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There was a time, in 2001 when the Daily News and even the Post were taking shots at Bloomberg and would have easily sunk his candidacy by simply quoting his ugly words. Money must have change hands and the real Bloomberk became “Mike”. Seems like with Bush, once the lame duck term, some truth is allowed to peek out,

Mike Ihave my own army Bloomberg let this one out. I am sure “stop and frisk” will sound legit now, and its proponent Quinn is greatly helped by this

Remember the so called “bitter” comments?

bitter.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

A blogger brought to the public Obama’s contempt for those who didn’t vote for him. In a speech to wealthy donnors in San Francisco Obama unloaded on Democrats who supported Hillary.

They were accused of being racist, ignorant and xenophobes, but the media made sue only the word “bitter” stuck. Here’s the whole thing

But the truth is, is that, our challenge is to get people persuaded that we can make progress when there’s not evidence of that in their daily lives. You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Of course, the cure for all these ills was to simply elect Obama – which would usher us into post-racial prosperity.

Fast forward 2 years

Barack Obama sees rise of ‘tribal attitude’

It’s a bit harder to blame Clinton now for the economy, but the rest of the rhetoric is the same

“When you’re out of work and you can’t buy a home or you lost your home and you can’t pay your bills… sometimes that organizes [people] around kind of a tribal attitude and issues of race become more prominent.”

Very interesting lecture, Professor – but wheren’t you supposed to end/change all this?

For an entertaining conclusion, here’s the NY Post write-up of the same event

Obama hears from disappointed young voters at televised town hall

“If the economy does not improve over the next two years, why should we vote you back in?” he asked.

One of the moderators read two tweets in which viewers were asked to state their greatest fears. One was, “My greatest fear is that we’re turning into a communist country.” The other: “My greatest fear is that Obama will be re-elected.”

I also enjoyed his arguing for his “bipartisanship” by using the healthcare law as an example.


Another Democrat – senator from Kentucky exhibits the same contempt

“I’m undecided about, if you are in this country but you’re not a citizen, what does that bring you? I’m kind of a mixed band on that. Excuse my French, but my redneck constituents out here in far out Kentucky, don’t like that.”


By niw, everyone noticed and here’s a clever comment

But let’s not overlook the real progress here- now Obama’s critics are scared rather than racist or stupid.  There’s hope for us! And change!

Indeed, we came a long way!.

Yesterday fun stories continue: John Florida doesn’t count Kerry has no defense for tax evasion Boston Globe last year issues continue to be posted by Newseum – was the media’s fault then too?

On the more serious side, it was revealed BP kept the alarms off on rigs so the workers can sleep

and in the oil-kill news blockade, worries persist on Bonnie

and check those underwater oil clouds

in LA they think it’s still possible for the storm to pick up

while here, on the East Coast – we bake again.


Today, Newseum, the site where I get my tabloids had a whimsical goof: it showed the Boston Globe cover from last year

Which prompts the question: where are they now? Or rather, where are we now?

We knew how his campaign went.

Boasting he was  going to put an end to all that and unofficially – with or without the help of the Jurnolist – accuse all opposition of racism.

When Rev Wright made himself the story, Obama historically declared he cannot distance himself from Wright. Then promptly did, days later for being called…a politician.

And what did Obama do with the latest racist story? He hid.

headlines from yesterday

White House keeps President Obama above racial fray

Jurnolister Ben Smith reassured us that
“The White House struggled mightily Wednesday to make things right with an aggrieved Shirley Sherrod — but it is working nearly as hard to distance President Barack Obama and his top aides from the racially tinged firing fiasco. “
From CNN we have this

Aides: White House trying to distance Obama from Sherrod controversy

White House aides said Wednesday they do not expect President Barack Obama to call Shirley Sherrod, the black former USDA employee who resigned after a video clip of her discussing a white farmer surfaced earlier this week.Obama did not appear at the White House briefing Wednesday to discuss the issue. At the briefing, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs apologized to Sherrod on behalf of the administration.

But like Wright, the Cambridge incdent, the stiry became

Shirley Sherrod Becomes Obama Political Problem

NPR quotes from Field Negro blog,

Ms. Sherrod, I go to an excellent cleaner here in Philly. They will do a great job of getting those tire marks off the back of your beautiful dress. Still, I bet that bus must have been pretty heavy.

Don’t worry, your back will recover. Just ask some of the other Negroes who found themselves under the O bus what they used to make themselves feel better.

So, finally, Obama had to pop in, this time throwing Vilsak (previously supported) under the bus.

Since, Obama personally called Sherrod to apologize – her answer about returning is still pending. So what to make of this aide comment to CNN

“No more beer summits here,” one aide said. After Gates’ arrest, Obama, Gates and police Sgt. James Crowley met at the White House for beers.

This may still be reserved for penis-Americans only.


A new headline

US officials stumble on the firing of Shirley Sherrod

with new information

he clip, dug up by a conservative activist and replayed by Fox News, sent alarm bells ringing not just at the USDA but at the White House.Mrs Sherrod was phoned not once but three times as she drove home – and she says the official who phoned her at the prompting of the White House was so desperate to get her to quit that she ended up pulling over to the side of the road and resigning by e-mail.

Every paper in the cuntry is carrying the Chile Earthquake.

Only in NY, they are still clomped on their prey: Are we going to let Paterson Govern? asks NY Times

In a vile article that makes me think of the old tired “racism”, (or is it post racism?) they write

At noon on Saturday, a group of New York political leaders and longtime friends of Mr. Paterson met to try to find ways to support the governor over the remaining 10 months of his term. The group, which included Representative Charles B. Rangel; the Rev. Al Sharpton; and the Senate president, Malcolm A. Smith, said their efforts had been made more difficult because of the calls from other Democrats for the governor to resign.

I wasn’t sure about the subtext until Harold Ford was also mentioned – see – we are supposed to infer that only black politicians with their own ethics problems support this guy while “democrats” (unnamed) would want him to resign. Oh, there is one very much named

Certainly the next month is likely to be dreary for the governor. Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo’s investigators plan to spend the next four weeks interviewing administration officials

There is of course no conflict of interest whatsoever here, because NY Times once declared

Now, Mr. Cuomo effectively has the blessing of the nation’s first black president to run against New York’s first black governor.

It is being Obama’s flunkies that gives them cover to wade into racism territory.

The theme song is repeated by Newsday, which would want us to pay for their content.

Meh, maybe when they have something original to say

In Albany, they seem off the meme and maybe somewhat PO’s by the strong-arming, judging by their headline

It seems the answer is in the hands of the Chicago mob.

“I have not talked to the president about this, but it’s safe to say that anybody that read these articles, believes at a minimum, he made the right decision.”

“These articles” only exist because of this

Reminds me of the 2008 campaigns where “scandals” were mailed to a subservient media then quoted as arguments “because they are in the media”

The one headline missing from all papers in the nation (that have been posted on Newseum as of now) is this one:

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act

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