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It’s a slow news day so I will chose to start on the media obsession with Chelsea’s wedding

It’s the main item on WaPo too

Nothing, obviously on the cover of the eternally miffed at the  Clintons NYT, in spite of this being in NY

Out of the oil-kill coverage, the only thing still in print is BP direct propaganda

But Obama’s war is going great:

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and his economy as well

and the 9.11 responders are just as happy that Congress denied them aid


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It’s Friday again and time for the DU-dies!

A Huffpo headline re_ Sherrod incident

Obama Blames Media For His Administration’s Firing Of Shirley Sherrod

Quote from the article followed by

Biggest bunch of BS of heard since Bush!

Other comments

9. You’re Right on Target

I was so hoping we would see more class in politics with President Obama. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to remind others that two wrongs don’t make a right!

Chuck, the sensible liberal woodchuck seems to confuse and become the object of obsession of many B0bots – on both side of the koolaid cauldron

It seems to have given birth to this enigmatic sig line  (mostly because it’s misused). Someone is ‘splaining it to us

. Allow me to explain the woodchuck being boinked in the head by an Obama avatar

Edited on Sat Jul-24-10 01:35 PM by IndianaGreen
If we are to understand the Tom Tomorrow cartoon, the woodchuck represents the Obama Administration spinmeisters. The Obama avatar has been kicked by a disgruntled Obama voter, and it boinks the woodchuck on the head as he rises from his hole to rationalize another surrender to the rightwing.

I don’t think the people that use that particular cartoon on their sig lines even realize what it truly depicts.

It is pretty bad when people go bonkers over a cartoon, no?

And then, there’s a whole thread

What’s the deal with the woodchuck?

Seriously. I guess it’s from a cartoon. I don’t know whether to like the people with it as their avatar or not. I really don’t know what it’s about.

One response

10. They’re pragmatic.

Someone else wonders

3. I don’t get the pragmatic DUer with the bloody woodchuck avatar.

Doesn’t he know that the woodchuck is him?I guess that makes him a cutter. :shrug:

An operative ‘splains why the woodchuck (and Tom Tomorrow) are the enemy

58. The woodchuck is a strawman created by Tom Tomorrow cartoon

The cartoonist lives in a fantasy world and he put all his frustrations for those that live in the real world into a cartoon woodchuck.

A strawman? I would have taken a strawchuck. The puzzlement

I just think it’s pretty stupid that folks who hate what it’s “supposed” to represent to choose it

as their avatar. That is all. But then they aren’t exactly very practical, are they? :rofl:

And then, the woodchuck loving/hating pragmatists photoshopped the Tomorrow cartoon with their own lines

It looks like a sensible liberal answered tom tomorrow

Best comment

41. Email this to FOX so they can verify its authenticity

Plus, it will be humorous to see the Obama Administration’s kneejerk reaction to its airing on Glenn Beck.

So, one of the non-sensible, not-pragmatic B0bots adjusted that sig line replacing the woodchuck with Shirley Sherrod

The woodchuck makes an appearance in the comments to Van Jones’s Netroots speech

Van Jones tells netroots to knock off the bullshit

10. Maybe he should have a woodchuck puppet

on his hand while he says it. Might help.

Once again, it comes from an operative who missed the point of the cartoon, so he is unintentionally funny.

Another mind blowing  headline in the news brings mostly predictable answers

Obama Urges Liberals to ‘Keep Up the Fight’

on the speech Jr.jr gave at the Netroots shindig

President Barack Obama is urging liberal activists and bloggers to ”keep up the fight” to bring change to Washington.

In a video played Saturday at the annual Netroots Nation convention, the president acknowledged that some in the party’s left wing have been unhappy with the pace of change.

I picked the reply with the picture

Too Little, Too Late, And Too Damed Phoney

Now, Enter the Bla Bla’s
Health Care for All

and on the same theme

Obama to Lefties: “Make me. G’wan, I dare ya! Make me!

Poster recounts all past disappointments then issue a “let’s try again, help him”. A few din’t buy it

So, first Obama and Rahm make it clear they don’t give a damn what the left thinks

but now it’s the left’s fault because we haven’t been loud enough?I think the “we don’t need the Democratic wing of the party” crowd is working their way around to who they’ll blame if things don’t go well this November or 2012.

metapunditedgy Sat Jul-24-10 10:05 PM
Response to Reply #9
11. That talking point has been bouncing around DU for over a month.
Obama really, really wants to do good, but the American people just aren’t filling up his mana bar fast enough.

and there’s this little exchange

babylonsister Sat Jul-24-10 11:08 PM
Response to Reply #25
29. “I see a President who wants his base to push him”
That’s kind of the whole point of the OP imo. You might want to get with the nuance. :D

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Jim Sagle Sat Jul-24-10 11:14 PM
Response to Reply #29
32. And I see a President who wants his base to amuse him.

Obama decides not to be blackmailed into doing what he campaigned for

4. Dan knew what he was doing and did it on his own time schedule

Edited on Sat Jul-24-10 07:57 PM by stray cat
maybe he expected someone to come to his rescue. However, he is an adult and knew what he was doing and why. I guess Obama decided to not be blackmailed into changing the law based on Dan’s opinion of the right time compared to Obama’s own opinion on how to do it.
Hillary: “No way, No how, No Mccain!” “Barack is my candidate”
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The signature of this poster is remarkable too.

Here’s an interesting headline

Note to President Obama: With all due respect sir, ask Hillary about the vast right-wing conspiracy

And, on cue, proving that Obama is actually part of it, B0bots start dumping on the Clintons.

Here’s a deaniac’s rant

I AM NOT going to apologize for criticizing the President and the Dem Establishment.

and here’s an entertaining response

4. I’ve watched the list of ‘acceptable’ topics decrease over the last 8 years

I personally believe there should be an OPEN forum for discussion.

I wonder if these B0bots noticed the big decrease of topics of 2008… What goes around, goes around even farther.

On the war, here’s a question

Obama pulls “U.S. troops’ lives in danger” card on Wikileaks. Opinions?

and here’s one

8. Obama is 100,000% correct

Anyone who intentionally “leaks” information that puts US troops in danger, should be tried, convicted, and shot for treason.I hope Obama brings the hammer down on the ones that leaked these documents. He will have my unwavering support in the matter if he does.


On a thread about a balloon juice apologia

Progressives turned an amazing chain of victories into a narrative of defeat

comes one to the point reply

I must keep reminding myself –

Passing bad legislation is progress. Passing bad legisltion is progress.
Passing bad legislation is progress. Passing bad legisltion is progress.
Passing bad legislation is progress. Passing bad legisltion is progress.
Passing bad legislation is progress. Passing bad legisltion is progress.oh forget it


and a funny one

8. looks like the bar is being raised from better than bush..

to better than reagan. keep fuckin that chicken!

and I can never resist pictures

By dog, that’s progress!

I was going to give Chuck the DU-die but I decided to give it to…the pony. Two threads

We weren’t wanting a pony.

this one is top rated. And a newer one

I WAS wanting a pony.

This is new, And comes with an illustration of what they got instead

I think Lambert should be proud about still shaping the discourse over there – ever since 2008!.

The first two names  in the title are for Kerry – who is comically trying to polish the turd everyone saw


except maybe for the time he said he didn’t owe any. Remember this?

The first 3 are for Rangel who rescinded his decision to retire 4 years ago Now he generated headlines like this

and that

All the names are applicable to BP which is trying to get out of the cleaning now

and this one about the Gulf birds is for a happy final note

In NYC, still firmly grounded  in the… trivial


as he declared on The View yesterday

“What has been satisfying is just seeing how resilient the American people are,”

I thought this culinary reference would be best illustrated with this cartoon


Not Your Sweetie

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