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clinton_laughing.jpg picture by Robbedvoter Newsweek, one of the main attackers in the war on Clinton (think Isikoff, ktryn Whiley) is now asking

Why Is Bill Clinton So Much More Popular Than Barack Obama?

It first releases a fact not in the public eye since 2000

Clinton left office with an approval rating of 68 percent according to the CBS poll at the time, so his continuing popularity is not surprising.

It then has a clue.

presidential favorability ratings reflect a lot more than ideological agreement with the president’s agenda. The strength of the economy, the proximity of a flag-rallying moment like the attacks of September 11, the president’s charisma, and the effectiveness of his opposition’s attacks are all factors.

Yeah, peace and prosperity are ratting getters.

And a disingenuois clue

, the successful shift in GOP animus from Clinton to Obama among Republicans suggests that a significant portion of Republicans can be whipped into a fervor against any Democrat when their leaders and news sources criticize him, even if they would be softer on him once the attacks subside and they can assess his record more rationally.

Anyone who lived through the 2008 primaries knows that this is not just about Republicans and THEIR news sources. Newsweek which has been a print partner on MSNBC knows about whipping in fervor.

Obama’s young fans were the ones who didn’t remember “peace and prosperity” so they bought the “fervor whipping”

Now it’s their own turn to be whipped – by their own choice, Obama.

The fallacy that the two had the same agenda is belied by the opposite results.

Clinton was a Democrat not aΒ  circle D.

healthcare.png picture by Robbedvoter

Had Obama had the same agenda as Clinton, unemployment woudn’t be so prevalent. A real stimulus would have turned this around.

A real healthcare reform as well.

And as people herd Clinton recently: he doesn’t insult voters. On either side of the spectrum.

Ni hissy fits “why don’t you adore me”? either.

So the conclusion of the article is as misgiuded as is disingenuous

None of this proves that President Obama’s agenda is, or isn’t, popular on the merits. But it does suggest that a decline in his popularity should not be overinterpreted as a major rejection of his policies when the last president to articulate the same agenda is much more popular than he is.

The truth is as they love toΒ  say: unprecedented!

demsOuttahere.png picture by Robbedvoter

or maybe they stumbled on the answer here

And how do you explain that George W. Bush left office with an abysmal 22 percent approval rating despite aping not only Reagan’s policies but getting many of the same results, such as increased inequality and big budget deficits?

And considering the efforts Newseek and the rest of the media made to keep Clinton down and Obama up, one could almost call this headline “whining”.

Why, oh, why does Clinton defend Kerry?

Yes, he did!

BP buys itself more science, challenges investigation Read the rest of this entry »

Few papers but one significant story: Murdoch’s NY Post, the one which unseated Spitzer, tried to do the sameΒ  with Paterson, is now doing the oppo research and attacks for Cuomo (Bloomberg money must be in here, somewhere)

Makes me consider voting for the crazy guy.

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I have to start with Kerry being Kerry – and now the whole party is like him – blaming voters for their problems

Very little coverage on the decision making DADT unconstitutional (which Obama will appeal) Read the rest of this entry »

I’ll start with the fun: Now that Obama’s pet Cuomo has his cojones on the table so to speak, the press baits him to defend themΒ  – especially after getting wind that he wondered “Should I call him an a..hole?

and the fun continues with Jessie “let’s analyze her tears” Jackson Jr whose dirt came to the surface again Read the rest of this entry »

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