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Because we avoided sending a pedophile to the senate and got a good Democrat elected in Alabama – highlights

Election night started with this hopeful note – as a number of black voters had their rights restored – she voted the first time in her life. At 33

as the NYT model started shifting blue, the hedging started

and cheers at Jones’s headquarters

more hedging

first sight of result – before AP called it

Maxine having fun…/status/940791605753204737

worries for the emperor

who might be a tad upset

first gif…/status/940792413433532416

Burying dead narratives

and again

and Dersh channeling Nina Turner

more recriminations

and a response to 🍊’s tweet next day

some new narratives

Hanukah side

is he gone?

or is he confounding us still…/status/941081086515281920

final result



how we feel

and also

this moment in history



And today



and Moore won’t concede

but seriously, religion and sex predators

which makes sense since

and his campaign

Mr 50 states strategy:

and a wish

and ending with this still searching for that video of the black women dancing after the vote – disappeared for some reason

so, back to the other  owner

and this one


found the gif I wanted in a slew of brilliant comments to this dud



Breaking – I thought this has happened PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!!

So, for all his rallies during hurricane time, and Party support, the comic book named incumbent lost to a candidate crazier than 🍊. It’s still the primaries, so – might be good

here’s how AP broke it

which raises the question (replies are hysterical)

Meanwhile, 🍊 who went all out erased some tweets now

including the one asking Moore to win in November (GE is in December)


and more irony

on our side we have

In Florida, Dems flipped a state senate seat

and in NH a House one


the score so far

good page one

and really good news for future Dem primaries – bye cacases

In Puerto Rico, 🍊 keeps punishing the victims

while patting himself on the back

because his business buddies would rather people die also 🍊


Better reason to hate Puerto Rico

while doing damage control

but this continues to be the reality

and this

Forbes looks at the Puerto Rico golf club bankruptcy

In Stolen election mysteries, we have a new profession: fake news writer

and  🍊 is not taking all this well

and the new batch of crazy

Twitter’s experiment of 280 characters is going well


in  war news, Russia may ironically stop it (after stoking the fires)

this combines Russia, racism, self-parody as Seagal speaks from Russia, where he is a citizen

stupider still

yeah, this guy



Update: Grassidy is dead!

with a happy shot

and from the last time we dodged the bullet

one more:

It appears 🍊 hates the place because his golf club there went bankrupt (which is never his fault – never). That may shed a little light on this primal scream of bile, essentially blaming and condemning Puerto Ricans for the Hurricane and his business woes

and this good point

the news story it generated

just reminding everyone he has this that can be sent

Here he is telling HIMSELF “heck of a job” in spite of facts


Consensus emerging

some taking initiative

and more are demanding

and Hillary finally did it

and he’ll get there. Eventually

because it’s a big ocean

but still screwing them

But at least you can trust 🍊 when it comes to electoral picks, right? He has  maps and everything

because Roy got props. Small ones, but props

and now


and since they are about to skip Puerto Rico and go directly to tax cuts, this is where WE stand on that

and they’ll make sure the poor pay for it too

at least they are consistent

Russia meanwhile, is whataboutering us

In other impeachment news, 🎪 is in town

and other stolen election news

and food for thought



Explosion in London subway – declared terrorism. oops! I got swayed by our hothead – before the facts known

🍊’s response

and also hypocrisy

and a reaction from UK

Craven 🐘  still trying to take away our healthcare – last ditch attempt

In electoral news something good for a change: let’s see how 🍊 and Bernie get around this one

Trumpies failed attempt to stop Hillary’s book from being #1

It takes one to know one

Russia/impeachment department has a bit of news too

In Nazi news, white supremacism not new for 🍊

to which I addd my own recollections

On the Nazi/Russia  Assange chapter

the Russian man un US congress is trying


and Jose may still be a thing



More triangulating, complete with RW fury (yeah, I know, for 🍊

it’s “independence”)

and more foaming at the mouth – hang on – I like this

rationalizing from the  fans

In impeachment news, finally, the “unmasking” crazy blows back on them

and here it is


and here’s Facebook’s complicity to it

All that talk of big crowds, he had to explode and add new lies

and she responded

but we want to hear from her

and other ways misogyny shows up

the line for speaking the truth forms here

and about that responsibility to vote

Bye, Jose!

Today Nazi chapter is brought to you by Facebook

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