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Explosion in London subway – declared terrorism. oops! I got swayed by our hothead – before the facts known

🍊’s response

and also hypocrisy

and a reaction from UK

Craven 🐘  still trying to take away our healthcare – last ditch attempt

In electoral news something good for a change: let’s see how 🍊 and Bernie get around this one

Trumpies failed attempt to stop Hillary’s book from being #1

It takes one to know one

Russia/impeachment department has a bit of news too

In Nazi news, white supremacism not new for 🍊

to which I addd my own recollections

On the Nazi/Russia Β Assange chapter

the Russian man un US congress is trying


and Jose may still be a thing



They are quoting themselves on the cover


I had to see the Daily News cover – which seems to be lifted from the UK SUN to see the missing word missing in the CNN article I read today.

NY Post leads with the same photo from the video CNN elected to post without a sound. I see the knee jerk rationalizations from the left: “But is this terrorism? Why aren’t other murders terrorism? (I guess the murdered must chose to put the label on)

Anthony Weiner missed on the phallicΒ  jokes today, only got a raised eyebrow from AMNY Everyone knows the medis (i.e Bloomberg) has designated Cristine Quinn as successor, so…

And as for Bloomberg’s other “nice intention, poor execution” plan, I’ll believe it when I see it (3 days left).

There seems to be almost glee that NYC, the navel of the Earth wasn’t lft out of the Tsarnaevs plan for mayhem

blasts AMNY while the Daily News found a way to stick it to the feds (never Obama, mind you, they love HIM)

I for one am happy they didn’t unleash the paranoia here (more than it already went)

The Herald is throwing more red meat on the “Government”

but NY Post, going on a different story of a minor scandal, brings Obam on page one .

Only from Boston papers, in NYC ADD set in

The Boston Globe reveals the FBI screw up

while the Herald throws more red meat ,

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