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There seems to be almost glee that NYC, the navel of the Earth wasn’t lft out of the Tsarnaevs plan for mayhem

blasts AMNY while the Daily News found a way to stick it to the feds (never Obama, mind you, they love HIM)

I for one am happy they didn’t unleash the paranoia here (more than it already went)

The Herald is throwing more red meat on the “Government”

but NY Post, going on a different story of a minor scandal, brings Obam on page one .

Only from Boston papers, in NYC ADD set in

The Boston Globe reveals the FBI screw up

while the Herald throws more red meat ,

Predictions and conspiracy theories fly as people anticipate the legal process in the aftermath of the bombings – a first after so many violent events ending in the death of the perpetrators

Some predict legal process will frustrate justice (red meat for readers too)

Murdoch other paper in NYC predicts the opposite Along with the news of Bloomberg’s new attempt to lord over people’s lives. I don’t smoke anymore and wouldn’t mind if people quit/don’t start. But legislating this is dumb. And will probably fail as the tobacco industry has even more lawyers than the beverage industry (but less than civil rights/stop&frisk)

I didn’t even have the TV on during the Boston events. Too upsetting having to passively endure lies and idiocies. On Twitter, news were coming in real time. And I could comment. I could tell NY Post who fingered innocent people twice “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you just give up now?”

In the evening I did turn on the TV . All channels had the same image of a house with a boat surrounded by police. Except for Channel 13 (public TV in NY) which ironically had commercials every time I checked.

I am glad I had the TV on, because I didn’t miss the iconic moment when  old news media  died. The reporter was standing by the house & boat when cheers erupted. Twitter lit up: SUSPECT 2 IN CUSTODY! The reporter announced: “They are cheering but I don’t know why. he then reported rumors. They took another hour to confirm that it was the actual bombing suspect (not Fox, they jumped in ahead as usual)

Some of the more memorable tweets yesterday

Welcome Back Trotter@TarotDarrow 11h


Tweeter triumphs again: Boston Police Dept. just tweeted, “Suspect is in custody.” Whew! Sigh of relief for all involved in this man hunt.


Susan Ware Flower@swflower 11h

So this is going to end on a boat, on land, in a city named Watertown. #manhunt

Edge Oforever@edgeoforever 17h

“And take NY Post with you @briangaar: . @CNN maybe you guys should sit this one out”

John Fugelsang@JohnFugelsang 18h

After a week of ‘please don’t let it be a Musllim’ & ‘please don’t let it be a white guy’ it winds up being a white Muslim.

This btw, came to sum up the right vs left in this country. Since I refuse to take my pick between racist or extremist, I am neither now.

Crutnacker@Crutnacker 10h

Tonight Boston townies will be the ones helping Boston PD out of bars. #WellDone

Vince Sonson@VinceSonson 11h

We may be witnessing the end of the relevance of broadcast news in realtime. They are unable to match the speed of the Internet. #manhunt

In the same vein, adding this (found on Twitter)

Twitter Never Sleeps, Even During Middle-of-the-Night Boston Police Shootouts

the tweet introducing it

HowardKurtz ‏@HowardKurtz 24m
How Twitter kicked MSM’s butt in Boston yesterday, from one suspect’s death to other one’s capture  via @thedailybeast


The Daily News has a very silly cover on the gun law being voted down in the senate. Not featured on Newseum, my own photo. It’s the speech they would have liked Obama to give, so they make believe he did.

Meanwhile the NY Post once again fingers the guilty

Because of their track record, i don’t buy it, Sure enough, it was another lie

The two were also on the Post’s front Thursday with the headline: “Bag men: Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon.” The Post reported later Thursday that the men weren’t considered suspects, and the FBI has since identified two other men as suspects in the bombings Monday

Teen stunned at portrayal as bombing suspect

except to the extent that The Boston Globe confirms

Back in NYC, Bloomberg’s stop and frisk is challenged in court. Not being backed by a big $$$ industry I am not too optimistic.

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