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tour going badly

Yay, Putin!

a guess



Still scammed you! So there!

darth manages to combine the two stories

Giant ๐ŸŠ ย toddler nyah-nyah-nyah (had to settle FRAUD lawsuit)

as seen from UK


We’re officially a ๐ŸŒ republic

and it’s all masked in coverage

Press is clutching pearls because Pence was booed

of course ๐ŸŠ tweets

and incidentally, the guy they faint over is hiding his emails from public

Trump U in the news

and OTOH

Listen to the man, don’t get distracted

Anatomy of a lie – how it spreads – thread – on “Ford Mexico ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ’ฉ ย

Thanksgiving ought to be fun – a ๐ŸŠ voter family story


At least the free tabloids in NYC are in sync with the celebratory mood here.

Metro is trying to boost Quinn’s sagging numbers in the process (lots of politicians trying to get credit for this). NY Post ignores it and I’ll check the Daily News later

Didn’t fin the Daily News cover, but saw their hatchet job on Greenwald

They leave no stone unturned. How can anyone believe Greenwald now when

In a 2003 lawsuit, he and his then partner, Werner Achetz, were sued by their West Side condo board for having a dog that was bigger than building by-laws allowed.

The couple countered that they and their dog Uli were being singled out because they were gay, a charge the board denied. The case eventually settled.

Here’s Greenwald on the expected attacks

The personal side of taking on the NSA:ย emerging smears

Distractions about my past and personal life have emerged โ€“ an inevitable side effect for those who challenge the US government

Immersed as I was in the NSA horror, I thought for a second that – gasp – Bloomberg was doing something good for a change

I should have known better. He simply wants “his army” to break the Fourth Amendment (his stop and frisk) without federal supervision

It’s about his “stop and frisk” policy being challenged and the federal scrutiny it’s undergoing

โ€œWe have disciplined and well-trained police officers whose experience has been paid in blood.โ€

Maybe, But whose blood?

You would think that these NSA spying revelations would give right wing Post a platform to bash the administration – like many Republicans do. But nooo. Faced with a choice between authority/ the rights of the people Murdoch always makes the wrong choice, you can bank on it (to be fair, all media does it). So here is the Post bravely going after the whistleblower – right after some breasts, of course

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