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Obama criticizes in patriotism speech

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, in a major speech on patriotism, criticized for referring to Gen. David Petraeus as General Betray Us last year.

The Illinois senator said politics too often seems “trapped in old, threadbare arguments” that he called “caricatures of left and right.”

This, Obama added, was “most evident during our recent debates about the war in Iraq, when those who opposed administration policy were tagged by some as unpatriotic, and a general providing his best counsel on how to move forward in Iraq was accused of betrayal.”

Ha!Ha! Ha! Karma is a bitch! You could not have endorsed Hillary who voted against the censure by the senate – you picked the guy who abstained!
bad, bad , bad idea!

And could it be true – Arianna called the Precious New Coke

Watering down that brand is the political equivalent of New Coke. Call it Obama Zero.?

I wonder if Arianna read this

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Where’s your “progressive” candidate now , ers?

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Last night’s show was a grand success! Will Bower was on – being absolutely great! he had started this by documenting the Fla, Mi rip-offs – so his starting point is the same as mine.

he went on by talking about the PUMA history – the Confluence post, the viral explosion. he had quit his job and does this full time.

He regards Rendell’s HOUND as a gift – literally. Not just in giving us exposure – but pretty much a wink and a nod to our message by agreeing – sorta- that this was a selection.

Riverdaughter called in, a woman who used to work for Moveon and eventually even I got through.

I asked the question about “who holds the media’s leash” I liked Will’s answer: there are leashes held by leashes held by leashes….He also thinks Pelosi wanted the weaker candidate so her (Congress) power be greater.

I got to mention the “never for the good guys” thought – and how the mere fact that the media supports this guy is a cause for alarm.

Will also told us that by his conservative estimates, we are 2 million PUMAS on line – just the ones enrolled in the “Just Say No Deal” coalition. Wow!

On the chat board – about 130 people were typing away – we don’t know how many were tuned in. But it was a high energy, enthusiastic crowd – no bitterness….

One more thing: Capital Hill’s song was launched on the show

the lyrics:
Better listen to what I have to say Howie

Don’t wanna be your teacher baby,
Don’t wanna be your coffee makin slave
Said we don’t wanna be preached to baby
Here to tell you NO, we won’t behave
Ain’t gonna be the victim baby,
Of the stupid choices you’ve made, no

Don’t wanna be taken for granted sweety,
Honey, we won’t toe the line
Said we won’t be taken for granted sweety,
Honey we won’t toe the line,
Don’t pat me on the head & say it’s fine,
Remember my votes mine, yeah,

Let me turn it up case you didn’t hear me the first time

Don’t wanna be taken for granted sweety,
Honey, we won’t toe the line
Said we won’t be taken for granted sweety,
Honey we won’t toe the line,
Don’t pat me on the head & say it’s fine,
Remember my votes mine, yeah,

I suppose this is where the comment I saved from The Confluence fits in nicely:

MABlue, on June 29th, 2008 at 5:50 pm Said:

Is the election season actually picking up steam?

I have never seen anything this anachronistic:

– Obama was supposed to have won the nomination and according to some polls, was supposed to have won in a landslide already, vanquishing all “dead-enders”.

Hillary and her supporters (bunch of old, unsexy and bitter women) were supposed to be already on their knees to join the Obama train, fight tooth and nail for the (unqualified) male to prove that they have truly learned what is their role in the society

I was supposed to check in here from time to time, just to hang out with my fellow Conflucians and remain bitter until the end. Remember, I was among the 9% when Bush had a 91% approval

What suddenly happened?

On Friday, the PUMA coalition had its best media day evaah, just stepping all over the “Unity Parade”.

On Saturday, The Confluence had its best fundraising evaah (for Hillary), that same day well liked and well respected Gov Rendell makes a complete fool out of himself by creating HOUND

On Sunday, the PUMA coalition has major conference call. That same day, my new favorite website is created: Stop Puma. I haven’t seen anything this funny since George Bush last tried to say something that was not written for him.

Why do I feel like the fun is actually just beginning?

.Pumapac is gathering 1000 reasons – letters to the DNC – for PUMAS to revolt. Here’s mine

#713 Notyoursweetie on 06.30.08 at 3:51 am
Dear Dr Dean

I traveled to DC during the RBC session thinking my presence may make a difference. Turned out, the DNC was already packed in boxes stamped “Chicago” long before that. My tenure with the ironically named Democratic party: December 15 2000 – May 31 2008 – between the 2 Florida thefts.
You said you missed the sexism by the media in this campaign because you don’t have cable – did you also miss your selected candidates playing at his rallies “99 Problems and the bitch ain’t one”, giving the finger and brushing his shoulders? Do you have access to you tube?
How about entire states of Democrats being called racists? Your selected candidates didn’t just called PA voters “bitter” he called them “afraid of those different from them” – an euphemism for racism – the same one he used for his grandmother. It’s not an accusation easy to forgive.
I don’t know whom I’ll end up voting for in November. But it’s easy to see: the other parties – Green, Independent, GOP are courting my vote. DNC only hurls insults at me. It refuses to see me as a voter who’s been disenfranchised, insulted and taken for granted. It paints me as some hysterical old woman who will go back to her knitting as soon as my hormones balance out (Rahm Emmanuel).
You disdain your voters at your own peril.
Good luck with those Democrats for a Day in the red states.
Leah/Robbedvoter, New York, NY

16 years ago, when Clinton made the entitled elites mad by wrestling the power from them, the Vast Right Wing Coalition was born as a response.It was a curious hodge podge of people where KKK figures from Arkansas found themselves joining forces with billionaires like Scaiffe or snobs like Sally Queen and Maureen Dowd.

The same crew that engineered and cheered on the impeachment went on to dump on Gore and enable the Bush coups in 2000 and 2004. The pundit class of VRWC gave Bush a free pass for the past 8 years. In fact, for the first 4 years they tried to blame everything on Clinton (the surplus, the loss of surplus, 9.11 and W’s lack of popularity.

Tim Russert, Chris Mathews and other original VRWC members went on to dump on Kerry in 2004 enabling Bush’s second theft.

It was little surprise that the old crew would be back to attack Hillary – joined by other old VRWC-ers such as Arianna, Paglia, Noonan plus fresh blood as ex GOP-ers Moulitzas and Avrosis and Keith Olberman.

I also was not surprised to see that they were hiding their Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS) behind a love for the new guy – it just seemed more legitimate.

I am just wondering – is this holding pattern of Bushie like adoration just making sure no surprises happen to Denver? Will then the media go back to their old master?

Because if not, one has to wonder why Bush’s cheerleaders are now Obama’s.

Who is holding their leash on this one?

if there’s one thing I learned in the past 16 years – if the media is behind someone,

it’s never for the good guys.

The euphemism is “moving to the center” – yeah, wiretapping was always a “center value)

and according to this article ain’t working so well for B0.

McCain is calling him spineless

In a press conference call this morning, John McCain surrogate Sam Brownback (R-KS) pointed at Barack Obama and essentially called him a spineless panderer — and welcomed it, saying he expected Obama to cave in on Iraq withdrawal next.

Pssst! Brownback! he already caved – looky here!

Unlike K0, the author finds this cave in beyond the spinable:

In other words, it’s OK to be inconsistent at times — but if we don’t act from our essential “nature” — if we triangulate and poll-watch and pander — then those tacks, those zigzags, don’t blend into a true line. They just wander all over, in search of votes instead of truth.

On the FISA legislation, Obama is coming very close to failing both the expediency and principle tests.

And then comes the million dollar question – what’s in it for him? Is there a pragmatic gain from this? Apparently not

But even if Obama loses some energy on the Democratic side, will his embrace of a Bush-endorsed FISA amendment help him reach across the aisle to Republicans? I’m not so sure. If there’s one thing that Obamacons and Reagan Democrats admire, it’s principle. They don’t mind someone who disagrees with them on specifics; but they despise someone who lacks a sense of right and wrong and the spine to stand up for what he believes is right.

Obama spent 18 months earning the respect of those folks. But now? Now, he hasn’t even voted for FISA yet — and already the Republicans are laughing at him.

Oh, gees, maybe they were those “2 forms” republicans
“We give them two forms – one to change their registration now for the primary and one so they can switch back later,”BO volunteer
I remember Dean (B0 .01) announcing before voting even started “in GE I will of course move to the center”. Luckily we were spared that time. Question is – what’s this mythical center – and why move there?

Not Your Sweetie

June 2008