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This is the tweet that startled me this morning

Gee, I thought Obama was already promising to repeal tax cuts for the rich in 2012

Now I see  pride and joy in furthering the GOP agenda!

“I fought for that package because, while we are recovering, we plainly still have a lot of work to do.”

Well, you fought and you won! yeay, you!

The Goldilocks  shenanigans are here again: no sooner does Obama picks a banker who has been urging him to “move to the center” that a pundit finds this new problem with it

But I think there’s another problem worth pointing out, though it’s probably not too high on Obama’s list of concerns. The Daley pick will inevitably reinforce a faulty interpretation of Obama’s first two years: That Obama governed from the far left.

and then proceeds to demolish this straw man.(apparently, the cat food commission and tax cuts to the rich were actually center left doncha know)

I remember the technique used during the first Junior: W would come with a nutty right wing idea, some nuttier guy will yell: “Not right wing enough” and the media would adjudicate: “See? It means it’s right down the center”

Do you ever have the feeling that all your enemies are gahering to conspire in one room?

It was this tweet from The Telegraph that gave me the Morning Sneeze

I don’t know if their predictions are right or wrong but there was one thing in the article that struck me

The company’s commercial ambitions are also open to question – particularly as Goldman Sachs is expected to raise a further $1.5 billion for Facebook from smaller investors, a move that is likely to interest the US Securities and Exchange Commission. When a US company has more than 500 shareholders, it must file financial returns, which removes one of the advantages of being private and makes a public listing more likely.

So, who else is missing? Bloomberg? Bill Gates? Billionaires of the world, unite!

There was just one bright spot in the story

In a few years’ time, Goldman’s funding could be seen as Facebook’s high-water mark, just as Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of MySpace, thought to be a game-changing development at the time, actually heralded its descent into terminal uncoolness.

But ultimately, it’s a story of elephants running and trampling the ground under them.

In yet another  hopey changey sign, meet the rumored chief of staff – same as the old chief of staff

Obama Said to Consider William Daley for Top White House Post

Yes, he is the brother of the former Mayor. Best stuff is the reason for the pick

“Daley (former CEO of JP Morgan Chase) is highly respected by the business community and has great connections,” Douglas J. Elliott, an economic studies fellow at the Washington-based Brookings Institution, said in an e-mail. Naming Daley to a top post, he said, “could help mend fences” with executives who have complained that the Democratic administration is anti-business.

or as David Frum tweets

The funniest part is the expected reaction of the Os. In light of a recent DUdie

What’s changed since the mid-terms? NO Rahm Emanuel.



We knew that, although it wasn’t on Twitter during the campaign

NPR lays on us this shattering piece of news:

One of President Obama’s New Year’s resolutions is to keep looking for common ground between Democrats and Republicans

Wha? I thought New Year resolutions are about starting new things, that one didn’t do in the old year. Continues NPR

But the approach is not a new one for Obama, according to a new biography.

Duh! Why else was he supported by Ws donors and press?

One of President Obama’s New Year’s resolutions is to keep looking for common ground between Democrats and Republicans

Anyway, NPR is telling it like it’s a good thing.

Of course, as to what constitutes victory according to NPR, it’s as debatable as this graphic


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