WaPo is dumping on Massa as per Rahm’s instructions

The Examiner has some interesting healthcare headlines on the side, next to the feature which probably reflects the market they want to capture

Washington Times has 2 Massa headlines – one with the WH/Rahm reaction (besides having WaPo ramping up the smears)

Asked whether naked politicking is standard practice, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs chuckled and told a reporter to e-mail the query to Mr. Emanuel, saying he hadn’t discussed the matter with him. Mr. Gibbs then took aim at Mr. Massa, accusing him of changing his story numerous times.

“The notion that somehow the White House had anything to do with the series of events that have caused him to not seek re-election and ultimately leave the House, the notion that somehow we were involved in that I think is … silly and ridiculous,” Mr. Gibbs said.

.In New York the break is over. They must think Paterson is powerless enough to call a special election, as they are back (I hope he proves them wrong)

Obama Times writes about Paterson’s # 2 making policy now

The Daily News about the aqueduct contract being scrapped

and Metro rehashes the whole sorry with a bizarre graphic back from Spitzer .

(I just has a flash to the time they knocked Spitzer down and the B0bots were celebrating because a black man was succeeding him – and that meant – they assumed a loss of a delegate for Hillary – a win for Obama)