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The ๐Ÿ†ย  measuring contest with Nk is heating up and AP wants to help things along

but the original agents of chaos had better chosen words

and proving he deserves all those names, he responds

and Newsweek cover captures the moment

Breaking news

About that bribe they offered Murkowski

but even after the bribe

she said this after the July attempt


And on that ย Sanders publicity stunt on CNN

and it downgrades the process

another goodie

the effects

more reviews

and they actually admit they are lying

and in conclusion

Science – who would have thunk it?

best illustration

and I expect ๐ŸŠย will apologize to Erdrogan again for having American citizens beaten

and out of paranoia, STFU University was born

because impeachment is on his mind this morning

and this with best comment

and Russians are confirming in their own predictable way

and *unsuccessfully*


and what people think of it

Pence is parsing

meaning that

apology tour part 2

Meanwhile, on Earth 2



we are getting ready for the next stolen election – well, Republicans are

because it happened

although, some good news too

although strangely framed in the media

following the bad news we are now finding out from the past

and other ๐ŸŠย lies

and we are wondering about this NYT headline before the election (while hyperventilating about Comey’s email story)

this story has legs

and boobs tooVP IVANKA




that being the Berners trying to ๐Ÿ”ฉ

with Dem voting

meanwhile, in Houston

but hurricanes are good for business

and Melania has her stilettos on


but we don’t know yet the price for the FLOTUS hat

Heck of a job time

and then, rally bits

and on today’s episode of Doctor Poo

NYT has earned this

and what’s a post these days without some Nazi news too?


and Rockwell, updated

but, wait, there’s more



In spite WH efforts to shut down this testimony

and in spite intimidating tweets from ๐ŸŠ

she came and was awesome!

Republicans tried to talk about anything else, but got put in their place

or, put in emojis

and this guy showed us his dumb

We learned that her firing was for Flynn, not the ban as everyone thought

and it went like this


By the end, republicans just left

Also, the same scary conclusion as Comey

and Franken was one of the highlights as expected

Daily Kos has a – mostly Eric Garland – blow by blow recap


Trumpies and Bernie bots are advancing this narrative the way Gore was mocked for losing Tennessee (also stolen) in 2000.

So, I’ll start collecting proof that it wasn’t chess they disqualify cheaters in chess)

So, here’s one on MI chess

this is on preemptive disenfranchisement


I noted at the time he opened the door for a recount/redo

His lawyers did to:

but that of course didn’t stop the accusations – having it both way


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