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Bush the Smarter, whose wife famously called Hillary “something that rhymes with a witch” is decrying the lack of civility in politics.

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While he seems to remember his times as “the good old days”, he is feeling sorry for the Whiner in Chief

President Obama “is entitled to civil treatment and intellectual honesty when it comes to critics.”

Then ironically

While he said he does not believe in personal name-calling, he singled out MSNBC personalities Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow calling them “sick puppies.”

“The way they treat my son and anyone who’s opposed to their point of view is just horrible,” Mr. Bush said.

And then came the best line:

With a chuckle, Mr. Bush said his son’s critics “weren’t singled out as much as they should have been.”

Like the guy who is now the only memorable thing from Obama’s wishy-washy healthcare speech. He got singled out to the tune of 4.4 million! (of course you need to carefully read several paragraphs of the CNN story to find out that Joe Wilson raised 2.7 of it while his Democratic opponent only 1,7! No wonder Michelle Obama is punishing the state with a no show!

While Poppy Bush mentioned he had his differences with Obama which he won’t express, it’s interesting that he was found for this interview, hosting Mr. Obama at a volunteerism event on the Texas A & M campus.

Which is one sighting of the official meme to be executed by Hollywood according to this

“from October 19-25, more than 60 network TV shows [will] spotlight the power and personal benefits of service,” and that this “unprecedented block of TV programming is the first wave of a multi-year ‘I Participate’ campaign.”

I noticed a weird reference in “Flash forward” – when a woman asks a priest for  help to atone for something she didn’t do yet, and is given some information on volunteer groups.

I personally volunteered and support the concept, but the idea of deliberate message peppering from the White House is a creepy deja vu.

Ceausescu was doing it as well – not through memos – but outright through speeches. He would spout some specific slogans, the directive that they be spread, and the next day they were out there – in poems, short stories, movies and books.

Oh, and his critics didn’t get “singled out”. They got – disappeared.

For those Yidish impaired, the definition of chutzpa: someone who kills his parents then asks the court’s mercy for being an orphan

Incredibly, the man who shouldn’t even have a role in the government now that the campaigning is should be over, made this mind boggling statement

Top White House adviser David Axelrod says “politics” played a key role in the International Olympic Committee’s decision to reject President Obama’s appeal in support of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

I guess when Obama’s politics prevail, it’s called “ponies”, when they lose it’s called “politics”

In the past Obama accused the GOP of playing politics. Now, this coming from Axelrod is even richer somehow.

Of course, the “politics” gimmick was to cover for his client

“I don’t view this as a repudiation of the president or the first lady. I think that there are politics everywhere, and there were politics inside that room.”

I guess everyone should be happy no racism accusations were thrown. In fact, upon CNN digging for it, the answer was

“I’m not suggesting anything nefarious…I’m not suggesting anything untoward happened.

And a Chicago pol would know what he is speaking about.

Illustration: Afrocity Brown


I couldn’t miss this Politico headline

All the rquivocation that follows can diminish that

The agony of Obama’s defeat

and some hillarious spin I wasn’t aware of

Earlier this week, The White House flatly rejected the notion that Obama’s Chicago ties played any role in his decision or his support for the U.S. bid for the games.

“If it had been Los Angeles, I think the notion that the President would have done less because it was a different U.S. city just doesn’t hold a lot of water,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs insisted earlier this week.

Some analysts find that claim impossible to believe.

For once in my life, I agree with “analysts”

Also, h/t to Butters, back in June, Obama had opened an Olympic Office in the White House

here’s the headline in Chicago Tribune

President Barack Obama to open White House Olympic Office

Announcement timed before Chicago’s presentation to IOC members

With Paterson refusing to step down from his next election, Obama created a nice little political crisis in New York. One of the effects highlighted by the NY Post

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With the governor race one year away, the governor’s position is already seriously hobbled for the coming year. A president who is in campaign mode every day wouldn’t think of that.

Some of the media (and many voters) are sympathetic to Paterson’s stand-off. AM-NY

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upstate Herald Record

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nd even Newsday seem to at least headline this fairly. Obama cheerleader Daily News is huffing and puffing

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And the New York Times tabloid gets the perfect visual for Obama’s blitz of yesterday

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– same thing, different stooge.


Crushing primaries is hardly limited to New York as this Denver Post editorial reveals.

Obama has jumped into other primaries, as well. He endorsed Sen. Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican-turned-Democrat, in his bid against a more liberal opponent. The president also gave a quick thumbs up to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand when there was a chance she might be challenged by another Democrat for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s old New York Senate seat.

Still, Obama doesn’t know who the best candidate is for Colorado. The issues in this race haven’t even been broached. Certainly we have no problem with the president endorsing someone — in fact, we like to do it, too — but c’mon, let’s have a campaign first.

David Cowles

Such goes the nauseatingly titled

The Courtship

The story behind the Obama-Brooks bromance.
from the New Republic. It’s proof that the Villagers (or as Lambert calls them, Versailles) have never been more brazen in their disdain of the people. Not since Scalia uttered at Princeton in 2001
“Maybe the Constitution is there to protect us from the will of the people”
had I heard a more clear manifesto.
Unless I go back to  Bush’s imperial historian, ironically also chronicled by TNR, which notes the shift from white supremacy
Pigmentation–the old basis for dominance–is now discredited, so he has politely switched to linguistics.”
It’s a class thing, you see. Brooks first good impression of Obama was in 2003
That first encounter is still vivid in Brooks’s mind. “I remember distinctly an image of–we were sitting on his couches, and I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant,” Brooks says, “and I’m thinking, a) he’s going to be president and b) he’ll be a very good president.”
And  the perfect crease in Obama’s pant did earn him mostly favorable coverage from Brooks – with the notable exception of the wickedly funny column after the stadium speech ,
For this election isn’t about the past or the present, or even the pluperfect conditional. It’s about the future, and Barack Obama loves the future because that’s where all his accomplishments are.
and the one quote in which he reveals himself
We were moved by his campaign slogan, “Vote Obama: He’s better than you’ll ever be.
Which is really the point of David Brooks. As TNR obligingly puts it
Moreover, after the Bush years, Brooks seems relieved to have an intellectual in the White House again
Which would mean something if Brooks – would have complained – just one single time about Bush’s lack of intellectualism. He didn’t, but  surely gave it to Sarah Palin – whom he called “a cancer on the Republican party”
And it all makes sense as he sees the world
“I divide people into people who talk like us and who don’t talk like us,”
and, mind you, Rhodes Scholar Clinton, didn’t quite make it
“Of recent presidents, Clinton could sort of talk like us, but Obama is definitely–you could see him as a New Republic writer.
Which tells me that it’s not really about intellectualism, but about that perfect crease in the pants. W probably had it, but poor Sarah, lacked the pants to begin with. And Bill Clinton was never  considered as part of Versailles – for the good reason that he didn’t want to be one of them. he was one of us, the messy creased/no pants.
And how appropriate that David Brooks’ utmost distinction for Obama was “a TNR writer”
For the past year, TNR regaled us with a slew of gloating articles such as

“Hey, Nutroots, you lost!”

before indulging in finding common ground with the likes of David Brooks.
Indeed, it must be wonderful this time a year up there.

After comiserating with the bonus recipients (from taxpayers money), and  having told us Obama lives on a budget, this time, Bloomberg cried in his teacup for Pharma . For the billionaire who bought NYC – twice – they make peanuts

“You know, last time I checked, pharmaceutical companies don’t make a lot of money, their executives don’t make a lot of money – not that they couldn’t do better,” the mayor told WOR host John Gambling as the duo discussed health care from during their weekly radio show.

Bloomberg who championed Obama to the point of threatening to run as 3rd party if the Dems nominated Hillary also ranted against the evil Canadians who would love to compete for prices with our poor little pharma

it’s “wrong” for companies to be selling drugs at a lower price in Canada than here in the US, adding: “We should stop that.”

Hmmm- maybe he should buy them out.

The funny thing was that during the commercial on the radio show he stated those things his handlers might have alerted him that he let the billionaire out again so he retracted. Sorta:

he had done a quick Google search and discovered that some big drug company execs are actually “making a decent amount and more than a decent amount.”

The Daily News , to their credit noted that

Big Pharma has not taken the beating during the health care debate that the insurance companies have weathered.

That’s in part because the Obama administration struck a deal with the nation’s drug makers earlier this month, with the powerful Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America reportedly willing to spend as much as $200 million to help the president overhaul the health care system.

He joked about the reason his view on salaries is skewed

Bloomberg joked that he’s only getting paid $1 a year (which he doesn’t even keep) to be mayor, which makes everyone else’s salaries look big – no matter how much they make

Which would be funny had he not just said Pharma execs’ pay (up to 25-29 million a year) don’t make all that much.

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