This is a real apology

I’ve been rough lately on this phony progressive, Barack Obama. But anybody can go back and read my posts in 2007 and see how I was sooo excited about Barack Obama. Wow….he’s proven to be the biggest political mistake in my fifty years of watching politics. I will gladly take back everything I said about Hillary Clinton – she would have made ten times the president as this man.

My apologies, Secretary Clinton

President Clinton saw it for what it was: Smoke and Mirrors. It’s all become very clear to me now. Obama’s weakness and inexperience is highlighted for all to see. I really am sorry for all those Hillary-bashing posts. Sincerely sorry. I WAS WRONG.

HILLARY in ’12 for REAL Leadership.

and astonishingly, there are agreements.

I also apologize to Secretary Clinton for al the things I said and thought. I also was wrong.

I thought that Obama’s positions, when they edged center-ward, were an attempt to “split the difference” from his “real (progressive)” views, and the expectations that he would be criticized for not conforming to. I now realize I was projecting, and I got it exactly backwards.I was wrong.

It is a step ahead from this attempt a few days ago, which got overrun with attacks

I’m beginning to think i made a mistake in my support of Obama in 08 over Hillary.

Maybe her campaign promises would also have been compromised,. But I think she would have been much more effective at getting more of that she wanted. And what she wanted — although not perfect — was a lot better start than this crap that Obama is pushing now.

It contains aspects that are important — Strong regulation and requirement that all insurere provide a basic affiordable plan, and a public option similar to Medicare.

Maybe I goofed.

excerpts from Hillary plan follow

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The time it took me to post this, the topic got locked though…. It was an illegal admission apparently
I guess Amy Siskind was right when she declared 2009 the year of the apology
s a result, 2009 might well be dubbed The Year of the Apology. Chris Matthews apologized on behalf of Dick Armey for Armey’s comment to Joan Walsh. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) apologized for calling Fed Adviser Linda Robertson a “K Street Whore.” Letterman apologized (twice) for his “jokes” about Governor Palin’s teenage daughter. Heck, even Chris Brown apologized for almost strangling Rihanna to death.
The illustrations I chose reflect my feelings on this.
Had their mistake been a pure political one (he was more progressive, she was DLC), I would have accepted it and moved on.
But the name calling, the hatred, the sexism, the way we, her supporters were harassed – all this can’t be covered by “I made a wrong call”.
Still, I am glad they are waking up.
Trust them or not, we’ll be fighting the same fights.