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In Canada, they are also getting ready for Earl

In China, they will restart nuclear talks with Korea Read the rest of this entry »

It seems that Sharpton’s rally also had some help not from Koch butΒ  from Arne Duncan for whom he shills with Newt

In Alaska they start counting Read the rest of this entry »

I am awarding cover of the day to the Louisiana AdvocateΒ  for their contextual cover: the fresh tragedy on top of the old one with all the empty promises

Moonie Times talks about the remaining forces in Iraq, and Social Security advocates having a cow

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I think talking about “rallies” is about as ridiculous as in the past talking of both anti-war and pro-Bush rallies – but headlines say that

and from Florida

I think celebrating Katrina is as creepy as celebrating 9.11 but here it is – complete with Obama speech

Meanwhile, what should be celebrated is ignored – teachers have walls of shame in newspapers now – but no reward for excellence

and Obama Times has the Nobel Peace Prize laureate welcoming coffins

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The Canada terrotism probe expands to 8 suspects

From Lebanon, interesting news on the Israeli peace efforts

In Singapore they worry about our economy Read the rest of this entry »

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