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Mikey likes it is an ice cream parlor around the corner from me. Was barely hanging in there – now it has lines! She really created buzz about people and places which is a thing we love in NYC. I tweeted in response to hers that I must go taste the Victory concoction and Mikey immediately tweeted back to me that he’s waiting for me!😍 (I’ll take my daughter, first time voter for Hillary later today)
Crowds may be BS’s favorite thing – a goal in itself. He loves hearing himself talk loud and being cheered for it He always talks AT people, not to, so it’s perfect for him. Electorally – not that important. I have been saying for a while that “crowd size is the new finger size”. In NYC, especially, I know for a fact that the same people attended all. Most unregistered, those who were – only got one vote each (because we are mean in NY!)

adding another relevant link

As I predicted (I know the neighborhood), the “whore” Dr was a Ron Paul guy (like Hahaha Author and the half of his band that didn’t go to Trump. His 2008 donation is here.Song = Ron Paul I know the neighborhood well. Back in 2008, they were on 6 Avenue, with signs, getting high and trying to pull people’s sleeves to proselytize. “Why Paul? I once asked . “The war, man” Why him and not say, Mike Gravel? They knew who he was, and the look of pure hatred I got explains the language used by the guy whose sister in law was saved by Bill Clinton. It’s what moves them – it’s the nasty engine of the BS following.

also, I want to ad the link to a video Debra Messing posted on Twitter

Reminds me of the un-ironic sign I saw – Bernie 2016, because 🔩 this 💩” (not in emojis, spelled out)  – pretty much the depth of Groucho’s “I’m against it” attitude. I’ve been downtown to the OWS camp – first with enthusiasm – I brought warm clothing, canned food,  then with some cringing feeling it went of the rails, and by the last time – profound disappointment. Turns out BS’s campaign is mirroring that devolution (from an intended  revolution) in answer to this
Here’s Groucho’s song

This primary made jokes of many. Jeb, the presumptive heir (please, clap!), Carson – the successful neurosurgeon, Trump – if nothing else – viewed as successful businessman/TV personality – all jokes/in the process of becoming. BS coasted along nicely for a while on the OWS platform (+ polling tailored platform for the young). But, starting with the NYDN interview. the Pope fiasco, the continuous “she started it” he is getting there – like the others. Bon voyage, 🐂💩! Don’t let the door hit you!

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