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Interestingly enough he is still trying to appear principled on the matter.

Obama: ‘no regrets’ on Islamic Center

Here’s what he said at a fundraiser (the paragraph has been since deleted from the CNN piece on “no regrets”)

“I actually have pollsters, so I know when things aren’t popular. I know when they don’t poll well. But I was not sent to Washington just to do what was popular. I was sent to do what was right.”

It’s ironic and idealism is the first thing coming to mind when Michael Bloombarg and Barack Obama take identical actions.

Jon Stewart figured it too


This is a direct quote of what Obama told Fox

Now, we can fix this in a way that is sensible, that is centrist. I have rejected a whole bunch of provisions that the left wanted that are — you know, they were very adamant about because I thought it would be too disruptive to the system.

Hmm – I guess he never campaigned for “Change” either. We already know about the Pubic Option

Having ditched the soft and mushy left, Obama presents himself as Goldilocks. Too bad the “too big” crowd is screaming hysterically and the “too little” is bending over asking for more.

To make this even more pathetic, the Fox audience wasn’t impressed

Did he think a strong performance would possibly influence some undecided moderate Democrats, many of whom have plenty of constituents who watch Fox regularly? That seems an out-sized ambition, even for a President who maintains unlimited confidence in his ability to speak and persuade. Whatever the case, I think it was a mistake by the President to go on Fox last night and I do not think he helped himself or his cause with the interview.

Bobots were shocked by the “rudeness” of the interviewer

and the White House leaks accusations of Faux for lying yet again

A White House official: “Many of the falsehoods and myths about health reform gained traction with Glenn Beck and others on FOX, so the President is returning to the scene of the crime to make the final sale.

(or was it a sell-out?”)

I guess this is all part of courting the anti-choice crowd. You know, the one Moveon, B0bots are not allowed to attack.

B0bots are understandably pissed

To the shills’ claims that he ran as a centrist

He ran as a man who claimed he could change the way

politics was done. He ran on ‘we are going to change this country, and change the world’. He ran on ‘WE are the ones we have been waiting for’. He ran not just opposed to mandates, but utterly mocking them as larcenous and unneeded.
Show a link, please, to him on the trail saying “I am a centrist and will govern as a centrist.”
Change. He ran on change. Change you can believe in.
Not sure what campaign you were listening to. McCain’s maybe? That tax in the ‘reform’ was his idea, one that Obama claimed to oppose. Until he won.

54. Centrist, my arse!

Corporatist is more likely. I guess Medicare and Social Security are ideals from the extreme left. Now days, anything that doesn’t support big business-but actually helps the people is extreme left. Those wild, wacky lefties-I tell you, what would this country be like without them? The majority of the populace wanted a strong PO–I guess Obama must be placating all those wacky lefties–NOT!!!!
Not true. He pushed “the center” even further right (which is what he wanted to do.) nt

In fact some get daring enough to confess

48. And that’s why I voted Uncommitted in my Minnesota caucus in 2008


I couldn’t stand either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, because it was so obvious that they were the two candidates agreed upon by the corporate media.

In early 2007, the corporate media were already acting as if they were the only Dem contenders.

That told me that I could never support either one with any enthusiasm.

I did vote for Obama with great reluctance. But seeing what we got, I wish I had voted third party.

Of course, she missed some important differences in what the corporate media was doing, but got more than most idiots there.

Sorry, F*ing retards, the writing as on the wall. Reagan, Blackwater, stealing the primaries… Now live with it. It’s on you..

Having taking active part in the splitting of the party during the CEO engineered primary, Moveon has been for the most part quiet about all the turns to the right for the administration they helped.

Now however, they go to the next step: protesting a progressive Rep for not submitting to Obama’s corporate interests

Yesterday,‘s Cleveland Council and the Universal Health Care Action Network announced its members will hold a demonstration on Tuesday afternoon outside Kucinich’s Lakewood office, the day after President Obama visits a Strongsville recreation center in Kucinich’s district to restate his case for health care reform.

How dare Kuchinich hold out for singe payer?

In Bobotland there is some dissatisfaction. Here’s the headline

MoveON has received it’s marching orders . (and they can kiss my behind)

We hear from ex-members some just like me

When they endorsed Obama for President during the primaries, I moved on and dropped my membership. I would have dropped my membership if they had supported Clinton or Edwards as well. Let the party endorse. Let newspapers endorse, women’s groups, labor groups, and others. MoveOn’s hands were tied by an endorsement. It hampered their abilities to get our issues out in front. Clearly, none of our candidates were that far left of center, based on their statements and records. It was up to MoveOn to push our candidates to the left, not to spend time defending them when they took the side of corporations or other big money interests. Let them endorse the nominee AFTER the convention, as long as they still hold him accountable! MoveOn was supposed to be a watchdog for the people!

some also of the same mind as me

Me too. I hosted several “Bake Back the Whitehouse” fundraisers at my business

and raised over $1,300 for them, but this is going too far. We stopped donating to them when they failed to act on the election fraud in Ohio.

And we hear a kick-ass indictment of their hypocrisy

5. have they marched at Stupacks offices or at any of the bluedog

offices? yelled about taking single payer or public option off the table?

just wonderin.

and we hear from the operatives too

0. Go Move On! Fight for the American People!

tkmorris Donating Member (1000+ posts)
22. For the American People?
Well, I suppose there are some American people being employed by Health Insurance companies. Probably more than a couple American lobbyists who benefit too.

Someone linked to a good piece on them  from last year that explains the twist

Rahm Emanuel’s Think Tankers Enforce ‘Message Discipline’ Among ‘Liberals’

What is clear here is that CAP and MoveOn are now basically psuedo-official PR flaks targeting “liberals” to support the White House agenda.

Not unlike NARAL and Planned Parenthood which sold out women and are still doing it..


Ironically, in an article about money in politics Obama Times mentions Moveon as having one of their famously crooked votes, the liberal advocacy group, took a vote of its membership last week and found that 83 percent said the House should pass the Senate bill. Not long ago, the group was urging Democrats to push for a stronger measure that included a public option.

Geez, I wonder what changed.

shrug.gif picture by Robbedvoter

Moore always knew what sells to his readers: in this case, Rahmflu.

He writes a letter to Obama offering himself as a replacement to Rahm.

Michael does see the writing on the wall as many of us do

More and more people are looking at the wreckage of their middle class lives and they’re not buying the propaganda you’re catapulting anymore.  They’re starting to trust their lying eyes.  All you need is one good movement to catch fire.

But Moore has a readership/viewership to protect and he thinks that attacking Obama might cause him to lose some paying customers.

So he twists himself like a pretzel to “hate the sin,  absolve the sinner” So he comes up with laughable sentences such as

I will come to D.C. and clean up the mess that’s been created around you.

Barack – the little boy who can’t clean his room and needs MM to push the toys and empty bottles away. Or change his diaper. Or wipe his nose.

Or maybe shoo the flies that are sitting on his face.

Because in MM’s world (the one he’s selling today), Obama is just a sweet naive guy who got fooled by the mean Republicans

You’re such a good guy, Mr. President. You came to Washington with your hand extended to the Republicans and they just chopped it off.

Yeah, Michael. it was Republicans who danced a jig over the firing of a whole school of teachers. It was Republicans that overfed the evil, destructive Goldman Sachs. It was Republicans that made secret deals with pharma and hospitals and said they never campaigned on the public option. It was Republicans who just tried to dip in the Social Security and Medicare. It was Republicans who extended the Patriot Act and let Bush’s torturers off the hook. Or was it?

I guess that’s all part of “the mess created around Obama”. By whom?

Of course, Michael does know. He hinted it last September in his interview with Amy Goodman

But as I point out in the film, President Obama received an enormous amount of money from financial institutions, employees of those institutions. And the employees of Goldman Sachs were his number one private contributor, donating almost a million dollars to his campaign.

So, Michael, if you will replace Rahm, who will replace Goldman Sachs?

And why should I trust you any more than Rahm when you are so deceptive in your job application?

In B0botland this is their favorite topic. Pretty much wall to wall swooning with a few exceptions taken by Deaniacs

18. I love MM, but I have to correct him on one thing. It was Howard Dean
NOT Rahm Emmanuel who won a majority for the Dems in 2006. Other than that, as always, he makes good points and does it simply and with humor.
65. That Was ONE Comment That Stuck Out To Me!!! RAA-UUUMMM Took CREDIT
for it, and many in D.C., because they couldn’t stand Dean, just went right along and GAVE him the credit!

But IT WAS DEAN and his 50-state strategy that was so effective! Given RAA-UUUMMM’s ego, he just strutted right up and said… Yeah, I WAS THE ONE, I DID this, so “see me, hear me, LOVE ME!” While I was never one to like him much, when he pulled this one and dissed Dean, my ire increased immensely!

I have very little respect for him, and have several choice names to define him, but I’ll leave it at that!

I think I’ll give them that one. With all the glory that goes with it – cramming the party with anti-choicers leading to the crappy HCR today

Howard Dean is justifying fielding pro-life candidates in 2006 – his famous 50 states strategy did this to us.

“Those candidates are so much better on all the other issues”

(in other words, who cares about women’s rights – we get our numbers)

Only one seems to get it

It is time for the left and center-left people in this board to stop trying to project things on a center-right fellow like Obama. I understand that the Obama electoral machine was fairly hand wavy regardless their actual ideological leanings, probably to maximize their electoral base by allowing people to project their expectations on Mr. Obama. But honestly, he walks, talks, and quacks like a moderate conservative, so I think it is time to stop giving the benefit of the doubt… and stop enabling this whole charade.
Want liberal agendas and policies to be enabled or at least represented? Simple, elect actual liberals to office.

but the rest ignore that flicker of sanity. Moore made them feel good again – they can cheer and applaud again!

I still believe in a great President Barack Obama… I can only hope he makes it so!


Anther con-artist blew in town and made it all better. At least for his followers. The rest…

Obama was nervous enough about getting the 216 votes for the healthcare bill, that after courting the blue dogs as usual, he even met with the progressive caucus. In fact, he was so nervous, he even pretended to care about public option

Woolsey told Obama that she’d be introducing legislation to create a public option and Obama said he encouraged the effort, according to Schakowsky.

(in other words: “good luck with that!”). For added gratuity

Obama pointed Kucinich toward single-payer language that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was able to get into the bill. Kucinich fought for an amendment that would allow states to adopt single-payer systems without getting sued by insurance companies. Obama told Kucinich that Sanders’s measure was similar but doesn’t kick in for several years. “He definitely wrote it down,” said one member of Kucinich, suggesting that he’d look into it.

I am sure he will, along with the Hospitals industry that he sold it to last summer – and have a good laugh.

According to another account, Obama basically said “do it for me”

Obama to Progressives: 31 Million People–And My Presidency–Are On The Line If Health Care Fails

the direct quote being

“To maintain a strong presidency we need to pass this bill,”

All that was missing was “You love me. You really, really love me!

And of course gave them cover by gratuitous pledges

Obama also apparently pledged to revisit the public option in the future.

Yet another source heaps irony sky high

Woolsey, the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who was present with around seven or eight other liberals, says Obama compared the health reform fight to the passage of Social Security and Medicare.

You know, the ones he would love so dearly to give to his Wall street backers.

But it is Politico that tells us what delegates were too embarrassed to broadcast themselves

Two senior administration officials said the White House is telling Democrats reconsidering their support for health care reform that they will pay the price for their original vote no matter what happens, so they should reap the political benefits of actually passing a law.

Translation: you’re compromised with your base anyway, your ass belongs to me. (oppose me and I’ll Paterson you).

Of course, to get the full extent of the hypocrisy of what was told, you’d have to see what he told the other guys the day before

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