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The fun never stops when Bloomberg is caught floundering.

Is NY PostΒ  fluffing or accusing in this headline? Answer: accusing other people, based on hearsay -unions always a good target for Murdoch. At the link, in the tradition of Powell’s test tube at the UN, they even have a video of a plow that MIGHT HAVE PASSED ICY STREETS!

Guess what, NY Post: It’s still the mayor’s responsibility, no matter how you make it up. He bought the job – not just the perks.

The Daily News always clearer


NY Post finally found the angleΒ  where others are to blame for Bloomberg’s lousy mayoring

Under the Exclusive headline: “They treated us like trash”. Sanitation bosses peeved at the Bloomberg administration because 400 jobs were slashed, played Russian roulette with New Yorker’s lives after this week crushing blizzard ordering a slow down of clean-up efforts.

Maybe laying off people had somethng to do with the slow down too, heh?

Kudos to the Daily News for keeping up with the straight reporting

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much as they try to help Bloomberg a bit too.

From DC we find out GOP will wrap itself in the Constitution.

Good, I expect equal rights with the rich and freedom of speech too.



Snow covers many sins, but in NYC, it uncovered the best known secret.

Shockingly, bad press for press magnate Bloomberg: New Yorkers finally allowed to see how plutocrats govern.

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I didn’t get a chance to do my tabloid entry and I am catching up.

Best headline about snow: NY Daily News: NOW, MELT!

to which I would add: but not too fast, the sewers are blocked.

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