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Chelsea’s wedding fascinates the media so much, the NY tabloids forgot to be bitchy

Even NY Post

Of course, the “paper of record” had to squeeze the story bottom page with an ambivalent headline

The “elbowing town” beams with pride in the local press (even if they were slow in getting the actual wedding pics)

On the oil-kill front, in the news embargo area, yesterday’s chest beating from BP is followed by softer headlines

and controversial outlooks

and there’s even a breach of perimeter with WaPo doing a Corexit story (bottom page)


Yesterday fun stories continue: John Florida doesn’t count Kerry has no defense for tax evasion Boston Globe last year issues continue to be posted by Newseum – was the media’s fault then too?

On the more serious side, it was revealed BP kept the alarms off on rigs so the workers can sleep

and in the oil-kill news blockade, worries persist on Bonnie

and check those underwater oil clouds

in LA they think it’s still possible for the storm to pick up

while here, on the East Coast – we bake again.


Slow news day – or rather slow publishing covers. With only a few papers to work from:

You have to wonder who is financing this protest (and its publicity) – LA wants more drilling?

All their papers seem to carry this

In Florida, where a drilling ban failed to go to a vote, they fear a storm messing up the cleaning

In other weather related news, it’s been hot

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In other stating the obvious news, there are rats in the NYC subways

and war kills

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I didn’t mean to trivialize this, it’s just that I am frustrated about the lack of interest from those who should know better. Where is the anti-war movement? Blowing raspberries at Sarah Palin.


Now that BP totally ignored US orders about the cap again, it’s time for the UK prime minister to set Jr.jr straight. Here’s a Moonie Times headline on itΒ  DESPITE OIL SPILL ‘CATASTROPHE’ CAMERON STANDS UP FOR BP (why quotation marks under “catastrophy”? And why “oil spill”?)

and one in Metro NY (next to the Playboy story) AS GULF DISASTER UNFOLDS, OBAMA AND CAMERON TRADE NICETIES

Funny how those special relationships weren’t that special under Jr.jr until the need to cover for BP

Wall Street Journal thinks that US DRILLS DEEP INTO BP but they also thought the financial reform had teeth, so…

In reality, after being stomped all over by BP, Admiral Thad is trying to reassure people that it will be OK on BP’s terms

while in Florida, they were unable to pass the drilling ban – if not now, when?

And a shocker from Chicago: Blago has been silenced

out of character, notes the Tribune


When someone commented BP only capped the well now so Obama can go on vacation I thought it nuts. But it seems funny that the gusher takes a vacation at the same time as Jr.jr

Someone is definitely playing games with us. Now, the WAITING GAME

Meanwhile, in Florida, they spend money on denial PR

although some are aware of effect, even with the gusher stopped

and look, even Obama Times saw it safe to venture in the subject today

But notice that outside of the oil-kill getto, the “temporary” part is left out.

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