest celebrity in the world,” comparable to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, stars who are famous for attitude rather than accomplishments.

McCain’s celeb-Obama gains traction – which is to say – hit a nerve:

Perhaps one of the clearest indications emerged Tuesday from the world of late-night comedy, when David Letterman offered his “Top Ten Signs Barack Obama is Overconfident.” The examples included Obama proposing to change the name of Oklahoma to “Oklobama” and measuring his head for Mount Rushmore.

with all the talk of Messiah and instruments of God’s Will talk, I’d say satire has yet to cath to the magnitude of hubris – but it’s a start. Jon Stewart as usual got the closest:

Jon Stewart teased that the presumptive Democratic nominee traveled to Israel to visit his birthplace at Bethlehem’s Manger Square.

The most predictable is the 0bots response:

Bloggers at the Huffington Post launched a backlash to the backlash against Obama’s overseas trip, arguing in part that he wouldn’t face such criticism of acting premature if he were white.

having fallen on their catch all response is further proof they are left quite speechless by the obvious.

ABC provides me with this appropriate image

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and adds to the story while wondering if “it will backfire”

When Britney and Paris were thrust into the campaign, it was not a happy day in Obamaland.

Then goes on at length why is bad for McCain. But led me to the NY Post headline: BARACK THE BIMBO



It surprised me from Rupert – but I see it’s not not on page one

Funnier than BY Post headline is the actual Hollywood response

From “E”:

But Paris? Come on, there’s gotta be a better comparison. You’d almost think you were trying to belittle him or something.

From Paris

A spokesperson for the star says, “Miss Hilton was not asked, nor did she give permission for the use of her likeness in the ad and has no further comment.”

Not Your Sweetie