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I’ll give AM-NY cover of the day for representing us in the coverage of Obama’s Wall Street stunt

There are dueling headlines in the other papers, representing their parties:

In the pro corner stands the cheerleader NY Daily News

.In the opposite corner, Washington Times thinks that

.And Rahm’s WaPo is beating its chest

.not unlike Axelrod’s Obama Times

.as Wall Street Journal totally ignores the whole thing – but gives Goldman Sachs some attention now that it looks better for them

.Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the chinese wall between Blago and Obama is punctured

In LA, the South Park tale of terrorism, cowardice and censorship makes page one

.and further, way further, the amazing photos of the sun make two covers

The Examiner

.and what’s becoming soon my favorite newspaper of all, Stars and Stripes


Politico gets the Duh award for asking the right question at the wrong time – way to late and in the wrong context

In politics, does race trump gender?

After a whole year of BROS BEFORE HOS hurled at us in every which way in the presidential race – primaries and general, it’s the senate mess that gets the question

How come Roland Burris has had such an easy time getting to the U.S. Senate while Caroline Kennedy has had such a hard time?

Could it be that the race card trumps the gender card in U.S. politics?

First of all, define “hard” and “easy”. In Burris’s case it wasn’t the cries of race so much as Politico says

Once supporters of Roland Burris made his appointment to the Senate all about race, the deal was done, though it took a few days for Senate leaders to wake up to the fact.

Reid , who had opposed all the black candidates resisted Burris as long as he could – and in the end it was the old law that eventually prevailed.

As for Caroline – how hard is she having it? The brat who went against the favorite daughter of our state, who did her best to assure we don’t see a woman in the White House would have some chutzpa claiming sexism.

While I agree with many that a male Kennedy of similar lack of experience and ineptitude would get a better treatment by the media, the princess will start her political career at the top, elbowing more deserving candidates anyway.

So, while this is true

What about gender, however? Supporters of Hillary Clinton observed repeatedly during her presidential campaign that black men in America were legally given the vote before women were. Their point was that women were also an oppressed class and that the gender card was legitimate.

The gender card – legitimate? We’ve fallen that low? I think we need to take it up with LATER

Continues Politico

Sarah Palin recently complained that Caroline Kennedy was getting much easier treatment by the press than Palin had gotten, but in reality Kennedy has gotten a pretty vigorous going-over by reporters.

A better comparison for Palin to make would have been the patty-cake treatment Roland Burris has gotten from the press.

Roland Burris? Try Obama.


A nice little piece of Schadenfreude writing from Top of the Ticket

Even in another time zone, the cloistered cackling of Illinois Gov. Rod “Bleeping” Blagojevich could be heard. It was his arrest on corruption charges and release on bail in early December that prompted Reid to get 49 other Senate Democrats to sign a letter and announce how that body would never accept any appointee of a tainted governor like fellow Democrat Blagojevich. And a vacationing Obama agreed with Reid.

and his keeping score ends with

Oh, and Democrat Blagojevich is still sitting at the governor’s desk. With his guy in Obama’s seat. And his close friend, Rahm Emanuel, as White House chief of staff starting next week. Other than that, Blago lost everything in this struggle.

I like also the way Cinie writes it

Senator Roland Burris.

Ha, ha, ha.

Obacrats are going to be choking on that one every time they have to utter the word, “Senator” in front of the name “Roland Burris,”  which is going to be a lot, since he is the junior senator from Illinois.

Burris himself issued a statement that recalls the little unpleasantness:

I would like to publicly thank Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and my long-time friend and Illinois’ senior senator, Dick Durbin. Never once did I doubt their intentions were motivated by anything other than doing what was right for the people of Illinois and by what they believed had to be done to protect the Senate as an institution.

The scape goat also gets mentioned

Secretary of State Jesse White, whom I’ve known for more than 30 years, is also owed a debt of gratitude. He also happen to be someone whose autograph I cherish.

And much as the move has been done as discretely as possible

The move, done with no cameras present to provide lasting video evidence of the political debacle for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois’ other senator, Dick Durbin, should get the political mess out of the way in time for Obama’s inauguration next Tuesday, as his aides had suggested.

it will provide a lasting proof of the clusterfuck of corruption and incompetence that the Obamacratic party is.

And what’s shadenfreude without a trip to Mudville?

Like this comment

Even so, it is a shame that Illinois should be represented — and Obama succeeded — by someone who has shown himself to be such a joke. I hope and expect Burris’s tenure in the Senate will not last beyond 2010.

This one is good

I was writing a post earlier called “Free Roland Burris” because Harry Reid has turned this whole episode into a bad joke and an embarrassment, but it now looks like he will be seated and fast.

Congrats to an opportunistic, egotistical asshole like Burris? Why? Because he happens to have an D next to his name? Anyone with an ounce moral fiber would never have accepted an appointment this tainted. But it’s party over principle, right?


I’m still pissed that he accepted the appointment…….

and went against the Democrats as a whole.

.summing up from the other side via Hot Air

Think about this. You’ve got a popular Democratic incoming president, a Democratic lieutenant governor and secretary of state, and overwhelming Democratic majorities both in Congress and in the Illinois legislature. Everyone involved was opposed to letting Blagojevich make the pick.

And together they still couldn’t figure out a way to stop him.

complete with an exit question:

Exit question: The boss calls this Harry Reid’s humiliation. Isn’t it just as much Obama’s humiliation, too?

Now that all that huffing and puffing failed to stop Burris seating, it’s time for the blame.

Astonishingly, Politico reports under this headline

Dems stew in botched Burris imbroglio

Democrats angry over the botched handling of the Roland Burris imbroglio are putting the blame on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin and President-elect Barack Obama

Oh, noes! Teh One? Must be his first mistake then!

They actually are surprised for some reason that:

Other Democratic insiders put some of the blame on Obama, complaining that he kept his distance from the Burris controversy then jumped in at the end to claim the mantle of peacemaker — much as he did in the flap over Sen. Joe Lieberman’s support of Republican John McCain’s presidential bid.

Ha!ha! Silly Democrats! It’s not like you didn’t meet senator “Present” before us, the voters. And what was Obama’s reaction to all this?

A spokesperson for Obama didn’t respond to inquiries about the president-elect’s role.

I guess now, he didn’t even have to be “present”

If Obama had gotten involved earlier, “I don’t think the situation would have unfolded this way,” one Democrat said.

Why would he “get involved”? it’s not like he wasn’t talking to Blago about his proposed successor in Senate and this one too before they fall through the memory hole. Whose senate seat was it anyway? And what invilvement did they have in mind? Because I remember Obama opposed seating Burris loud and clear:

“Roland Burris is a good man and a fine public servant, but the Senate Democrats made it clear weeks ago that they cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat. I agree with their decision

So, what peacemaker did he come as at the end?

So, try reading the news from last week, silly Democrats. If you are going to blame Teh One, at least blame him for the right thing: weaseling out of it with the help of the medua instead of looking as ridiculous as the rest of you.

After Diane Feinstein disagreed with Reid and the senators on blocking Burris

“Does the governor have the power, under law, to make the appointment? And the answer is yes,” Feinstein said, urging the Senate to settle the matter. “If you don’t seat Mr. Burris, it has ramifications for gubernatorial appointments all over America. … Mr. Burris is a senior, experienced politician.”

Politico reports of a new meeting taking place today

He’s now got a top Senate Democrat on his side, a growing chorus of Congressional Black Caucus members backing him and an apparent edge in pending lawsuits.

An edge in pending lawsuits! Way to go, No Drama!

And just to make it sure I have no favorites on any side of this fight, my good friend Jim-Clintonsare racist Clyburn weighs in on the other side

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, a member of the House Democratic leadership and the highest ranking African-American in Congress, told Politico that the Constitution is on Burris’ side.

“I thought we ought to follow the Constitution, and I think, whatever we do, we don’t get away from the Constitution, irrespective of our feelings politically,” Clyburn said.

Something tells me that Clyburn would not have hugged the Constitution so tight had Burris’s color been different.

NYT editorial elaborates the point

THE scene of Roland W. Burris being escorted from the Senate by the Capitol police on Tuesday could be only the first act of an unpleasant and distracting drama. But in the days since Mr. Burris’s appointment to Illinois’s junior Senate seat was announced by that state’s scandal-tainted governor, Rod Blagojevich, it has become clear that the Senate’s power to reject Mr. Burris is, at best, highly debatable. The wisest course for the Senate is to end the dispute by accepting the appointment.

But bring it on! It’s nice to see that the race card that put an incompetent in the White House can be played against him too…


And Burris/Blago wins!

Roland Burris, the man appointed to Barack Obama’s Senate seat by embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, will be allowed to take the seat, according to the Associated Press.

Spokespersons for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin are denying the report

They’ll only look more idiotic when t turns out to be true.


As predicted, the Blago mess spills into Franken’s situation

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid yielded to Republican threats and agreed on Monday not to immediately seat fellow Democrat Al Franken, whose razor-close victory in Minnesota faces legal challenges.

After all, if they are using a Secretary of State certification for Burris…

Update 2

Illinois Secretary of State jesse White resents being made the fall guy and more importantly thinks

“They could have seated him without my signature,” White said. “My signature’s mainly ceremonial rather than being a point of law.”

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