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While Metro simply reports Obama turned his SOTU into a campaign speech

NY Daily News (“OWS are animals”) is straight out campaigning for him which makes sense in light of this Forbes headline (Daily News was bashing Clinton, praising W)

Clinton Best President in Last 66 Years; W and Obama Worst

AM NY seems to want us to believe Bloomberg is holier than his army


Metro NY let us know today that NYPD lost it’s popularity lately.

Not any more explicit than that although the photo send one immediately to OWS.

Inside however the headline is stronger

NYPD: Can we still call them NY’s finest?

the OWS photo is one which made some covers at the time

the article even has a passing reference to OWS

Last year was a rocky one for the NYPD. The largest police force in the U.S. at 34,500 officers strong was consistently under scrutiny for highly publicized scandals and shocking revelations. Rape accusations against police, a ticket-fixing scandal, reporters arrested while covering Occupy Wall Street — with each embarrassing headline, New York’s Finest damaged its once record-high level of trust among the public.

What is being even more gingerly avoided is Bloomberg’s name

Even after a scandal-ridden year for the NYPD, Mayor Michael Bloomberg made no direct reference to the gaffes during his 2012 State of the City Address earlier this month. Instead, he called the NYPD the best police force in the world.

His dictatorial ways barely get a passing mention

Stop-and-frisk tactics, introduced under Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s administration and stepped up by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, let cops pat down anyone they suspect of a crime. Critics call it unconstitutional, while Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly credit the practice with lower crime rates and more arrests.

But it’s the only coverage it gets.


Today, we are striking against censorship

Join the largest online protest in history: tell Congress to stop this bill now!

I think I might have found my candidate

We need a new politics for the other 99% of America that doesn’t collect a CEO’s salary or write big checks for politicians. America deserves a Green New Deal that provides a secure future for we the people and the planet we depend on.

It happened while reading a very sincere act of contrition from a former B0bot

Is Obama the Trojan Horse, A Psychopath, A Bad Boyfriend or all Three?

Of course, short of repenting for depriving us of the better choice in 2008, there’s this

Not to worry they’re other fish in the sea.  Jill Stein of the Green Party has a very sane 5-point program.

Still looking for that, but here’s her on the issues


From the same paper who call OWS “animals”, more enlightening as to whom we are supposed to like


Not Your Sweetie

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