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New York Times has a photo of the ball to drop at midnight and a 9.11 headline next to it

while NY Post has a different ball dropping in Times Square a legitimate news story for a change

NY Newsday made Pete King a cover boy at last!

.When the papers get outside, I’ll try to get a shot of those Post page ones voted best of the decade. I wonder if naked Giuliani in a barrel “Brother can you spare a dime” is there.

Here’s the link to those covers – none of my memorable ones but the picks confirm my ideas about the NY Post readers

They all jumped up on that pathetic attempt

especially that they got Obama’s blessing to do so –

some distraction needed from his “Mishun accomplished?


I knew I ‘d find something NY style in the tabloids today. Even if NY Post’s cover story comes from Rome

Daily News delivers too with a hell of a story:

here’s more if you care.

God rest ye, merry goodfella.

And don’t miss “An Obamamas Carol” ..

This is a real apology

I’ve been rough lately on this phony progressive, Barack Obama. But anybody can go back and read my posts in 2007 and see how I was sooo excited about Barack Obama. Wow….he’s proven to be the biggest political mistake in my fifty years of watching politics. I will gladly take back everything I said about Hillary Clinton – she would have made ten times the president as this man.

My apologies, Secretary Clinton

President Clinton saw it for what it was: Smoke and Mirrors. It’s all become very clear to me now. Obama’s weakness and inexperience is highlighted for all to see. I really am sorry for all those Hillary-bashing posts. Sincerely sorry. I WAS WRONG.

HILLARY in ’12 for REAL Leadership.

and astonishingly, there are agreements.

I also apologize to Secretary Clinton for al the things I said and thought. I also was wrong.

I thought that Obama’s positions, when they edged center-ward, were an attempt to “split the difference” from his “real (progressive)” views, and the expectations that he would be criticized for not conforming to. I now realize I was projecting, and I got it exactly backwards.I was wrong.

It is a step ahead from this attempt a few days ago, which got overrun with attacks

I’m beginning to think i made a mistake in my support of Obama in 08 over Hillary.

Maybe her campaign promises would also have been compromised,. But I think she would have been much more effective at getting more of that she wanted. And what she wanted — although not perfect — was a lot better start than this crap that Obama is pushing now.

It contains aspects that are important — Strong regulation and requirement that all insurere provide a basic affiordable plan, and a public option similar to Medicare.

Maybe I goofed.

excerpts from Hillary plan follow

gap-burn-bra.jpg picture by Robbedvoter
The time it took me to post this, the topic got locked though…. It was an illegal admission apparently
I guess Amy Siskind was right when she declared 2009 the year of the apology
s a result, 2009 might well be dubbed The Year of the Apology. Chris Matthews apologized on behalf of Dick Armey for Armey’s comment to Joan Walsh. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) apologized for calling Fed Adviser Linda Robertson a “K Street Whore.” Letterman apologized (twice) for his “jokes” about Governor Palin’s teenage daughter. Heck, even Chris Brown apologized for almost strangling Rihanna to death.
The illustrations I chose reflect my feelings on this.
Had their mistake been a pure political one (he was more progressive, she was DLC), I would have accepted it and moved on.
But the name calling, the hatred, the sexism, the way we, her supporters were harassed – all this can’t be covered by “I made a wrong call”.
Still, I am glad they are waking up.
Trust them or not, we’ll be fighting the same fights.

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