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The news today is that the D controlled Senate killed what the R controlled house tried to do: stop the millionaires tax cuts

Here’s the deceptively happy headline from WaPo


One has to move to the subtitle for more truth


a more honest headline from Florida – especially the subtitle


I especially love those quotation marks on “confident” considering he pushed for this. Read the rest of this entry »

I got this from DU and it originated in that orange place – but I’ll just keep the DU link/discussion because even I have standards as to where I dig for stories

Please drop the “weak Obama” meme

Folks, this is not a winner. We can’t be arguing that, because Obama hasn’t caved to OUR desires, that there is some sort of personality flaw in him, that he’s “weak” or “cowardly” or whatever.

Please don’t use this meme. It’s become a dog-whistle. Discuss policy. Discuss constructive action.

The immediate impression is that the accuser has assumed what is to be shown. “Because Obama does not cave in to MY desires, he must be caving in to the Blue Dogs/ Republicans/ whomever.” Obama is “weak” because the arguer assumed it beforehand.

So it’s another admonition to the lefttards, complete with accusation of racism, but a good discussion follows

6. Whoa! Wait a minute!

You wrote: “caved to OUR desires” on several issues.

Ahem … actually we want him to keep HIS campaign promises! That certainly isn’t ‘caving to our desires’.

I’m sorry, but if Obama breaks a central promise made time after time after time on the campaign trail in 2008 to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy — without going to the wall to keep that promise — well, then, he is being feckless and weak. Permalink

To which the loyalist has her wittle authoritarian feelings hurt

8. Whoa

no, I don’t really think that’s what the people throwing the word weak around care about. I’m sure of it.

He’s the President, not a personal servant.

and the correction is swift

80. Actually he’s a public servant

Maybe we need to reverse the capitalization.

He’s the president, a Public Servant.
And his service has been terrible.
John Lucas Permalink

Damn, where were those sharp minds 2 years ago?

The loyalist authoritarian tries again with the W signature “Who cares what you think?”

26. Here’s proof he’s not weak

He’s ignoring the shit out of the lunatics, and they’re offending people by the second with their idiotic bullshit. Permalink

But even here the facts come to bite

27. He’s hardly ignoring anyone…

.. he whines about the critics all the time.

But, that’s just another sign of weakness. Permalink

I had to include this dig at the source

52. Caving to desires? This isn’t a romance novel.

Who the fuck is Cassiodorus and why should I care?

Stupid friggin post. Permalink

but the last comment is the last word that clears the issue

76. No, he’s not weak he’s doing exactly what he wants

or what the corporations he sold out to have told him to do. Permalink

What woke me up about this? The accusation of racism was pretty much ignored, has lost its power.

And it seems, the operatives are starting to lose their grip.

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