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just a jacket

spiking stories subpoena

Manafort lies


Oliver Twist


more  PR for her

with fashion

and back, on a hot summer day, to make sure it was seen Incest Barbie


and also



what has changed


lying again

bully afraid of looking weak

what they said

what they yet have to do

TIME cover

New Yorker


talks the talk

that’s the walk

and this too

and we all thought it might

what will happen

and from his mouth

from the WH

and what will remain

is an actual Nazi

Nazi reunion



🍊hotels grift

Sessions lies


NYT bothsidery

NYDN better headline than NYT

NYT then




capitol welcome

if only there was a sign

and yes, we need them!


and other kind


🍊 cuts to kids rejected by senate

Wow! What a candidate!


Immigration polling

coat riffs


USNS Comfort still not there, people lack food and water but the real victim is 🍊

last from San Juan Mayor

and this happened as she was speaking



if anything, the media under-covered Puerto Rico

with 🍊 calling Puerto Ricans “locals”, media follows suit

Joel Osteen harships

and I want to mention this guy again – because it can’t be all about horrible people

because the situation is dire and ‘s response


and make them pay for it

and the state too

5 days after Hillary asked for it, it’s finally on its way

after 🍊 had already done this to them 😡

but it was predictable

and another good guy speaks against racism and bigotry

still trying to kill us – our children

and CHIP expiring


but at least Price is out

and as everything gets compared to Obama

on tax cuts, NYT still can’t say the “L” word

when in fact

and the score

with Twitter under the microscope, this admission

but more importantly

Missed this one

In Stolen election news (domestic department)


Update: Grassidy is dead!

with a happy shot

and from the last time we dodged the bullet

one more:

It appears 🍊 hates the place because his golf club there went bankrupt (which is never his fault – never). That may shed a little light on this primal scream of bile, essentially blaming and condemning Puerto Ricans for the Hurricane and his business woes

and this good point

the news story it generated

just reminding everyone he has this that can be sent

Here he is telling HIMSELF “heck of a job” in spite of facts


Consensus emerging

some taking initiative

and more are demanding

and Hillary finally did it

and he’ll get there. Eventually

because it’s a big ocean

but still screwing them

But at least you can trust 🍊 when it comes to electoral picks, right? He has  maps and everything

because Roy got props. Small ones, but props

and now


and since they are about to skip Puerto Rico and go directly to tax cuts, this is where WE stand on that

and they’ll make sure the poor pay for it too

at least they are consistent

Russia meanwhile, is whataboutering us

In other impeachment news, 🎪 is in town

and other stolen election news

and food for thought



Now apparently there is a new bill (pork for opposing senators)

but as Krugman says

such as


but still

And S&P also gives a bad rating

and that’s how they make use of Bernie – turtle’s lie

🍊 still clueless


and for today’s hearing

what is a hearing anyway?

also, to keep the hell fresh

and Puerto Rico still ignored

not as important as 🍊

they’ll send help…any day now…

reminder (as per Hillary’s tweet)

she mentioned it

and the answer

last word on the “ungrateful millionaires” thread


and Costas on Patriotism

and this was the stated purpose

which led me to a revelation

why can’t our media spell out the reasons so clearly

yeah, this guy


but actually not

and funnies


Stolen election news

which goes with this


💣 news

and Fox starting wars



For the first time in history the entire healthcare industry is on the same page: stop Trumpcare!

but they are unfazed


with the majority of people in that corner, it leaves GOP with one reason only to try to pass the bill

If they don’t get the vote (Bernie allowing), this would go back to work

The ugliness of  🍊’s racism still hangs in the air


but the response is spreading too

and video

David Remnick in The New Yorker 

In these performances, Trump is making clear his moral priorities. He is infinitely more offended by the sight of a black ballplayer quietly, peacefully protesting racism in the United States than he is by racism itself. Which, at this point, should come as no surprise to any but the willfully obtuse


What Trump is up to with this assault on athletes, particularly prominent black ones, is obvious; it is part of his larger culture war. Divide. Inflame. Confuse. Divert. And rule. He doesn’t care to grapple with complexity of any kind, whether it’s about the environment, or foreign affairs, or race, or the fact that a great American sport may, by its very nature, be irredeemable. Rather than embody any degree of dignity, knowledge, or unifying embrace, Trump is a man of ugliness, and the damage he does, speech after speech, tweet after tweet, deepens like a coastal shelf. Every day, his Presidency takes a toll on our national fabric. How is it possible to argue with the sentiment behind LeBron James’s concise tweet at Trump: “U Bum”? It isn’t.

,🍊  managed to make this about him

Tax cut news

which might do this

More NFL statements coming in

and more from the Steelers

and people’sreactions

in 💣 news

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico remains ignored

But Hillary remains presidential

Stolen election


Not Your Sweetie

March 2023