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This is a testament to Obama’s identity politics.

As John Smart pointed out

Make no bones about it: Obama is the Left’s McCarthy. The personality that subsumes all the ugliest elements of the base -in this case, identity politics, self righteousness, and condescension – and brings them to the forefront. He did not tell the Left their principles were right. He told them THEY were right. After years of right wing radio screeching and demonization the hypnotism was complete and devastating. In Obama’s trance they obliterated themselves.

So, now B0bots can be happy with wars, the Heritage Foundation HCR and coastline drilling, teacher firings and  Social Security privatization because, after all, they are better than the other guys. They must be, their Messiah told them so.

It was not long ago when some complained that their world is nothing else but reacting to “tea baggers”

I Remember when DU Rocked ! Now we just Watch Tea Baggers and Whine.

So when W’s favorite distraction – “terra” comes along – they find themselves wishing that can pin it on their enemies:

So the NYC would-be-bomber was White and in his 40s

I’m gonna be really pissed if I find out this guy has teabag connections.

You know I spent 8 years protesting the Bush administration and not ONCE did anyone ever use any form of lethal violence to get our point out to the public. And yet Teabaggers are suggesting using guns to solve problems, shooting up innocent people and flying planes into buildings. SO what happens – they get massive media coverage as some sort of force to reckon with in the United States.

If it turns out a teabagger was involved with this bombing, I hope our government cracks down on this organization as the racist hate group that they are.

Raise your hand if you really believe the poster would be POd is the bomber was a “teabagger”.

One of the most fervent, no questions asked Obama apologists wonders

3. Why is it everyone suspects Muslims and never the right wing terrorists?

seems to me domestically the right wing terror attacks are far more likely than Muslim ones.

and someone ironically named “no hypocrisy” offers

16. Criticize me for racial profiling, but I think that description fits a Teabagger.

And another thinks it had to be a “teabagger” as they are ignorant as they are evil (the spelling and punctuation are superior as it’s from a B0bot)

23. But one thing that leads you to think tea bag

is that the plan for the bomb was so stupid and non peforming. Every thing the tea bags do is ignorant look at their signs.

Oh, the humanity! Someone will be disappointed.

In all  fairness, I think back in 2001, freepers also wanted “libs” to be guilty for 9.11. In fact, Poppy Bush said a few things about a Taliban sympathizer who came from California – from those  hot tubbers” from Marin County. And piled on by way of  apology “I am sorry if I hit a nerve”

But. silly as I was then, I thought…sigh … we were better than that. Yeah, guilty.

Oh, well, I’ll just stick with: my principles are better than that. And there’s nobody in power upholding them.


When the actual news is finally posted

Times Square bomb suspect nabbed at airport-Pakistani-born U.S. citizen attempting to fly to Dubai

someone who may have or may have not read my entry asks

10. Be honest now…

How many of you people here secretly wish this was a Tea Party protester?

Be honest.

while another, oblivious of the thread I quoted before retorts

12. My secret wish is that idiocy like this is not posted on DU

Welcome to DU!

and some are probably alerting the mods even as I capture this – I expect .10 to disappear soon

LOL. “you people here”?

Spectator to the American Experiment, with season tickets on the 49th yardline.
129. Nice catch.

19. Be honest now…

how many of you people there were afraid he would be a Tea Party crazy?

.and some find some way of being right, whatever it takes

118. And who says he is not a tea-bagger?

if he is a fundamentalist he for sure is or sympathize with tea baggers

A few are honest

06. I wish they would have found a McCain/Palin bumper sticker

On the damn thing!
108. Or a ‘W’ sticker

one guy is half honest

135. Yes, there would be some

satisfaction in that and given the obvious incompetence involved, it wasn’t an unreasonable idea.

But we really don’t need right wingers blowing shit up. The country is badly divided now.

while another admits defeat at the loss of political football

109. Reight (sic) wing nuts are going to have a field day with this.

as opposed to B0bots who would have soberly mourned a different outcome.

Updating with the excellent essay from the Big Pink

Absolute failure on the part of those who allowed Faisal Shahzad to jump through the immigration hurdles and become a naturalized American citizen about a year ago. Decent people have difficulties and intrusive humiliations thrust upon them to legally immigrate to this country but a murderous demon is awarded much coveted citizenship status. But a self-confessed, trained in Pakistan on bomb making terrorist, is allowed to become an American citizen.

I was going to leave this just an update to my previous post, until I noticed a trend: Bobot defends the producer of “V”, essentially saying – he couldn’t have, he is one of us!

liberal supporter of the President who worked for and donated money to the his campaign

So, that explains the downfall of the quality of his work which was stellar in The 44oos and mediocre here.

On the other side of the aisle we have the ombudsman of PBS having to answer for Oscar the Grouch’s words

The episode, which aired Oct. 29, involves one of Sesame Street’s scores of colorful creations, the Grouch News Network, in which muppet Oscar the Grouch is the host, pursuing GNN’s dedication to “all grouchy, all disgustin’, all yucky” news. But another character feels that the Grouch is not grouchy enough and threatens to switch to “Pox News, now there’s a trashy news show,

I like what the ombudsman concludes

I don’t know what was in the head of the producers, but my guess is that this was one of those parodies that was too good to resist. But it should have been resisted. Broadcasters can tell parents whatever they think of Fox or any other network, but you shouldn’t do it through the kids.

And what do those two pieces of news have in common? Well, the Sesame Street storm, as the Ombudsman said

It’s a parody, a play on words, and has a timely feel to it at this time, especially, because of the battle now going on publicly between Fox and the White House.

I suppose the Sesame Street writer felt it safe to carry the White House agenda into a kids show.

Not as safe as the alleged anti-B0 writer should feel.

The “V” defense was also mounted in response to a similar threat – it may have come from Gawker, but it was so out of character there, it had to have deeper roots :

“keep picking on the president and the only letters that V will get are D.O.A.”

Pretty nifty threat, huh? Reminds me of 2001 and Ashcroft’s speeches about phantoms of lost liberties and the “you’re either with us or against us. What kind a democracy is this where the campaign donor card of the writer has to be waved to prove he didn’t attack the president? (reminds me of certain internet forums)

Will this become a required test for everyone pitching a show on TV? Or is this already in place? And no matter who the show creator donated to, isn’t this the society the Vs are trying to create? This is interesting

Unfortunately for Mr. Peters, this isn’t the first time in his career that fans or critics saw things in his work he didn’t intend. Some fans of “The 4400” saw hidden meaning in those episodes too.

yup. Good writing usually serves like a Rohrshack test. That B0bots saw themselves in “V” is  a riot. Willingly or not, the story seems to have hit a nerve.

Anyway, a Gawker commentator came with the solution yo this

And if we’re going that far, couldn’t Ana (so sorry Morena Baccarin) be Sarah Palin? The pretty lady (reptile in sheep’s clothing) who attempts to convince everyone she means no harm, but underneath there’s really just a heinous (stupid) monster out for self and self only?

See? Cherchez la femme! As long as you channel the hatred to approved targets, everything is A-OK! And no danger of Gawker – or the Secret Service ever coming to your house.

On a totally unrelated topic, I just had to have this headline

Paterson Empowered By Obama’s Election Woes


The “V” story goes on and on. They actually asked Gibbs about the alleged portrayal of Obama as an alien
I confess I liked his answer

that would “be one of the least worst things he’s been called today.”

and also

If that makes me fairly un-cool, I tend to watch more ‘SpongeBob’ than ‘V.'”

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We live in times where incivility will earn you a house resolution of disapproval if the words “you lie” were addressed to Teh One.

We also live in times where Teh One can call someone (albeit deservedly) a jack ass and get apologies from the news media which let the remark be tweeted

I suppose, the truth to all remarks not withstanding, some have more right to incivility than others…

Here are some tweets commenting on the Obama outburst

Javier_e Terry Moran is a Jackass
36 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

@McCainBlogette I don’t know if anything more represents the state of the media today…than Terry Moran tweeting an off the record stmnt

jobsker43 Okay, even w/bad economy and all Terry Moran should be fired. I mean are u kidding? What is going on? People yelling at Pres. in Congress,

Pats16 Terry Moran, welcome to unemployment

thejoshuablog @lauramoore On Terry Moran: I kind of like how that made Obama look,sticking up for the white southern girl.Whatever fucks w/ Beck’s meme

erob1 @harrisonloveall nah man, Terry Moran is just a failure at life, no fault to Obama. but Kanye will be devastated his black Pres scolds him

phillygirl1441 Do you think Terry Moran will be disciplined for the accidental Tweet? Didn’t Connie Chung have a similar incident with Barbra Bush?

lpsrocks RT @TeresaKopec: Terry Moran did Obama a solid. Who DOESN’T think Kanye acted like a jackass. Bipartisanship at last!

nycsav ABC’s Terry Moran reported Obama called Kanye West ‘jackass’ over Taylor Swift/VMA incident. I adore u, Barack Obama! You’re my hero

And now, let’s go lynch Joe Wilson! (after we dance on the grave of Terry Moran’s job)

Beer anyone?

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Some of those screaming bloody murder about Moran were angry that the media was cleaning up the “bushspeak” making W sound articulate (I know I was)

On second thought, the most disturbing aspect of those reactions is the glee at the perspective of ABC, Moran being denied White House access.

JaiDaveon @cijimcb rt! That he did is so beyond ridiculous! As I posted on FB, who just lost their White House access? ths guy—> Terry Moran ABCnews

The press has officially became the court jesters . They used to consider themselves that for some time – now the public accepted the role..


Via TMZ here’s the soundbite . What struck me is the sycophantic giggling of the gaggle – what an embarrassing lot! They are actually discussing what makes Obama look good or not in what thy cover – trivial or not. Funniest comment there

3. I guess Obama doesn’t like black people either.

Posted at 3:30PM on Sep 15th 2009 by nin1337


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Is it a slow news day or self doubts flog a new way of fanatism? Found this tracking my traffic. Timing is bizare at least – but maybe it’s part of the new “democrat on democrat” trend Politico was trumpeting.

One cannot touch The One they think they brought in, so they have to find someone to pile on.

Just as a refresher to guests:

PUMA are about honest elections, civil rights – including women and gays (not the DNC abridged definition), no war, economic rights for the not so very rich as well, lock box social security and single payer healthcare. We are against misogyny – that’s why we defended Sarah Palin against the hangings in efigy, threats of rape and fabricated baby stories – not because we are Republicans.

We started as Democrats (hence the meaning of the acronym) – but some of us left the party after the fixed primaries of last year.

Oh, and we dislike Kim Gandy because she was invisible during the Bros before Hos part of 2004 but emerged afterwards ready to defend…Michelle and declare Palin a dude. Somehow, we had the naive belief NOW was there for its constituents, not for the male candidate/Democratic party.

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter
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I might not have taken notice of this latest oily piece of fluff had I not been out of touch for a while with a sophomoric cult of Obama.

So, now that I am back, this piece of junk from Politico hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s an insider piece – not for you and me, but for “Obama watchers” – who apparently have a hard job on the drinking thinghie:

Therein lies the problem for Obama-watchers trying to follow his every trend.

The president appears to have eclectic tastes, and so far, his drink of choice hasn’t emerged.

Oh, the humanity! How hard it must be for this people! How to come to an agreement on the direction of the spin?  Whatever will they tell us commoners to admire and emulate?

Drink sparkling wine from South Africa or stick to martinis and margaritas? The mantle of responsibility is daunting. But whether a trend can be  isolated and promoted, there’s always the simple task of praising Obama: blessed if he does, blessed if he doesn’t.

And don’t even think that a serious article like that is going to leave propaganda to amateurs! No way! An honest to god professor from Syracuse – OK,  a pop culture professor is summoned to lecture us how, whatever Obama does is good:

Now, as an adult, a sip now and then only humanizes him, says Robert Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University. “It certainly plays in his favor,” Thompson says. “It gives people the sense that he’s a regular guy. He’s doing what one does at a basketball game. He’s having a beer. It adds to the notion that he’s kind of a cool guy, and it might be nice to have a drink with him.”

Funny about the last one – it was used for W who pretended to be abstinent as well. But if they found the idiots to buy that then, it surely must be easier selling it about the guy confessing that in his youth

“got into drinking and experimenting with drugs.”

I mean, who amongst you didn’t spend their high school this way, then got into Harvard?

What can be more “regular guy” than that?

All together: Awwwww!

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