Because we avoided sending a pedophile to the senate and got a good Democrat elected in Alabama – highlights

Election night started with this hopeful note – as a number of black voters had their rights restored – she voted the first time in her life. At 33

as the NYT model started shifting blue, the hedging started

and cheers at Jones’s headquarters

more hedging

first sight of result – before AP called it

Maxine having fun…/status/940791605753204737

worries for the emperor

who might be a tad upset

first gif…/status/940792413433532416

Burying dead narratives

and again

and Dersh channeling Nina Turner

more recriminations

and a response to 🍊’s tweet next day

some new narratives

Hanukah side

is he gone?

or is he confounding us still…/status/941081086515281920

final result



how we feel

and also

this moment in history



And today



and Moore won’t concede

but seriously, religion and sex predators

which makes sense since

and his campaign

Mr 50 states strategy:

and a wish

and ending with this still searching for that video of the black women dancing after the vote – disappeared for some reason

so, back to the other  owner

and this one


found the gif I wanted in a slew of brilliant comments to this dud



While everyone is bending over backwards trying to undo the Trumputin kabuki about who believes whom about the election theft (clue: they did it, they know it, the rest is smoke in your eyes) I’ll look into the Chucky effect

and related

or maybe The Omen – depending how scared you wanna be

and to the content

and another take

and in the same vein

my answer was less Diet in the Coke button

Mat Lucas

Seems in the theme

and another example

and there are other kids too

must’ve led to this



Donald -I’d love to- Trump Jr decided to use his kid to teach the world how little he understands – well anything. For the likes of Diaper Don

“socialism” = I have to pay taxes.

The answers he got were good enough to merit a blog entry

Some noted the crass intent

and also

while others

another one takes on Diaper Don’s qualifications as a teacher

and spelling

others bring it to the lessons Diaper Don was taught himself at home

and more family wisdom


and another one

some keep it close to the lesson itself

and this

as did I

this one just expresses our feelings

P.S Diaper Don was a nickname earned in college. He used to get drunk, fall asleep in other people’s beds and, well  could have used a diaper at that point.

This story is marginally connected – Manafort daughter texts

The “good father” used to humiliate Diaper Don in front of his college dorm by coming at his door and screaming his head off at him from the hall

but back to “socialism”. You see, Chloe, this is what’s all about

meanwhile, the hemoglobin challenged brother exercises his own version of socialism

Update: It seems Diaper Don stole the “socialism/Halloween idea from Alex Jones

J K Rowling also helps

and to sum up

and the “Professor” is mad

but we know you, Diaper Don!


Update gif – post reveal

It’s raining on the East Coast, so golfing is out, and the Mueller indictment(s) are a-coming so

and more fun

and the darth way

or more directly

it’s an entire alternative universe

which Hillary commented on as well

which can be read as


and since the uranium 🐂  💩  is part of it…/status/924695027397181440

Patton Oswalt went the nostalgia road

or more directly

and more fun

Hello! The lawyer springs to action:

and the reason he needs to do that is


After a sustained attack on Hillary on the old Uranium stories which a lot of MSM carried blindly, we finally found the reason

in other words, it’s finally

complete with baby cannon


and this is how it appears on TVs

and Hannity still trying

and his boss

while Edel provides the graphics

other reactions

and the nazis and crazies

as Reuters and WSJ confirm the story

but the cover

Since we don’t know whom yet, speculations:





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