WaPo has the latest round in the embarrassing White House-SCOTUS kindergarten scuffle and what sounds like a good thing in Congress about earmarks.

Somehow I believe Washington Times headline on it more

Also in Washington Tomes – the House rejecting DK’s resolution to withdraw from Afghanistan, an interesting article on Obama/Democrats in Missouri and check that headline on Conyers wife – wasn’t she the one writing voters in Michigan to vote “uncommitted”? That’s cause for schadenfreude

The Examiner has the obligatory Rahm story which shockingly contains this paragraph

But if Obama is tempted to blame his current quagmire on his lieutenant — as many of his fellow Democrats are already doing — the president should remember that he bears the blame for picking the wrong person for the job.

Emanuel was Obama’s first hire. His elevation to chief of staff was heralded from the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal to the corridors of lefty think tanks as proof that Obama was going to get tough and be serious about governing.

“Obambi” would have backup from “Rahmbo.”

In NY, Obama Times is Paterson free today, but has a scary article on “uniform standards on education” –

The Daily News has a snarky retraction on Paterson (in lieuΒ  ofΒ  “we lied about his tampering with witnesses” – you know, the one that started it all)

Long article ending in

“There is no evidence Paterson has done either of those things.”

How many covers did Daily News have on this? Ny Post? Obama Times? ….Bueller? Anyone?

AM NY is wondering about Elliott Spitzer’s political ambitions – and check the Bloomberg headline – no wonder he wanted to be Mayor – it agrees with him

while NY Post is on State Senate Politics

But it’s Metro that stays relevant, disclosing the banks greedy new overdraft regulations