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Sometimes I see a post that sums up everything I have been saying (for a few yeats now)

In a thread about Krugman’s latest.

KRUGMAN: Obama/Conceder In Chief — What evidence do we have that Obama knows what he’s doing?

someone writes

52. it’s almost like a man elected by chanting, ecstatic, weeping masses who screamed themselves horse
and whose (dwindling) followers say he should be praised for doing the opposite of what he actually IS doing, and that he can do no wrong, and that literally NOTHING he could do would make them vote against him,

can feel like he can do anything without consequence…

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From the pits of his ugly scandal, Murdoch takes a stab at Hillary trying gratuitously to link her to the latest scandal they already milked.

Note the flattering photo they found of Hillary, trying to recreate the Ahnold effect

oh, and this is yesterday’s news, it was too hot to post it then.

The Daily News was threatening blackouts (via Con Edison) .

i hope you don’t miss the 90% sold part.


These are my new neighbors, the Obama bailees.

Not in NY Post or cautious Daily News.

But the free press has at it

with some interesting implications

Even the “paper of record” had to give it some space


The Daily News manages to indirectly put Murdoch’s troubles on their cover

without naming any names, mind you

while Murdoch’s post had the headline that prompted my philosophical question in the headline.

Who would have thunk it?

For some more cheerful news we go to Metro


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