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Today’s quote comes from Paul Begala and it’s about Obama shoving the Reagonomics up a Dem congress

First shotgun wedding I ever saw where the groom held the gun to his own head.”
The full quote is

“Imagine what he could have done to sell a position he wholeheartedly believed in,” Begala said, adding that it “confirms my own belief that if President Obama had chosen to fight he would have won.

“He could have forced the GOP to cave, created more jobs and done less damage to the deficit. First shotgun wedding I ever saw where the groom held the gun to his own head.”

Of course, the question would be, what makes Begala think Obama, the Reagan worshiper, did not believe in this trickle down/vodoo economics?

As if appealing 3 times a court ruling to end DADT didn’t send the message – today we get new clues

Is The White House Stalling DADT Repeal In The Senate?

ources on the Hill are telling me a big reason DADT repeal isn’t moving faster comes right from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Despite President Obama’s public support for repeal, with DADT stacked up against the START nuclear arms reduction treaty that Obama carefully brokered with the Russians earlier this year, the White House is putting its legislative push behind START.

I believe Carl Levin said it on TV during last weekend, but this came as 61 votes for the repeal already exist.

The article still maintains the illusion Obama wants DADT, and it’s just a priority issue

No one questions that Obama wants to see DADT end, or that he wants to see it end this year. The concern is over the priorities: Obama, it seems, wants START to come first. And with the White House pushing START (in daily phone calls from top White House officials, according to one source on the Hill), Obama could end up standing in the way of DADT getting done.

“The White House has been crystal clear that their number one priority in this lame duck session is START,” said one Senior Democratic aide.

Of course, if he does want the DADT so damn much, the question is: why does it have to be one or the other? Can’t he bother the Rs with two damn items?

Or as Gibbs put it

“There’s an effort to get this done if we have time to do it,” Gibbs said.

Yeah. They’ll trade it for START – rescuing yet another hostage..

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