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got together to welcome Samhain

I watched it on TV and Tweeter – and there were some beauties appearing on my page.

Podhoretz was feeling in hell –

jpodhoretz John Podhoretz
Seriously. This is comedy Hiroshima.

The appearance of Yusuf Islam – now only Yusuf produced some great comments.

Harry Shearer wondered where his last name went.

Alahpundit noted

I’ve seen video of that British TV segment abt Rushdie on YouTube. Stevens/Islam had it pulled down re: copyright claim. I wonder why.
He finally found it

Here’s the video of Stevens/Islam on Rushdie:
another collective discussion
ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald

.@digby56 @atrios Don’t worry – at least his name’s not Mohammed
It was Depressed Darth who had the best one
I bet Yusuf hates being called Cat Stevens as much as I hate being called Anakin
I answered that at least he didn’t drop the “Vader”
Keith Olberman got his wittle feelings hurt
It wasn’t a big shark but Jon Stewart jumped one just now with the “everybody on Thr cable is the same” naiveté
Later on he defends himself to a follower
@littleleaf2 when did I say I loved Jon?
Salon seems to agree
Has Jon Stewart jumped the shark?
Tomorrow tweets
tomtomorrow Tom Tomorrow

by edgeoforever
This is sounding like a college freshman stoner session. Dude if we just all remember we’re like human beings you know?
digby56 digby

This might be useful if even one right winger gave a damn. Essentially he’s just telling the left to pipe down. They sure won’t.
Later she corrects herself: the RW won’t she meant.
Daou smells the propaganda
peterdaou Peter Daou

Interesting Stewart and the White House echo the same critique of 24/7 news cycle. But isn’t that a function of blogs and online community?
Later on he tweets
peterdaou Peter Daou
Putting forth this idea: Obama wouldn’t be president without the 24/7 news cycle
Chris Hayes
chrislhayes Christopher Hayes

Sort of amazing how far the irony/earnestness pendulum has swung back towards irony after just 2 years.
David Corn gets a good retort
TrenchCoat4Hire TrenchCoat4Hire

by DavidCornDC

@DavidCornDC when are you going to start taking shots at the DNC for failing to get the base worked up instead of whining about the rally?
Fishbowl DC
FishbowlDC FishbowlDC
Throngs of people pissed: “I came to a rally and didn’t see anything.” #insanityrally
On behalf of Zuckenberg, David Corn
DavidCornDC David Corn
More jabs at Facebook founder than any politician. #rally4sanity
Daou captures it
peterdaou Peter Daou
Midterm zeitgeist captured in 2 rallies: Beck/Palin claim monopoly on honor, faith & country while #rally4sanity does medley of SNL outtakes
I loved when Tweeterer Humansvsrobots enjoyed R2D2.
Podhoretz is happy
jpodhoretz John Podhoretz
Tragic fact: Sanity really right about where it was before 11 this morning.
Tapper concludes
jaketapper Jake Tapper
RT @mikemadden: Verdict: Rally had all the signs and signifiers of a social movement, but all the content of a corporate-produced TV show
Me, I was ecstatic about The Corbomite maneuver.

The cover of the day may not even have anything to do with Teh bomb that ate the elections but illustrates my point: think of that silhouette as the American voter faced with the worthy successor of W Terra Bush:

and now some of the actual headlines: The Daily News  for something not bigger really than the Time Square car bomb

Chicago Sun Times Read the rest of this entry »

As it becomes more and more clear that Jr.jr is the set-up for Jeb to ride in on a white horse to save us all in 2012, I wasn’t surprised to see NY Times featuring him:

Ten Questions for Jeb Bush

I would have had the silly expectation that they would have avoided talking rope in the election thief’s house. But there was Bill Clinton bashing to be done – so no holds barred.

The very first question asks Mr Florida 2000 to judge Bill Clinton based on the proven false story they front-paged today:


We saw the news break that former President Bill Clinton had been in discussions with Kendrick B. Meek [the Democratic candidate for Senate] about possibly getting out of the race. What kind of picture does that present to you?

And Jeb, who admitted on  NPR in 2001 that he was the local decision maker for the Bush campaign in the recount debacle, didn’t disappoint

The reason why there is such a reaction to the usual politics of the day is just these kind of backroom deals. It reminds me that Charlie Crist [the Florida governor and Independent candidate for Senate] will do anything possible to get elected.

Oh, the humanity!


The cover of the day  goes to The Examiner DC for their hilarious headline


Wait, aren’t the Stewart fans the college tricksters? They sure played a trick on us once!

and just because  I want it, I’ll go to the next Halloween headline

The next scary thing per DC’s express, elections’ red scare ads

and staying with the elections, the media takes the results for granted

NY Post at least pretends to read the electorate (in a strategically placed headline – who read that?)

And remember the oil kill in the Gulf? I think it’s a miracle it didn’t happen earlier, considering the care Halliburton and BP put in building the stuff. Now that corporations are persons, will there be anyone in jail?

Also note the NYT typical Bill Bash on the page.

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