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The New York Post continues to wage the war against Paterson (see Bloomberg, Caroline Kennedy history)

while Metro demonstrates that yesterday’s slight of hand to make the Auto industry the guilty parties for the financial mess wasn’t a total sell.

The Daily News in trying to get cute with a play on words and unwittingly hits “le mot juste”

Reading an article about Obama’s escalating war in Central Asia, I was struck by the references to the media snow job:

Those who echo the New York Times‘ description of Obama’s plan as a “narrowing” of the war, because it abandons “Mr. Bush’s vague talk of representative democracy in Afghanistan,” are only trying to deceive the public.

To be fair, before covering for Jr.Jr’s war, New York Times famously donned its pom poms for Jr’s war – who can forget Judith Miller and her WMD? It’s not like NYT has any credibility left, but why would Obama have any?

Leave it to Bush’s holdout, Robert Gates to be candid – on Faux of all places

Asked on a Fox Network television interview yesterday about the difference between Bush’s “war on terror” and Obama’s “campaign against extremism,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates replied, “I think that’s people looking for differences where there are none.

Who are you gonna believe? The guy in charge of waging the actual war for both administrations or…New York Times?

And more interestingly, why are people looking for differences? The con job is over, the public was deceived in installing the third term of Bush. Why try to keep the illusion?

The article points that

Obama’s plan exposes the connection between US militarism and the decayed state of American democracy. Overwhelming popular opposition to war is routinely ignored and violated. Obama’s plan was adopted without congressional authorization or public debate.

ts release was timed to avoid public attention and scrutiny. Just two days before, Obama held a prime time news conference where the issue of Afghanistan was not raised. He chose to announce a major escalation of the war at a 9:30 AM no-questions-asked press conference, when most of the population was at work and unable to watch. As Obama spoke, he was flanked by Gates and other Bush administration holdovers

But hey, we’re supposed to cheer that “war on terror” is no longer being used as slogan! And look, the war is so much narrower! (Not that we’re out of Iraq yet)


And in this “narrow war” we sometimes get sucked in internal drug wars

The American forces were tricked by a drug clan into taking out a rival as part of an operation to seize an al-Qaida member.

That begs for Mr Fish’s cartoon

The word is: Wal Street good, Auto industry – the scapegoats for the economic mess. Where else better to sell this then NYC, the home of Wall Street and far away from Michigan?

So here’s Obama’s trusty cheerleader, Daily News, crediting Obama

And then NY Post joins in too

And while I feel no sympathy for the GM CEO, or any other CEO for that matter, I can’t very well cheer in light of the bankers screwing everyone with impunity. Pretty much the way it was happening during the first Jr.time.

And from South Park, an insight in the workings of the controling the financial crisis system:


And while the tabloids jump for joy that Obama fired a CEO, I womder if the bailout will cover Wagoner’s golden parachute

Rick Wagoner will leave his post as CEO of bailed-out General Motors with a $20 million retirement package, the company’s financial filings show.

As Obama met with his fat cat donors, everyone parted happy

Obama holds “very pleasant” meeting with top US bankers

The private meeting at the White House had the air of a conspiracy against the public, a gathering to discuss carving up state resources in order to hand them over to the banks and major investors.

Among those attending were 13 CEOs and two banking industry lobbyists. The individuals gathered at the White House stand at the helm of companies that together control much of American finance. They played a significant role in driving the speculative orgy on Wall Street that has now collapsed, precipitating the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

A collection of content statements from some of these CEOs is included. And as Obama continues the Bush administration policy towards auto industry, it’s right to conclude that

The policy of the administration is to ensure that this “pain” is born entirely by the working class, while the looting of public assets by the financial elite continues.

And did I mention they’ll hold on to their bonuses?

While some lenders plan to soon return billions of dollars in assistance they accepted since October, potentially undermining the rescue effort, others backed away.

Their friend in the White House made sure it was up to them

4bfb92f65401189a5e1e35295f445596.gif picture by Robbedvoter

On a funnier note, KO, the acerbic Obama propagandists is now at war with…Twitter.

yes, you guessed it! Ko is not afraid to name Twitter is “worst person in the word:

But our winner is Twitter. I told you this was trouble. I find out today that I have 13,900 some odd followers on Twitter. I‘m not on Twitter. I tried to sign up last summer and abandoned the project. I found this out when I got a piece of junk e-mail today, at my address, from some outfit trying to barnacle on to the Twitter process. Though it was my address, it had somebody else‘s name on it, possibly whoever was perpetuating the fraud

The first layer of humor would be the size of his new enemy. Those of you not familiar

Of course, KO being the gift that keeps on giving, he is also, wrong. As usual.

It turns out Olbermann is on Twitter through an account called @countdownmsnbc. The profile is a combined feed of MSNBC show clips, and Olbermann’s blog entries and is operated by Countdown staffers, but not Olbermann.

Oh, but Twitter deserved it anyway! I bet that bird is a girl anyway, that bitch!

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Irony of ironies!

Paul Krugman went ignored throughout 8 years of Bush and 2 years of Obama campaign. He’s been ignored during the times when economy made page one of papers and tabloids.

But the man who kept himself out of the secret meetings of Obama & his propagandists is started to be noticed now. Funny, all he had to do for this was stay in one spot, not change his tune as Jr made room to Jr.Jr – and somehow he stood out enough to become object of curiosity (and judging by the “Dumbledore Army” like poster seen in NYC, is developping a following as well)

…a lot of people have a ‘creeping feeling’ that the Cassandra from Princeton may just be right. After all, the original Cassandra was.”

Washington Monthly which seems to be on a mission to explain to us how every occurrence in the Universe is meant to help Obama, comes with the “Overton window” concept

Krugman is fulfilling that role, opening what many have called the Overton window, moving the conversation away from the failed conservative ideas of the past.

Yeah, and it makes Obama’s ideas seem less extreme in the “Goldilocks window”, I bet.

But they do include Krugman’s reaction to his new found celebrity

I’ve long been a believer in the magazine cover indicator: when you see a corporate chieftain on the cover of a glossy magazine, short the stock. Or as I once put it (I’d actually forgotten I’d said that), “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first put on the cover of Business Week.”

In other news, our “internationally backgrounded POTUS” who listed under foreign experience “growing up in Indonesia” and was supposed to repair the damage created by Jr, seems to be just as effective abroad as within the borders.

According to the New York Times

Obama Will Face a Defiant World on Foreign Visit

But how can that be? The beer, bratwurst and a show crowd in berlin promissed different! The world was supposed to be his oyster, non?

New York Times, the newspaper who championed him and made all the previous predictions, now writes

Despite his immense popularity around the world, Mr. Obama will confront resentment over American-style capitalism and resistance to his economic prescriptions when he lands in London on Tuesday for the Group of 20 summit meeting of industrial and emerging market nations plus the European Union.

And it seems that Obama needs to lower expectations for his Jr.jr goals.

The president will not even try to overcome NATO’s unwillingness to provide more troops in Afghanistan when he goes on later in the week to meet with the military alliance.

And in East Europe Obama is sacrificing everyone else to Russia

In Prague, Mr. Obama will confront an Eastern Europe nervous about Russian attempts to reassert itself in an area that Moscow views as its backyard. Mr. Obama has taken pains to reassure Russia that his administration will tread carefully regarding Bush administration plans to locate a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Yet in placating Russia, Mr. Obama has raised hackles in Poland, where officials seek closer ties to the United States.

And his economic choices are unpopular over seas as well

Compounding the problem for Mr. Obama is that the route that he has chosen to lead the United States out of the mess — heavy government spending — is not available to many other countries. European governments, for instance, are far more lukewarm about enormous stimulus programs because they already have strong social safety nets, and more fears of inflation, than does the United States.

So, let’s see: we picked this guy because he was eloquent (not),, would be different than Bush (not) would restore our image abroad(oops). Who would have thunk it?

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