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This letter to OWS presumably from Wall Street is making the rounds on Facebook, drawing approving cheers from the rightwingers – the newest cheerleaders of Obama’s police state.

I don’t know who wrote it, but for sure many who gave thumbs up are nowhere near Wall Street status – although they seem to think so.

I realize that it’s more that politics the 1% uses to divide the 99%. It’s a cultural war.

When the New York Times wrote the first articles about th OWS-ers having laptops and I-phone it did strike a chord in the masses primed by years of think tank manufactured “liberal elitism” meme.

So, this very long letter plays on several delusions the useful idiots suffer from.

Of the top of my head:

They, the right wingers (old and recent) are somehow part of the 1% – how can they not be – one gets rich by working hard and don’t they?

OWS-ers are the undeserving poor, who don’t have jobs because they are lazy.

OWS-ers are all young beneficiaries of trust funds who never worked a day in their lives

Obama and the DNC are somehow on the opposite side of Wall Street – I guess they gave themselves those bailouts and tax cuts extensions. Found an illustration for this

Although I don’t think he is one of the 1% – just their nr 1 useful idiot. You are the following ones (more idiots, less useful).

There are probably more but I suddenly grow tired of all the stupidity.

To the chagrin of Bloomberg, Obama, the very rich and the dumb supporting them, OWS is still there.

It looks more like a tent city since the cold, but the spirit of Halloween is here


and it’s all hopping as always.

Sorry to disappoint rich, fascists et al.

Peddler on a side sells buttons. Obama buttons for $3, OWS for $5

Obama, Bloomberg, their media and assorted fascists and fans have a ball whenever the protesters have it hard. This cover wasn’t included in the newseum, so here’s my photo

Sorry, Obama, Bloomberg ans assorted right wingers, they are still thee!.

The point of the event is described here

Their joyful champagne toast will be “Let them eat cake!”

Naturally, the 99% were not invited to dine with the 1% at Gracie Mansion. So we’ll just have to @OccupyGracie.

At 6 p.m. we’ll gather at 88th Street and 1st Ave (outside the Bagel Mill) and march 2 blocks to Gracie at 88th and East End.

Come dressed as Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, or a Peasant – and bring the family. We’ll vote for the best costumes and they will serve us all cake

Some of my photos


Here’s a comment from FB by a participant I know

Victor Weiss Well we went tonight with our 13 year old daughter. There was a group of maybe a hundred or a little less there. First a little street theater (with King Louie and Marie Antoinette) mixed in with some serious talk, then the group decided to step out of our pen and move closer to Gracie Mansion. The cops would not let us cross to the next block, which would have faced more directly across to the mansion grounds. While one woman started chanting “whose streets?” the majority decided to stay at the corner moving in a circle picket-line style and chanting. My thoughts at this point were yes, I am furious that people should be stopped from walking on a public sidewalk, but i could not be angry at the cops tonight. They were extremely courteous throughout the event. My anger was with Bloomberg, who personifies the essence of this movement. He has bought himself 3 mayoral terms, owns his own propaganda media, and he now owns the streets of New York! These were Bloomberg’s orders the police were following, to keep the riff-raff at bay (and/or to intimidate them), this self-bought King of New York City.

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As an update – another account at the FB event site – someone was actually taken to the precinct and issued a summons for being on a public sidewalk.

Having failed to wash out the unwashed masses from his beloved Wall Street, Bloomberg planned to freeze them out by confiscating their generators on the coldest day.OWS response?

To counter this move of the Mayor, the demonstrators are planning to go in for an alternative โ€“ the solar powered generators!!!


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