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Not even NYT have any room on its page one for Obama’s “challenge”, and most of the others are still in the Woods, or covering local issues.

Only Newsday takes a shot at Orwellian propaganda on part of its cover

while Metro writes more of what we are thinking

The juxtaposition with the “Ethics in politics” story is perfect too.

Their article

Two leading international human rights groups gave President Barack Obama mixed reviews on his human rights record yesterday, a day before he is slated to accept the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International urged Obama to use today’s acceptance speech to renew U.S. leadership on human rights after its position was undermined by abuses committed during the Bush administration’s war on terrorism.

Again with the urging….

So was he joking according to Jake Taper as they were both signing the book with the previous recipients – aparently Michelle got the prize too.

As for Jr.jr, he shows again how his sense of humor is like Jr

She may have held her sarcasm, but the Norwegian press certainly declared them arrogant for their general behavior including snubbing the king.

The king must master a special way of sarcasm, because On facebook Taper writes

at photo op, Norwegian royals express surprise at press scrum. Queen Sonia: “Are you used to this?” POTUS: “Unfortunately. “

Obviously, went over Obama’s head. In the Guardian version of the story

44% of Norwegians believe it was rude of Obama to cancel his scheduled lunch with King Harald, with only 34% saying they believe it was acceptable.

Which proves Norwegians are way more tolerant than Americans. According to a CNN poll, 80% think he doesn’t deserve the prize. Of course, this being CNN, one has to go to the PDF to get that number. They fudge answers to different questions in one sentence to avoid saying 80%

Nineteen percent of people questioned in the poll released Wednesday afternoon say Obama currently deserves the prize, with another 35 percent saying that it’s likely he will eventually accomplish enough in office to deserve the award

The Daily Beast coverage, not unlike Wanda Sykes contains a Clinton comparison

Obama is the second sitting American president to visit Norway. Ten years ago, President Clinton traveled to the country at the invitation of King Harald. “When Clinton was here he was walking into cafes in downtown Oslo, shaking hands with Norwegians on the street,” said Simonsen. “It doesn’t seem as if we are going to experience something similar with President Obama.”

To which a B0bot immediately replies, Giuliani style

Ten years ago, there was no 9/11, no global war on terror – as such Clinton could move about freely – walk the streets of Oslo and do what not. Today, the situation is different as the security imperatives of being a US president are vast…”

Niceties and protocol aside, the Guardian reports that

Peace activists opposed to the Afghanistan war are planning a 5,000-strong protest in Oslo.

Which should be the center of the event considering Obama already has more troops deployed than Bush ever did

Obama has now escalated deployments in the Af-Pak region to 98,000 US troops. So in Af-Pak and Iraq, he will now have a total of 222,000 US troops deployed, 36,000 more than Bush ever had – 186,000 was Bush’s highest total.

Those numbers do not include the private contractors

The Pentagon released a report showing that Obama already had a total of 242,657 private contractors in action, as of June 30th.

In other Jr-jr.jr news, Bush is catching up in popularity to Obama

Perhaps the greatest measure of Obama’s declining support is that just 50% of voters now say they prefer having him as President to George W. Bush, with 44% saying they’d rather have his predecessor.

Either that, or Obama is catching to W’s “legacy”

So, once again, who is entitled to sarcasm again? Not Michelle.


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