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So far, the death toll surpassed 30, but for ๐ŸŠย the gig is done!

Still things getting worse

and we now know

Apparently, experiencing a hurricane first hand is talking to local officials

but let’s see their own “first hand” images

or, maybe it went like this ๐Ÿคก

and he is finally asking people to give

and later, actually pledging. Except

NYP too follows “everything is $” mantra

and another way

but kick those kids with a big heart

and if you donate, better a not-Red Cross venue. Explanation here(thread):

People, on the other hand, showed how amazing they can be


๐ŸŠ’s bogus election commission is getting some oversight

and speaking of corruption

In Russia, it’s deadly to be an ambassador, especially since the US elections – which weren’t influenced at all



and I think points to Mueller


and this would fall under obstruction/corruption, depending on the outcome

but his lawyers argue


corruption here


the obligatory Nazi department – this time a mind-bender

and since antifa is discussed, the ultimate thread on it

and back to Nazis

and still has input

and Nazi lies

more nazi

Nazi threats

Not sure if Nazi, but as evil goes…

Meanwhile, in the sane universe



Since he feels so popular now

it’s time to cut his taxes (while millions are literally swamped – on floods. But since corporations – people, ๐ŸŠย is a populist. That’s pretty much the pitch

even uses the Democrats’ words for what it certainly is not

and Heller who will lose next year just for the healthcare gets truth-checked

WaPo calls it

and now the tax ย speech in MO

and more chyron fact check

but don’t worry flood victims, the wall is covered

meanwhile, Harvey

As for the “what a turnout” hurricane effort

and another account

.but he’s the only one who thought about product placement

so, he’s pleased with it

JK Rowling thinks


Still, he feels put upon

and Ted Cruz gets his deserts

and called on hit here

but Christie slams him

but Cruz didn’t corner the market

another unlearned lesson from Katrina

but there’s more (thread)

Meanwhile the UN notes human rights deterioration in the US

and Incest Barbie is back

and in the Russia story

and what day would be incomplete without threats of nuclear war?


and Putin throws Cohen/Trump under the bus


and maybe that explains why Russians ๐Ÿ’ฉ. all over him

so, on this episode of Who’s the Boss (please, not ๐ŸŠ)

and policing fraud

other kind of fraud

important thread on antifa –


we are getting ready for the next stolen election – well, Republicans are

because it happened

although, some good news too

although strangely framed in the media

following the bad news we are now finding out from the past

and other ๐ŸŠย lies

and we are wondering about this NYT headline before the election (while hyperventilating about Comey’s email story)

this story has legs

and boobs tooVP IVANKA




that being the Berners trying to ๐Ÿ”ฉ

with Dem voting

meanwhile, in Houston

but hurricanes are good for business

and Melania has her stilettos on


but we don’t know yet the price for the FLOTUS hat

Heck of a job time

and then, rally bits

and on today’s episode of Doctor Poo

NYT has earned this

and what’s a post these days without some Nazi news too?


and Rockwell, updated

but, wait, there’s more


Since they didn’t have a playpen, while the nice white men with silver hair did stuff

All alone while the grownups work

and while NYT swoons we notice

and also, a hurricane can be useful for ratings

thread on what Russian bots amplify today

and this brag on state TV

and Felix Sater was very much present last year

and now there’s video

as this letter to Michael Cohen demonstrates


in another episode of Doctor Poo

and now that lawless sheriffs are free and praised,



and from the pious

and more “optics”

fire marshals said 4000


Maybe all that fierce need to hurt (DACA, transgender, Arpaio victims) comes from the deep worry that the PeePee tape is about to resurface again – this time via Senate – per Chuck Grassley. Fox is not hiding the source of their propaganda anymore

which seems to go throughout the sewer info

Meanwhile, as “anonymous Sr WH officials” praised ๐ŸŠย for asking questions about the hurricane this is what he did do

this tweet and its responses say it all

this advice comes from a resident of Houston, Texas

but one of them heeded a happy ending

this one too

which for some strange reason was not evacuated

and this is the guy who decided Houston should NOT evacuate

Meanwhile, from the golden toilet


hurricane + racism story

on Arpaio, someone compared the likes on the McCain tweet to the bot powered ones on the ๐ŸŠย tweet and the result is

Also, while ๐ŸŠ, Arpaio and friends claim vindication, let’s keep in mind this little legal nugget

and a story about sending a dog back into a burning building Arpaio goons set on fire for fun – to catch a traffic ticket violator


and let’s recap the week in tapestries

Meanwhile Assange is totally back to his white supremacist roots

while new stuff on his friends emerges

also the video of a shooting with cops around

and SOS takes a step back

with video

Meanwhile, Hillary whom Kellyanne accused recently of not helping (?!) – helps

while ย ๐ŸŠ0 is back to his hobbies



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