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where evangelicals are today –

oh, and  🍊 is still on Hamilton. Celebrity snub hurts bigly

and too bad it was so loud

ad mind-benders go, this takes the cake – 🍊 – 1st Jewish President

We are in a Seinfeld episode – the dark timeline

Jerry’s dentist, Tim Whatley (Bryan Cranston), has just finished the process of converting to Judaism but is already making Jewish-themed jokes that make Jerry uncomfortable. Jerry goes so far as to say that he believes that Whatley only converted “for the jokes”.

Also, occasionally needed reminder

now wants SNL equal time

or per Krugman

The Game of Thrones family – at least no triangles with wife/daughter

and obviously


Counting on American’s mistrust of the rest of the world, the media is fueling hysteria against Snowden to distract from his revelations.

The funniest thing about this headline is the fact that doubts are raised today if snowden was ever in Moscow. 

The karmic line from that article is

Many journalists did board the flight which is alcohol free and will last 12 hours. They will have to stay in Cuba for three days.

Please tell me that Dances-with Rove Gregory is there too!

Quite the gall from the man who bought the office of Mayor 3  times to comment on other people’s corruption. And how the Post loves him since they’ve been paid off! “Mayor Mike!”

Good for the Daily News for front-paging the reps that wouldn’t vote for  disaster relief.

Many are from states that got theirs too (LA, Fla, Tx)

Remember Bush’s surprise visit to Iraq with a plastic turkey for the troops?photo

When I read this headline in the NY Post

I had to wonder: why NYC? After having been mike-checked and his people editing the video of that to make it look like a PR coup for Obama

Obama Tells Occupiers: ‘You’re The Reason I Ran For Office’

here’s a relevant comment

55. Sounded like they got shouted down by O-BAM-A to me.
It didn’t sound like a “mutual respect moment” to me at all.Sounded to me like they got drowned out by the chants of O-BAM-A.  Permalink

it shouldn’t take a genius to figure the next step.

Ironically, I saw the headline at the supermarket where I went to but some cans for the OWS food drive. Now I am re-thinking this – do I want to be there at the biggest campaign trick of the year? I’ll have to consult my dog on this.

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