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Remember Obama’s pledge “I will not rest until the spill is contained“?

I think I’ll pick USA Today as cover of the day for putting the two stories side by side – you see Obama not resting as the hurricane “may may spill worse ”

.and for a close-up of the “not resting” see NY Post – you see the effects of the lack of rest on both

.The Most blatant post-election spin in in a PA paper

.but Rahm Post

.and Obama Times aren’t that far behind

.And the oil spill gets its dose of spin too – it’s good for tourism one Fla paper reveals – as the others just don’t cover it today

.That is a bit harder in LA, as it’s right there

.In other news – Vive la France! DC Express seems critical of France’s decision to outlaw the burka

In NY, it seems it’s in poor taste now to flaunt it (much)

.and Long Island is upstate with state budget cuts


The big news of the day is that the rate of the spill is somewhat slowed as BP manages to use some of it now. It’s like dipping a straw in an ocean to drink some of the water.


.The others are sounding chipper

Or at least cautiously optimistic

Sometimes factual factual

.Pbama Times, next to unrealistic headline on spill sports a spectacular photo of the unrest in Thailand (shared with several other papers)

.such as Wall Street Journal

.In election news, Specter is shown as more “D” party man than Sestak – can’t hurt him in this race where most voters are fed up with both parties

A cocktail of news from the Moonie Times

.Stars and Stripes informs us on a very surprising cut in the military: army chaplains

And in NYC local news: the war on bicyclists


Only a handful of papers at my disposal this morning. Some spill news from local paper. Good news

.and doubtful news

.From New York,Β  Daily NewsΒ  onΒ  cameras waste – I wonder if this will deter Bloomberg’s desire to peep on Times Square

.New papers out: WaPo has pieces on spill, elections and war

.while Obama Times has more on the car bomber


I’ll give cover of the Day to NY Post. Not so much for Polanski’s new accuser coming forward (what took her so long?) but for the Greed is good headline. The original movie was iconic for the abuses of the 80’s and it’s only fitting it would return today

.WaPo gets the runner up for this test they devised – I like it even though the fallout they refer to is political . I’ll say, let’s hold him to it.Β  So far we are at the “rebuking CEOs” kabuki – I remember insurance CEOs getting that just prior getting a captive market from Obama

.And from the local press a spill Duh headline

.and another Obama wag of the finger headline – I wonder if ending the cozy relationship is starting after the 27 exemptions post-accident go in effect

Obama Times has some flying bullets news from Iraq

and Stars and Stripes some protests against our occupation in Afghanistan – both wars are peachy then

.Boston Herald has a headline on the Times Square accomplice, and the evil “feds” make an appearance replacing Obama re: funding cuts


In the “accomplices theme” I pick the Daily News for the most inane headline of the day, regarding the Time Square bomber

.As for the BP’s accomplices, Obama Times has the Duh cover of the day. I first thought it caught up to Miami Herald one week later on the exemptions given AFTER the accident, but no – they are still on the old story. And notice how Obama turns to feds turns to “US” in the headline. And look, it even caught up on the inaccurate estimates! WTG Obama Times!

.Of course, the real news on the oil leak are in the local news. Miami herald on cutting corners

.LA Advocate on efforts to stop

.Back on the bomber’s accomplices story, Boston Herald has the local angle headline

.In other news: USA Today has some war news – better weapons, longer injuries

.and this and that from Moonie Times


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