I have been surprised for the past few days by not finding Paterson’s name on page one anymore.

What changed?

Here’s a clue I got:

β€œRepublicans in the district outnumber Democrats by more than 45,000. Gov. David A. Paterson could call a special election for the seat as soon as next month, although he could also let it remain vacant until the November election.”

Wow! One or two votes for healthcare in Paterson’s hands today. And it’s important enough for Democrats to have strted the whole scandal thinghie.

Another clue – in a commentary by 1539 days at The Confluence

If I have the timeline correct, I guess the Democrats were letting Massa slide so he could get re-elected to his House seat. When he said he wouldn’t run again, they must have figured it was worth more to force him out than keep a lame duck in a district that a Republican would get in November.

What will happen next? Will Paterson set a close date for a special election? Will he instead buy himself a moratorium from his Chicago-politics vendetta?

Stay tune for the next episode of “as the Chicago Politics blows back”