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Quite the gall from the man who bought the office of Mayor 3  times to comment on other people’s corruption. And how the Post loves him since they’ve been paid off! “Mayor Mike!”

Tabloids go gaga

over the new speechifying,

yes, even the NY Post

And Daily News, did he actually say that? For a bit of perspective, here’s a tweet that reminds us of other speeches

Obama’s speech tonight–Was it more aggressive than one after Gabby Gifford’s or Aurora shootings?

I have discovered for some time now than when something happens, the best way to know is be on twitter. I had written off TV as source of news for some time now. It’s a good thing, for I had been spared of images like the one I posted, without the editorial. The poster added:

 They’re not tears. He just scratched his eyes a 100 times and everytime the cameras went nuts. A farce.”

So, first the news blunder, identifying the wrong man as the shooter, then CNN posting someone else’s facebook account.

Then, of course the gun control debate, or as gun nuts put it “politicizing the tragedy”. Ann Coulter taking the cake by  demanding – in caps: MORE GUNS! LESS MASSACRES” which led someone to the logical conclusion: MORE DOGS! LESS POOP! At one point, last night, Rupert Murdoch tweeted

Terrible news today. When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons? As in Oz after similar tragedy.

There was speculation that his account was hacked as well as thoughts like

It’s too bad @rupertmurdoch doesn’t have some sort of way to influence recalcitrant conservative politicians.

from Tom Tomorrow. There were sane tweets

ONE jackass tries to light his shoe & every American has to take their shoes off at airports. Mass gun violence & there’s nothing we can do

satirical tweets

NRA prez Wayne Lapierre sprints into the school past the paramedics, clutches rifle next to shooter’s corpse and cradles it tenderly

failed argument tweets

zero killed in China school attack; #tryagain#RWNJs@SneakyCaptn 22 kids killed in China today by a psycho using a knife

There was of course the God argument as introduced by Huckabee and refined in this tweet

“Dear God, why do you allow so much violence in schools?” – signed, a concerned student “Dear Student, I’m not allowed in schools.” – God

Apparently, like Obama, God is powerless to stop shit we don’t like.

Roseanne reverted to her redneck roots

@TheRealRoseanne When has prohibition ever worked in human history, is there one time? Didn’t this shooting happen in a gun-free zone?

To which I had to remind her that everyone else in the world there is such a prohibition and such a lack of massacres – or at least mass death (see China the same day)

And that’s how I tried to stave the sadness yesterday.

3 weeks after the fact, after an election, campaigning for the big bargain and other goodies, Obama finally makes it to NYC.

The media (including the Post) certainly receives him better than W

(never thought I’d feel sorry for HIM), although his time was longer than Ws on NOLA


Getting a twofer from this old Ted Kennedy fishy story that was used in 2008: attack their favorite target while seemingly being  “friendly” to the candidate NYC voted for (subliminal message: Ds are racist too)

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Obviously, assuming that Ted got it right through his fat, drunken ears and assuming that he told it accurately through his backstabbing opportunistic mouth, it still refers to rank in he party hierarchy not race.

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