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You could say that yesterday it was a good day for women: Ben Nelson poison pill has been tabled and Martha Coakley won in Massachusets in spite of Obama and Nancy endorsements for a Penis American candidate.

Of course, the Senate event was hardly a victory for women

Michelle Goldberg calls the tabling of Nelson’s amendment “The vote that saved the Democratic party” but that patient is in the morgue a long time ago. All the drivel about

By defeating the Nelson amendment, they finally demonstrated some respect for the feminists who are a crucial part of the Democratic Party.

is proven bogus by this interesting paragraph in her article yesterday that seems to have been dropped today.

“Indeed, in the end, that’s what it came down to” the public option versus abortion access. The choice between the two is agonizing, since both impact on the health of millions of Americans. But the Senate did the right thing. The Stupak and Nelson amendments were poison pills, ensuring that the more successful health care reform was, the more reproductive rights would be restricted.”

I had saved it because it captured what really happened. In the array of bad options, someone came up with yet a worse one. Just so in the end someone would have something to celebrate – “hey, it could have been worse”.

I am familiar with the system used as propaganda in the old country. If  a price increase was afoot, a rumor would be launched that had  double the amount. By the time the real amount was announced. It’s also reminiscent of   Jeb  Bush’s “devious plan” before elections: “pit the seniors against the parents by saying there’s only money for that much insurance vs class size reduction. As I recall, even after being blown open by a journalist, the plan worked, the school reform was defeated and Jeb re-elected. With the support of the teachers’ Union.

So, yeay! They didn’t take possession of our uterus – yet – so, it was worth getting rid of what made the bailout to Insurance companies claim to “reform”.

And here’s a bonus: it gives some a convenient scape goat:

Damn women! They did it to “us” again!

(I think it’s why Goldberg removed the paragraph)

In other devious news, Obama’s official propaganda paper is twisting itself in knots trying to make the ridiculous Nobel prize acceptance into something that makes Obama look good. Using plenty of words such as “challenge” and paradox” and  “history”  they become pathetic when they reveal the propaganda sources:

“It’s not necessarily an award he would have given himself,” Mr. Axelrod said. “


It was then, aides said, they realized that they would not be able to tailor the setting of the lecture in the way they usually do to project Mr. Obama exactly how they wish.

But in this case the venue, like the award itself, is something that this president cannot control.

Oh, the humanity! Will TOTUS be visible then?

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