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Last week she was ahead 12 points. As Comey spewed his 🐂💩, the next day it turned into a Trump +1 with no cross tabs or explanation. And now NYT gives us a glimpse into what happened

On Oct. 23, he learned that an ABC News poll showed him trailing Mrs. Clinton by 12 points. He lashed out, becoming so agitated that his aides planned to confront the network about its calculations and accuse ABC of bias, according to internal emails.

“Do they think Republicans and Trump supporters are not going to vote?” one of Mr. Trump’s pollsters, John McLaughlin, wrote to the group. “Or is this an intentional effort to suppress Trump turnout?”

They pressed the network on its methods,

So, before the Comey wall to wall coverage good have a measured effect, polsters/their bosses complied. ..

This is the full headline from Rasmussen

Hey, I remember voters saying the same in 2008. The RBC & other shenanigans happened.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 57% of voters feel Clinton is qualified to be president, but 34% disagree and say she is not.

Here are Obama’s numbers for comparison

As for President Obama, 51% say he is fit for the job. However, 44% say he is not qualified to be president, even though he has now served 17 months in the job.

Thee “R” candidates are worse that B0’s.

Breathless headline in B0botland

***** Breaking HARD! ***** “Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President….

predictable comments

6. Oh noes the pumabaggers are at it again. nt

76. And the dead enders just keep on dead ending. n/t

and the lowered expectations defense

Those numbers are GREAT for Obama, considering that HE, unlike Hillary, has had

to actually BE president. What a STUPID poll! :rofl:

and that lovely line freepers used re: Gore in 2000

81. She lost get over it n/t

and a prediction is made

85. Oh, this will go well……………


It’ll be the usual reaction:

The Hillary supporters will completely agree (me included). The Hillary haters will spew their vitriol. The moderators will decide to close the thread when the fur has flown long enough to clog the air ducts.


I’ll revisit to check.


Not really, but tabloids declared this the next day after the passing of historical Romneycare and we get a steady stream of polls and election news.

For instance, Wall Street Journal has a piece on Obama’s fundraising

Republicans say that Obama’s fund-raising trips will present contrasting economic images.

Mr. Obama will be going to the Estefans’ waterside mansion (six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a separate guest house on the grounds) after holding a space summit at Cape Canaveral, where NASA workers are bracing for job losses in the face of Mr. Obama’s plans for the space agency.

For once I agree with the “R”s who are generously quoted  here

“For months President Obama has been promising a ‘hard pivot’ to focus on jobs and the economy. But once again politics is trumping policy as the president heads back on the campaign trail to raise some much-needed cash for Democrats trying to weather the storm after passing government-run health care,” said Katie Wright, an RNC spokeswoman.

Most article are poll based. For instance, a surprising headline on tea party make-up from NYT/CBS poll

Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated

.Oops! Sounds like the B0b0ts vs bubbas narrative from 2008 primary. Does it mean they are now the good guys?

And just for the record, no Angry white women, sorry

The 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45.

18% of Americans? OK, let’s deride them some more then!

A funny quirk – seems the Ron Paul Heads got to Rasmussen.

Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

Good for them, I say, at least he said one thing sane as of late.

On a more serious note, AP which has Obama’s numbers way above Gallup, measures a slide. Their headline is

AP-GfK Poll: Obama slips, other Dems slide, too

Just 49 percent of people now approve of the job Obama’s doing overall, and less than that — 44 percent — like the way he’s handled health care and the economy.

We have B0botland input on this one ranging from “don’t believe it” to “they deserve it”. Some highlights

8. Looks like the dire forecasts for November may come true. Just had

staggering increases in our Health Insurance Premiums. I have never seen people so mad about anything as they are about Health Care Care reform. We had like a Tea Party gathering at our main shopping center here in Los Altos, CA (East Long Beach). I have never seen any demonstration of any kind for anything around here. I didn’t see any vicious signs or anything on a drive-by, but plenty of Replace Obama Now ones. I was too far away to see who had made the signs, which were professionally done. I decided to go to another shopping center for my Skippy.
They shot themselves in the foot by forcing the Insurance Industry Profit Protection Act

down our throats. They deserve what they get.
24. Do you have your ear to the ground about doctors leaving the

profession because of HCR? I’m on my third Doctor in less than a year from old ones leaving because they weren’t making any money. They both told me this. Only 6% of medical school graduates are going into general practice now. There is a big push for nurses to become Nurse Practitioners. That would help a lot. I see NP’s regularly now. Doesn’t bother me, except their knowledge base is not real wide. Anyway, I have seen first-hand doctors leaving their professions, even though it was before HCR passed. Wondered if you had?…

And ironically, in light of Rasmussen’s latest tie between Obama and Ron Paul, most of them praise the pollster now as its numbers are better than Gallup’s.

Meanwhile Rasmussen of all polls is showing Obama’s strongest polling to date.

50% approval, 49% disapproval. First time in months that Razz is showing Obama not with a higher disapproval then approval.
Personally, I think these polls are mostly baloney anyway. His approval is clearly between 47 to 52% or so. Ap’s polls were on the higher side then the other ones.

But since the after-effects of the healthcare are prominent in the polls, here’s a good piece about the never ending surprises that keep coming from that

The predictable result: Weeks after it became law, we’re still finding out what’s in it, just like the speaker said.

Would you believe that Obamacare contains a tax increase on the sick and the old?

That in their rush to save face and pass a bill, members of Congress might have accidentally left themselves and staffers without a health plan?

That Obamacare does nothing to stop the huge premium increases that Obama pointed at to justify his bill?

I would. And it’s probably why the enthusiasm of some after the passing has melted somewhat, after figuring out they cannot sign for their free Obamacare.

Meanwhile a less quoted poll includes me in it

63 percent of those individuals who supported repealing the legislation also were in favor of Congress continuing to work on health care system reforms.

When asked how important they thought it was for Congress to work on “establishment of a public option that would give individuals a choice between government provided health insurance or private health insurance,” 67 percent of Americans rated this as an important topic to address. This finding is even more striking given the fact that 59 percent of those in favor of repealing the health care reform legislation rated the public option as important to pursue.  Another surprise is that 67 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of Independents also agreed that the public option was an important topic to be addressed by Congress.

So, all these people are being ignored – by everyone, really.

Now, back to waiting for the update of the tabloids site

I was going to write about Gallup’s new poll on the democratic image

Americans’ favorable rating of the Democratic Party dropped to 41% in a late March USA Today/Gallup poll, the lowest point in the 18-year history of this measure. Favorable impressions of the Republican Party are now at 42%, thus closing the gap between the two parties’ images that has prevailed for the past four years.

It certainly belies the belief of the Obama operative in B0botland

This country is too stupid for its president.That’s all

It seems that despite the thick propaganda, people finally saw that democrats in power behave no better than Republicans did when they had their turn. But there is a remarkable piece of news in the timeline – h/t Hotair for noticing it.

Yes, the Dems are usually on top, but they were roughly even during Clinton’s first term and Bush’s first term. ‘Twas impeachment and Bush’s second term that drove the GOP down. .

I don’t ever remember polls, articles – anything in the media informing us that the GOP lost credibility with their

Arkansas project efforts. All I ever heard was about Clinton being “disgraced”, divisive and Democrats being angry, ashamed that he damaged the party. That it was his fault that Gore was robbed er “lost” and Bush “won”

Look at the  31% approval of the GOP in 1999. GOP hurt itself more than it could hurt Clinton or the Democrats. This was never reported. People were smarter than the whole media then – and they are now too.

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I know the insurance and Wall Street overlords are going to prop him up, but the peasants have lost their awe.

According to a CNN poll

The public is split right down the middle on whether President Barack Obama should be re-elected and a majority of Americans predict he will be a one-term president, according to a new national poll.

In other words: asked if they wanted Obama or a republican, the electorate as a whole said: “same shit”

And for all the “he’s better off than Clinton at this stage” peppered at every turn, this is the number I would worry about (if I cared)

“Independents currently favor the Republican by 11 points.”

Because, what this poll may not be saying, but others do, Independents are the fastest growing party (or lack of it) that dirty politics created as of late.

At Top of the Ticket, Andrew Malcolm illustrates this with a big white space

Here’s a closeup photo above of the Republican candidate for president who’s currently tied with President Obama for the 2012 White House race.

No one.

Or anyone.

Meanwhile, Obama, who slighted his base on everything, is offering them cheap red meat with in your face photo ops like the one sported by Obama Times today

Some of the weaker minded B0bots will go for it, I’m sure, but many more are off that treadmill.

And I found it! Thread cheering a whole series of these pics

and another one with a more B0bot-like headline

Obama: “Who the f*** reads this sh*t?” (Pic)


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