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Washington Express seems to think the Texas style history revisionist textbooks are heading for the rest of us too: parents beware!

WaPo squees over Kuchinich and implies threats over other undecideds

Washington Times feels for poor overwhelmed CBO and reveals the Illinois GOP candidate tactic: a repeat of Sctott Brown’s “not Obama seat, people’s seat” I got news for him: not Obama’s seat since it went for auction.

In New York, Paterson makes a reappearance – although this time is state business rather than personal attacks

and Obama Times appears more guarden in its gloating over Kuchinich than WaPo (you can see Axelrod’s style is different than Rahm’s)

I just liked the page one of the Examiner, even though it really is about a little relevant local issue

Washington Post is heralding the next crisis brought upon by a new wave of foreclosures

.Washingtom Times has the ultimate Jr.jr article: from  international Human rights groups

f Amnesty International USA. “Change will require more than just rhetoric. Reports’ findings should be formally integrated into decision-making processes that incorporate respect for human rights as a criterion.”Mr. Cox also noted the Obama White House’s continuity with Bush-era anti-terrorism policies and reluctance to prosecute Bush-era officials, and he said they undermined the State Department report and other U.S. critics of human rights abuses.

In NY, now that there’s nothing to the big Governor investigation, Cuomo is washing his hands of it, handing it to an obscure ex-judge.

The real reason? WSJ has it

Since taking on the investigations of Mr. Paterson, the state’s first African-American governor, Mr. Cuomo has seen a slip in his popularity, particularly among minority voters.

A poll released on Tuesday found that Mr. Cuomo’s approval rating among New York voters had dropped 13 percentage points to 54% in a week.

Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, suffered a decline of 22 points among nonwhite voters in New York, according to the Marist Poll.

From the Obama Times article we find out that Cuomo didn’t even get around to interview Paterson just yet

Asked why the governor had not yet been interviewed, Mr. Cuomo said, “There’s a sequence to the witnesses, and the witnesses who are going to be most directly involved in the charges normally come at the end of that sequence.”

(and the part in the sequence they were all counting on was Paterson resigning)

Also big news, the 9.11 settlement for health problems of the 9.11 responders

AM NY is showing us all those who added glamor to pot and made it acceptable – I guess no one can take that accomplishment from Obama: he succeeded where Cheech and Chong failed (or did they?)

Since it appears this is bogus enough to be retracted by Daily News on page one, let’s see how many covers I saved on this issue only

March 10

March 8

March 7


March 5th

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WaPo has the latest round in the embarrassing White House-SCOTUS kindergarten scuffle and what sounds like a good thing in Congress about earmarks.

Somehow I believe Washington Times headline on it more

Also in Washington Tomes – the House rejecting DK’s resolution to withdraw from Afghanistan, an interesting article on Obama/Democrats in Missouri and check that headline on Conyers wife – wasn’t she the one writing voters in Michigan to vote “uncommitted”? That’s cause for schadenfreude

The Examiner has the obligatory Rahm story which shockingly contains this paragraph

But if Obama is tempted to blame his current quagmire on his lieutenant — as many of his fellow Democrats are already doing — the president should remember that he bears the blame for picking the wrong person for the job.

Emanuel was Obama’s first hire. His elevation to chief of staff was heralded from the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal to the corridors of lefty think tanks as proof that Obama was going to get tough and be serious about governing.

“Obambi” would have backup from “Rahmbo.”

In NY, Obama Times is Paterson free today, but has a scary article on “uniform standards on education” –

The Daily News has a snarky retraction on Paterson (in lieu  of  “we lied about his tampering with witnesses” – you know, the one that started it all)

Long article ending in

“There is no evidence Paterson has done either of those things.”

How many covers did Daily News have on this? Ny Post? Obama Times? ….Bueller? Anyone?

AM NY is wondering about Elliott Spitzer’s political ambitions – and check the Bloomberg headline – no wonder he wanted to be Mayor – it agrees with him

while NY Post is on State Senate Politics

But it’s Metro that stays relevant, disclosing the banks greedy new overdraft regulations


WaPo is dumping on Massa as per Rahm’s instructions

The Examiner has some interesting healthcare headlines on the side, next to the feature which probably reflects the market they want to capture

Washington Times has 2 Massa headlines – one with the WH/Rahm reaction (besides having WaPo ramping up the smears)

Asked whether naked politicking is standard practice, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs chuckled and told a reporter to e-mail the query to Mr. Emanuel, saying he hadn’t discussed the matter with him. Mr. Gibbs then took aim at Mr. Massa, accusing him of changing his story numerous times.

“The notion that somehow the White House had anything to do with the series of events that have caused him to not seek re-election and ultimately leave the House, the notion that somehow we were involved in that I think is … silly and ridiculous,” Mr. Gibbs said.

.In New York the break is over. They must think Paterson is powerless enough to call a special election, as they are back (I hope he proves them wrong)

Obama Times writes about Paterson’s # 2 making policy now

The Daily News about the aqueduct contract being scrapped

and Metro rehashes the whole sorry with a bizarre graphic back from Spitzer .

(I just has a flash to the time they knocked Spitzer down and the B0bots were celebrating because a black man was succeeding him – and that meant – they assumed a loss of a delegate for Hillary – a win for Obama)

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