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At least one tabloid writes about the “Anonymous” cyber attacks in support of Wikileaks

The others seem off message, giving us conflicting reports on the Ds reactions to it Read the rest of this entry »

comes from this tweet

the first I set my eyes on this morning. It seems the Rs are not content with the Jane Crow provision eliminating public insurance, they want termination of pregnancy to cease to be a medical expense all together.

Explains the article

They view it as a Trojan horse for the elimination of private insurance coverage for abortion. If they’re right, tens of millions of Americans could see their health insurers stop covering abortions.

The article goes in a detailed analysis of the effect of this proposed bill on tax deductions for abortions, and therefore loss of incentive to cover it. Wait, why do IΒ  have a feeling of deja vu?

Nowhere near is the fact that the Hyde amendment is already enshrined in an executive order, Obama’s Jane Crow EO.

What the Rs are doing now (and btw, a D is co-sponsoring this), is merely spreading around some more of theΒ  Obama’s own Stupakistan. You know, the one Pelosi and others hailed asΒ  a great step forward for women.

That Rs do not consider this good enough is significant, but one cannotΒ  write about extending the Hyde amendment and ignore this event. At least, not in good faith, Mother Jones.

Stupak does get a paragraph in the story, but Obama’s name is nowhere to be seen.

This article seems a Newspeak effort, designed not so much to inform about a new bill proposal as to – once again exonerate Obama of his betrayal.

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