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New York Times has a photo of the ball to drop at midnight and a 9.11 headline next to it

while NY Post has a different ball dropping in Times Square a legitimate news story for a change

NY Newsday made Pete King a cover boy at last!

.When the papers get outside, I’ll try to get a shot of those Post page ones voted best of the decade. I wonder if naked Giuliani in a barrel “Brother can you spare a dime” is there.

Here’s the link to those covers – none of my memorable ones but the picks confirm my ideas about the NY Post readers

I was in shock, I tell ya! Maybe Politico was right

The cheerleader Daily News to tell their hero to

and then Obama’s propaganda arm to headline their page

Of course, NY Post is just being NY Post

but it makes for a nice collection next to this one

here’s a news stand today in NYC, complete with new year hats

What a difference a year makes, huh?..

After all the propaganda that paying no attention to terrorism was “strategy”, “the system worked”, two bestest speeches on terrorism – “we are OK”, “we are a disaster” and especially “we will not rest”, (h/t The Confluence)

No fair! After running on “I am not Bush” platform, people seem to expect more from Obama than they did from Jr?

Politico is sharing with us the Obama frustration that Jr had a better time politically during similar incompetence

But it was six days before President George W. Bush, then on vacation, made any public remarks about the so-called “shoe bomber,” Richard Reid, and there were virtually no complaints from the press or any opposition Democrats that his response was sluggish or inadequate.

Oh, those wacky Democrats!

May16_NYPostBushKnew.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

And isn’t it interesting how Politico (Obama administration) chooses the shoe bomber incident rather than 9.11 to demonstrate free rides…

Let’s face it, 9.11 not only didn’t cost W any political standing – except in the first few days until the propaganda machine was revved up – but led to historical approval rates and gushing promises of allegiance from all democrats including electoral robbed Al Gore (“he’s my Commander in Chief”).

Not even revelations of crass negligence by the 9.11 commission did anything to diminish our fearless leader’s status.

B-WheresOsama.gif picture by Robbedvoter

After all – he started two wars for us!

As for Jr.jr – he had a relatively free ride after Fort Hood – gushing for a bestest speech and all. Just see how tabloids rework the 9.11 cover into FEDS KNEW (instead of OBAMA KNEW)

And they were doing pretty good explaining W’s indolence as strategy to make Obama look OK for doing the same

The President is walking a fine line.  Responding immediately could perhaps increase the value of such attacks – even those that are unsuccessful – and encourage other would-be terrorists.  President George W. Bush also waited to respond publicly after Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber,” attempted to attack a plane by hiding explosives in his shoes in December of 2001.

Just as he did for torture – legitimizing as an acceptable political choice, Obama is now making W’s legendary incompetence look like wisdom.

So, the fact that his political opposition is a bit noisier that W’s was? Not such a big price for it

angry.jpg Angry yet? picture by Robbedvoter

The usual suspects can’t stop giggling over Captain Underwear

The Daily News completely forgets its cheerleader role and ignores Obama’s bestest speech

and NY Post is just being itself

Only an obscure upstate paper minds bestest speech on terror

while the usually supportive Newsday notices economic hardships

Another upstate paper deals to the hardships HCR will visit upon NY state

AM-NY takes notice of the consummer unfriendly Time Warner/Murdoch wars

The cable outfit that covers most of NYC threatens to drop Fox – due to – I think – the increased competition from Murdoch’s Direct TV. Fox-NY has been asking customers to protest this

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