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this was a response on Facebook to UK socialist for Bernie

Zoia Leah Vass
Zoia Leah Vass Again, no country ever on this planet was communist. That would have meant to have had so many resources as to be able to reward people according to their needs. Utopia. The regimes you call “communist” were socialist, according to the marxist definition. Here’s a secret: the authoritarian thinghy is not a bug, but a feature. It’s never in the brochure when it’s sold to the masses, but the “dictatorship of the proletariat” ALWAYS became a terror regime of a few self-selected bureaucrats over everyone else. ALWAYS. At what point do you stop a social experiment that fails over and over and always in the same way? How many times can you get away with “they were all idiots, we’re going to do it right?” It can’t be done right – democracy and socialism are non-compatible. How many people have to die, flee their homes, be purged, rendered miserable for people like you to stop thinking “I can make it much better? Sure the Scandinavian model has many merits and I see room for improvement in the US re: economic justice. A larger public sector, supervision of the private are a few things I see helping. But socialism is a fundamentally failed idea and it’s time to stop trying. Oh, and I don’t see the upside of the Castro regime for ANYONE because, unlike you, I didn’t just read about it, I lived it (or something very similar).

Hillary was feted with tribal music and was awarded a necklace at this colorful Washington state event today.  We hope it all confers blessings and good luck in the western states.

Source: Hillary Clinton with Tribal Leaders in Puyallup

Revolution may still happen in some places, some time. To something that may succeed, rather than proven a failure across the board. But Socialist revolutions were implemented in several places in the world, and they ALL were eventually rejected by the population. I know there is a confusion in terms in this country – so let me make it clear: USSR. East Europe, Cuba, China were SOCIALIST countries – as they corrected called themselves, not COMMUNIST as people in the US consider them. The ≠ is reality vs aspiration. According to Marx, Communism occurs when socialism (stepping stone) unlocks the economic resources of a society to such extent, new distribution principles are possible: from each to their ability/to each to their needs. It never happened on earth, as socialism never accomplished that – the one major, demonstrable flaw in the theory. Socialism distribution principle is from everyone to their ability/to everyone to their contribution – recognizing that might not meet their needs – which led to its collapse. Also, boys and girls, revolutions are rarely blodless – during and after, and the key world for this particular one BS carefully avoided is “dictatorship” Of the proletariat – but ultimately – a few 1% lording over the rest of the population. I am bringing this little primer of Marxist dialectic because it’s relevant to Sanders. In spite of his claims he was a “democratic -socialist” and misusing Danmark as a model, anyone familiar with the propaganda could spot the rigid Marxist. (a real socialist country would have completed the seizure of means of production – Scandinavian countries – merely have a healthy publoc sector – not socialist by Marx standards). And if you failed to recognize all this in BS’s rhetoric, his brother was ready to to spell it for you help…

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something I wrote

still think when he started running, he didn’t have bigger ambitions than MOM, Chaffee. Always liked to hear himself talk, polled to see what issues kids today like, made a platform for them (see pic). Eventually the 🐀🔩 from the right seized on his campaign to give Hillary “a race” (alway billed as “media – for ratings” as if politics was ever business, not propaganda). I gave him the benefit of doubt as to being aware he was used or not – after learning about his NRA start I became less charitable. Either way, with the 🐘🐘 behind, money started flowing in – from all sorts of unidentified places and life got good for him and his henchmen. The praise from the media was even more intoxicating – and he obviously bought the PR and saw himself as the 2008 Obama (crazy comparisons to 2008 are still being played). Someone more self-aware would have noticed earlier that his electoral successes were limited to whites – especially of the non- D kind. Has he won any closed primary yet? He is now trapped in his own delusion of grandeur/💰 and it’s hard to him to return to Vermont. So, yeah, we’ll be witnessing all the mourning phases in embarrassing nakedness. His sane supporters will scatter – return to D, Libertarian or video-games. A few very noisy ones will carry the torch – overly highlighted by the media, but electorally insignificant. The campaign wrapped around a 🐀🔩 will end with a whimper and a lot of innocents will be hurt in the process. Michael Moore, Chomsky et all, already signaled that they will not be Bernie or Bust, so the “establishment” will get increasingly bigger for them, sucking all the oxygen as the GE are looming. The end.

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