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The kind of news that wakes you up with a start, like a sneeze.

OK, I knew it’s 2013 already for some.

It was “outside groups” that startled me. At first I thought of OFA, Moveon and all the activism structure that was used in 2008 but left idle in 2010. But looking at the article I see it has nothing to do with activism and all with finance

Some Democrats have complained openly that Obama’s 2008 admonition against outside groups spending money during his presidential run carried over to 2010, leaving Democrats on the sidelines without a well-tuned infrastructure of groups to help embattled candidates.

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So it’s PACs and other money shoveling structures we are talking about. Going R all the way.
The “outside” refers to the party, I guess. or the law. Or the country. But what’s new, really? Stopping pretending?

Since Blago has been neglected here too much, Chicago Sun Times gets cover of the day

Meanwhile, while we know the General resigned, the tabloids didn’t find that out by print time. Ny Post

The Examiner

and Stars and Stripes

.The co called moratorium on drilling (that let through 400 leases in the Gulf already) gets overturned by a corrupt judge

In oil soaked Louisiana, they cheer

so, it now becomes a legal face-off

BP not telling us how much oil is in there? Let’s ask a dolfin! (until he dies and BP burns its carcass secretly at night that is)


The new propaganda offensive all but wiped the oil kill off the front pages. Except that is for new concerns

there are PTSD health concerns in the war

and all this just in time for a new health crisis

and speaking of war, it seems we are funding the enemy in Afghanistan

Some actually good news in the oil-kill department: Florida Keys seem safe for now

and some chestbeating from the feds about quick action – 3 months too late

Some stimulus gridlock bad news

In NYC it’s all about the Time Square bomber

Daily News

New York Post

Also, a new tax on cigarettes

and the Second Ave subway will have residents happy to be moved


As per Rahm’s plans, BP’s Tony’s Hayward Yacht racing is on all covers. Even NY Post

.Far from me to try to defend Tony. It’s just that he’s been replaced from oil-kill duties.

Not so Obama.

Priceless headline in Alabama: OBAMA WANTS HIS PRESIDENCY BACK FROM THE OIL SPILL. Well, then maybe he should stop it with the golfing and baseball games and be President

Here’s a provocative cover photo – and you flag defenders rest assured – it wasn’t photoshopped orΒ  staged

More optimism from Mississippi

and Florida

and from LA we find how useful Obama’s “spill panel” really is

Oh, and in case everyone forgot, we’ve got two wars going. One (at least) ain’t doing all that well. I wonder if Obama wants his presidency back from wars too. Economy?

Should I find more interesting NY covers outside, I’ll update here.

And Happy Father’s Day!



No cover of the day today. But an interesting point: LA Times talks about the “WEALTHY BUSINES WOMEN” GOP chose

just as in NY, Metro uncovers sexism in financing women’s businesses: women’s start-ups received 9% of investments

.so, no complaints that GOP promotes women. What’s holding the “D”s? Or who?

In Alabama’s governor’s race a recount is demanded

.Clinton supporter Lincoln wins

.and Haley in SC

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In Chicago, oily events in court: opening statements in Blago’s trial (no connection to Obama)

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.and another riddle

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while in the Gulf, the cap didn’t stop the gusher

.Remember when Obama said in March accidents never happen in off shore drilling?

He knew better, even if Miamy Herald calls him “US” here

.The usual national papers – mostly write about Lincoln (Bill’s endorsement worth more than B0’s?

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and Moonie

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and Obama Times

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