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This  hell freezing over moment was brought to my attention by

Cj’s comment on my previous post

here is the thread

An Apology To Hillary Supporters

and here is the …err apology

I never thought this day would come. But here it is:

I’m sorry. If I had known that my main man Barack actually supported the awful, corporate-loving, DLC-blessed stances on healthcare of which he accused your candidate I wouldn’t have fought so hard against her.

This is not the GOP style apology (sorry if you interpreted what I said as bad), but a few steps worse: had I known my candidate was as bad as yours, I would have bashed her less.

“Fighting against her?” Let’s see a screen shot during that “fight”

Setting aside the idiocy that prevented them seeing what we always did re: Obama/Reagan/corporations – there’s nowhere any  attempt at recognition that Hillary was actually the better candidate, nor that their “fighting against Hillary”

was filled with hatred and unacceptable personal attacks on us

Still, one of the Hillary supporters that has been brought in line accepts it humbly

But she was attacked for supposedly being very different than Obama. The OP only apologized for being so hard on Hillary for being a sellout compared to Obama, it did not assert she would have done better.

I think the apology can be graciously accepted by former Hillary supporters and then we can move on.

I read it is a positve gesture to fellow DUers rather than a pro Hillary post.

Ya see, not being a pro-Hillary post, it can be accepted.(only it wasn’t – it got locked)

Someone though doesn’t accept it

mstinamotorcity (161 posts)
32. Hillary had this
issue before her back in the nineties didn’t she. And some of the same people that are in the Senate and Congress are still sitting in those same seats. So what type of apology does someone owe her supporters. I apologize that we as good dems didn’t push forth with health care back when she tried to get it going. But I will not apologize for our President when he was dealing with the same s–t that she was, corporate dollars. And if passing health care was so easy why have they been trying to do it for almost sixty years. So apologize some where else.

Various attacks on Hillary follow. Thread is locked as “we don’t need another primary rehash”

Why don’t we?

Here’s a thread I kept – anyone apologizing for that? (not a joke, BTW)

Hillary supporters, may I have your attention… Updated at 11:54 AM
If you don’t start backing Obama, you’ll be getting this…

I got more.

Oh, and in case it’s not clear where I stand:

Your non-apology is NOT accepted.


from Anne’s commentary

Are Hillary Clinton supporters murmuring I told you so?

it was apparent that Obama was probably the most underhanded politician since Richard Nixon. The difference between the two is that Nixon used deceit to get even. Obama used it to get ahead. It all goes to character and how that influences decisions. As well as having a vision and sticking up for a principle, something he has thrown overboard on healthcare.

So perhaps Hillary Clinton supporters can be excused if they are now saying ” We told you so”. Because they did.

Tiger Woods continues to suck the air from any other subject, but a few strays today…

The NY Post deigned to give half a cover to the MTA budget cuts in NYC

while Metro found a funny way to recall the Schumer incident –

which is a sign of the times

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