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Interestingly enough he is still trying to appear principled on the matter.

Obama: ‘no regrets’ on Islamic Center

Here’s what he said at a fundraiser (the paragraph has been since deleted from the CNN piece on “no regrets”)

“I actually have pollsters, so I know when things aren’t popular. I know when they don’t poll well. But I was not sent to Washington just to do what was popular. I was sent to do what was right.”

It’s ironic and idealism is the first thing coming to mind when Michael Bloombarg and Barack Obama take identical actions.

Jon Stewart figured it too

Some in B0botland sound like they’ve had it .

I can’t support President Obama because

One minute I am metaphorically carrying my “No off-shore drilling” sign. In the next minute he announces a change in policy. Wham!

My sign doesn’t have a different message on the back. In addition, I am opposed to this policy change, and I would be even if my Mama suggested it.

The arguments for it are specious IMHO. For my stance I will be called retarded by some WH personage.

Even people on DU will attack. They have their arguments in support of it, but I don’t agree. Off with my head!

This looks like HCR redux.

I have decided that I have to make up my mind about my core beliefs that I won’t turn around on. I will not spin around like a top. If that makes me a bad Dem, then so be it. I didn’t expect every campaign promise to be fulfilled, but this is ridiculous.

I’m going to read “Alice In Wonderland.” The plot is easier to follow.

Of course, operatives quickly step in – but I am shocked at their humble tone

1. I know, I know, I know….but please! just vote Dem — won’t you please?

and it’s not quite working

122. No. I will vote Green from now on.

because some are really ticked off by this latest proof that they’ve been had

The timing of the announcement is a big Fuck You

130. Or FU retarded liberals

as if there could have been any good timing for it

and while some loyalists sternly reprimand the poster for deviation

Let me see if I understand your core beliefs

1. I am never wrong
2. I never change my mind
3. I never compromise
4. I hate Obama

Does that sum them up?

the unruliness continues to the point of making B0botland sound just like this blog

. Sometimes I have to wonder if he has any real convictions.

Is there anything he won’t backtrack on?
99. I’m sure he does

its just that we have no clue what they REALLY are.
100. He firmly believes that he should be the president.

106. to be fair, he did get that puppy

08. Point taken.

Forgot about the puppy.

169. But not from a shelter, as he originally indicated that he would

really; there appears to be NOTHING.

73. yes, he even managed to fuck that up

not getting a pound dog as he said on the campaign trail. :rofl:
Everything else, apparently, is negotiable.

Which explains “lower expecations” headlines like this one

Even if you’re not pro-Obama, you still need to vote Democratic this year

and even there some sanity creeps in

5. Sure, ya know, because people are already entitled to my vote

They don’t even have to earn it. I’m sure politicians will magically start legislating for those with old Democratic ideology once they automatically accumulate their votes in the next election.

In related news. here’s the sign on a Florida urologist office

“If you voted for Obama…seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.

A good reminder. And by the look of the polls attached to the story, his practice will flourish, not suffer as B0bots wish for..

I went in B0botland today to see what the news of offshore drilling has done to them. I think it’s best summed up in a joke:

Two guys walk into  a bar in the Wild West. One says to the other: “See that guy?”

“Which guy?”

“The one in a hat”

“They all wear hats”

“The one in jeans”

“They all wear jeans”

Losing his patience, first guy takes his gun out of its holster, shoots everyone in sight, leaving only one standing:

“That guy. That’s my mortal enemy”

Looks like b0bots are just being explained this and they are very excited about it.

Here’s a sample of it

3. He stole their top issue and will impliment it responsibly.

It’s pure hell for Republicans.

Boner is already on record as opposing Obama’s plan, apparently because it’s too environmentally responsible.

12. “He stole their top issue and will impliment it”

And you don’t see a problem with that???

If Obama is implementing THEIR agenda instead of OUR agenda, it isn’t a clever ploy to where Dems win.

We WIN by enacting OUR agenda and defeating THEIR agenda.

If having their agenda enacted is “pure hell” then I’d sure like a double dose.

14. No I don’t see a problem with that.

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I see a Democratic SOLUTION.

I guess that’s the difference between you and I.

Mind you, this comes on the heels of celebrating getting Romneycare – because that “neutralized Romney”

Someone sees the absurdity

18. Don’t you see? It’s brilliant

Capitulate totally to what the other side wants and then beg them to help us lower green house emissions.

Just like HCR. Promise to keep all our best ideas out of the bill and then beg them to let us pass a bill based on plan masterminded by the Heritage foundation plan.


In fact to be fair, there are entire discussions going this way

I have failed to appreciate Obama’s brilliance.

don’t know why the Dems didn’t figure this out decades ago. All we need to do is enact the legislation the Republican agenda has sought for 30 years and in one fell swoop we make ourselves immune to Republican criticisms AND we achieve historic legislative accomplishments that give the President lots of political capital to push through even more of the Republican Agenda.

What’s next? War on Venezuela to preserve democracy? That will show those Republican’s who is boss…

but of course there are those missing the sarcasm

25. Most dems are accustomed to their presidents speaking to them..

where as Obama actually speaks to the middle. This seems like a wise move to me as he becomes immune to the “too liberal” argument that most conservative politics is founded on.

Some are still naive enough to ask this question

Is there still room in the Democratic Party for those who advocate for these Liberal Issues?

*Medicare for anyone who wants it.

*Immediate withdrawal of ALL military forces and “contractors” from the Middle East.

*Immediate reduction of Military Spending by at least 50%

*The immediate break-up (Trust Busting) of everything “Too Big to Fail”.

*Fair Competition Legislation that lets Mom&Pop (small locally owned businesses and farms) compete with Big Box and Factory Farms on a level playing field.

*An end to “Free Trade” (Race to the Bottom)

*Organized LABOR and local co-ops.

*Women’s Right to Choose

If I posted there, I would bring the joke I started with as the illustration:

See? You are the other guys in the bar. Obama just shot you all to point out who the enemy is.  The Republicans are the enemy. Aren’t ya glad they were finally singled out?

Or to quote one of the operatives:

“it’s pure hell for Republicans”


The Hill chronicles the seemingly epic battle in the senate where the GOP had 29 amendments defeated before finally getting one sending the bill back to the House for minor revisions. But the fact that it’s all kabuki to fool the voters is made clear in the description

In contrast to floor speeches delivered during the afternoon and on Tuesday, Wednesday night’s voting was often marked by levity and was rarely tense. At one point, after Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) gave a tongue-in-cheek speech in favor of one GOP amendment, Democratic Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) responded by teasing Roberts over the University of Kansas’s recent loss in the NCAA basketball tournament.
The evening’s mood suggested a foregone conclusion; Republicans privately conceded that the bill was on its way to passage and said they weren’t surprised at the overwhelming defeat of their amendments. Democrats, meanwhile, celebrated by munching on lobster rolls from Legal Seafood in their cloakroom in honor of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who had championed healthcare reform for much of his 47-year career.

The way they all voted was as choreographed as the House voting

Nelson, who has come under fire from the conservative base of his state for his support of the healthcare reform effort, supported the GOP the most — on 20 out of 29 votes as of the 3 a.m. adjournment.

Nelson said he had informed Reid of his votes beforehand.

And what of the way those amendments were defeated? remember,Republicans have a 41 majority in the Senate?

Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.) proposed preventing Medicare cuts, for example, while Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) proposed striking all special provisions for states in the bill and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) proposed an amendment to prohibit any taxes for middle-income families. Gregg’s amendment failed, 42-56; McCain’s proposal failed, 43-54, and Crapo’s failed, 43-56.

Looks like the GOP was hardly trying. In spite of help from Democrats who needed to foil their voters

Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Nelson of Nebraska strayed frequently from their party during Wednesday night’s voting. Bayh, who is retiring, crossed the aisle to vote with Republicans 10 times. Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election race, supported Republicans eight times. Democratic Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia also bucked his party three times.

But at least they got a funny headline in Washington times

However, reading about the Viagra amendment I laughed less

“If this bill goes through without this amendment, your tax dollars are going to be paying for Viagra for child molesters,” Coburn, a medical doctor, said on the Senate floor as he introduced his E.D. rider.

In other words, when it comes to men, the objection to sex drugs being part of HCR goes only to sex offenders.

Unlike Contraceptives – ruled out from the stimulus at Obama’s request, or Jane Crow EO – hitting ALL WOMEN, law abiding or not

All senators felt safe in voting for show only. After all they knew that Mitch McConnell made it impossible for any GOP amendment to pass

Mitch McConnell did exactly that when he entered a unanimous consent agreement with Harry Reid about how to proceed on the health care bill. McConnell knew that agreement was going to make it impossible for Republicans to amend the bill and would put it on a fast track toward passage. McConnell accepted an agreement brilliantly designed by Reid that required 60 votes to pass an amendment.

So, while the Heritage Foundation brainchild is foisted upon us by the Democrats, they are all laughing at the very notion of Democracy.

Voters are being deceived and betrayed by their reps on both sides on the aisle, while being kept at each other throats for electoral purposes.


Great minds think alike

Obama Democrats VS Tea Party Republicans: A Fake Fight Over Fake Health Care Reform

The fifteen month running battle between Obama Democrats and tea party Republicans was never much more real than televised professional wrestling. Like the opposing wrestlers, both sides work for the same bosses, for Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and the biggest medical providers. The real health care fight waged by the Obama administration has not been against Republicans, who never had the votes to stop, let alone dictate or pass anything.

The administration’s effort all along has been to pass the worst bill possible, with the greatest amounts of corporate welfare and loopholes, and the fewest protections for patients, while silencing, neutering and coercing the voices of most Democrats, who have favored some form of single payer, or Medicare For All from the beginning.

and the conclusion

In health care, as in war and peace, as in the environment and education, as in the rights of women and immigrants, the First Black President’s historic role is clear. His job is to smile and speechify and neutralize the left on every front, while taking the country further to the right than his white Republican predecessor would ever have been able.

Back when the objective was different, in one of the debates Obama said to Hillary:

“If you haven’t made it affordable, how are you going to enforce a mandate? I mean if a mandate was a solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house. The reason they don’t buy a house is they don’t have the money.”

Did anyone lower – or at least control the hiking of premiums when I wasn’t looking? Please let me know if I missed something.

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