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I got this one of Facebook


The tax cut for the rich and upcoming cuts in social security are a distant memory. A few bills later in the senate and  the drool is back

Best. President. Ever.

Few are still awake

His friends agree:

He’s doing great things for them. And there’s more aheadPermalink

He is of course attacked by the loving flock

And what does a “Best President Ever” do?

Obama administration readies indefinite detention order for Guantanamo detainees

They are not happy with this

10. W and Dick would be proud, Obama.😡


You make me sick to my stomach, sir. Permalink

Do I detect a bit of KO style in that one?

Others have a sense of priorities too

I don’t care that much about START. I do care about a dem President

announcing Social Security cuts in a State of the Union address. I think it frickin’ appalling.

Of course, the cheerleaders at this point deny it will happen (later they’ll explain how this is a good thing)

9. The voices in my head tell me that Obama is going to have a great SOTU address.

They tell me that folks in the crowd will still yell lier and that some folks won’t like a thing he has to say. His skin will still be black and that will irritate many who watch. Permalink

But more are thinking it

The Democratic leaders are not even pretending to defend Social Security.

(Good rant follows)

A short sum up:

59. We’ve been had.

We can ignore it. We can pretend that it didn’t happen. We can try to cheer ourselves hoarse to distract us from reality.

The reality is that we have been had. Permalink

Some are really confused

What the hell is wrong with making deals?

one answers with a good cartoon


One has a good sentence

69. Giving away your daughter for only one goat — deal making.

Bad deal making.  Permalink

More koolaid, please! This one is starting to wake up:

Is it only me or does anyone else feel like these were not Obama’s victories?

Senate democrats, sure but I remain furious at Obama for the tax cut compromise. Am I all alone. Is everyone else just drinking the celebratory kool-aid and forgetting the tax deal. We’re still screwed people.

Some are still high up there

9. I’m celebrating the most successful Congress since FDR times

I don’t like kool-aid, I use my brain to make my own decisions about whether something is good or bad.

These are Obama’s victories, including the tax bill that helps millions of unemployed.

These are Pelosi’s victories.

These are Reid’ victories.

Can’t we be happy about the incredible successes for one day before the complaining starts? Sheesh. Permalink

Some can’t afford to celebrate

13. My parents are currently, barely, living on SS and Medicare(caid)

My mom just asked to borrow a significant amount of money from me (that I didn’t have) because they’re already barely getting by. Permalink

But the site administrator tells all they should

16. These victories belong to all of us.
Including President Obama.  Permalink

More wishful thinking

This lame duck session will “restore” the democratic base and bring independents back to Obama

and from another source got the post they deleted

10. I’m guessing that the OP wasn’t intentionally humorous.

Edited on Thu Dec-23-10 01:37 AM by Maat
But it certainly seems humorous to me.

They’ve federalized our food supply, unnecessarily (via the Food Safety Modernization Act – headed to Obama’s desk as we speak, with his expressed intention to sign it), and Obama’s signed, or is due to sign, an executive order, of dubious legality/constitutionality, authorizing ‘prolonged detention.’ Additionally, the tax bill/deal set the stage for the gutting of our beloved social security program with the ‘holiday.’ Rendition continues, and Holder is busy talking about spying on American citizens to thwart ‘terrorism.’ Patriots I and II remain active in full, and our freedoms and rights, gutted by said acts, have not been restored.

The signing of the repeal of DADT, and the authorizing of LBGT individuals to serve openly, is a good step in the right direction, but this could have essentially been the case when Obama took office. He could have signed an executive order that precluded enforcement of the policy, and he could have let a federal district court decision stand. True, the law is the best policy, but he could have precluded the practice of discharge a long time ago.

Believe me, I’m certainly not headed back to Obama or the Democratic Party anytime soon, and I’d be surprised to see other former Dems headed that way.

And the DUdie goes

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

to the last gasp of blaming Emanuel – finally Obama has been freed from the basement by that bad, bad man

What’s changed since the mid-terms? NO Rahm Emanuel.

You remember, the Administration’s point(less) man.

Well, in that case Rahm certainly gets absolved of the tax cuts to the rich deal.

And of course, the DUdie is earned for the illusion that anything changed since any time. Especially good changes.

Buy a clue: the only think that changed in the past 10 years is the suckers that had been had. Used to be the freepers, now…it’s you.

This concludes today’s edition of the DUdies.

Come back Tuesday for the next one


Seems Stockholm syndrome has became a theme as of late.

I still do not watch SNL – although after catching up on line this morning, this may change.

SNL’s Obama Literally Held Hostage By Republicans, Now A Conservative Birther

Here’s a write-up + video  of the opening monologue

After being held hostage for three days, the effects of Stockholm syndrome took hold, he says. By the fourth day, it was too late. At that point, the conversion was complete and he could finally see that “the tax cuts for the wealthy aren’t a big problem. They’re the best part of the bill!”

He assured us that the rich would use the money to create jobs, “millions and millions of jobs.” After all, Rush Limbaugh himself said he’d “never been hired by a poor person.”

Funny as it is, SNL was not the first to hit this (and I am not even referring to Frank Rich’s recent Stockholm Syndrome piece)

There was a pretty good Borowitz Report

In Latest Compromise with GOP, Obama Agrees He is a Muslim

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – In his latest effort to find common ground with Republicans in Congress, President Barack Obama said today that he was willing to agree that he is a Muslim.

“The American people do not want to see us fighting in Washington,” Mr. Obama told reporters at the White House.  “They want to see us working together to improve their lives, and Allah willing, we will.”

and, joke aside, his Os, who missed all that post-partisanship in the campaign and the 130 “Present” votes are also wondering – seriously

The President is under a Threat

I think it is time that we seriously consider the possibility that Obama is under a direct threat from the powerful forces that control this government – military contractors, big banks, multinationals. Nothing in his background – not his upbringing, his academic studies and achievements, his willingness to take his top-drawer legal education back to the poorer streets of Chicago, his legislative record, his record of striving and succeeding, his campaign rhetoric – NOTHING suggested that he would be so monumentally weak and capitulating.
But his actions lately suggest that HE is a hostage. When he said the GOP were holding something hostage, I think he meant himself and his family. Is he under direct threat? Are his daughters and wife being threatened? Did the money men show him a film of the assassination of JFK from a different angle, as Bill Hicks suggested?

Few disagree

3. So maybe President Clinton is under a direct threat too because of the dual press conference. Maybe

the white house dog Bo! Maybe they’re gonna’ break all the white house china! Hostage my ass. Permalink

I guess that would mean the joke is – quite literally – on the Os.

A truth that shall become obvious  to many

Obama Single-Handedly Destroyed Social Security

Good bye, Social Security. You did a great job for 75 years. Apparently, the President is ready to pull the plug on you, if not on Grandma herself.

Someone even offers a summary


1. In the new Obama/Republican Tax Cut Compromise, a 2-year payroll tax holiday (which funds Social Security) is included which would decrease FICA contributions by on the employee side.
2. 60 members of the Senate are UNWILLING to raise taxes. Considering the recent elections, a majority of the House will not want to raise taxes either. It is also likely we will have a Republican president in 2 years, or Obama will continue to cave to Republican demands, so, same thing.
3. The Payroll tax Holiday will then likely become permanent because pols are unwilling to “increase taxes” (like the Bush Tax Cuts) which will double the Social Security shortfall.
4. We end up with a “starve the beast” scenario. This funding shortfall will cause a crisis in Social Security which will eventually lead to cuts across the board (severe means testing where only the really indigent will receive SS) therefore obliterating widespread support. Permalink

while the loyalists don’t believe it

16. Unrec for unsubstantiated rumors.

More hair on fire rhetoric from FDL. Permalink

and this was a clever sneaky one

Joe Scarborough unveils Republican campaign talking point

Obama is not serious about deficit reduction because he just added one trillion to the deficit by renewing the bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

As dissapointed as I am, I am more pissed at the Democrats in Congress.

Of course – anyone but the one.

One still thinks R have nothing on Obama

11. But they suck at 11-D chess

The chess master will beat them in the end. He has a secret recipe for winning: Preemptive surrender at every step. Permalink

and then sees the sequel

9. Coming soon: “Obama: We must cut Social Security to reduce the deficit”

“and I invite my Republican superiors to join me in this effort” Permalink

Loyalists are on the offensive

KUDOS to President Obama for pushing back on the unappreciative left. . .

The usual propaganda follows and ends with

GO AHEAD PRESIDENT OBAMA, I got your back!Permalink

Some quibble

6. that was sheer unadulterated awesomeness … although..

…. I wouldn’t call it “the left.” The puritanical, 99% is simply not good enough for me lot aren’t the whole left. There a tiny but loud few. Permalink

Others felt different

Obama seemed condescending when talking about left today?


Some enjoyed it

60. The bashing of the purists was a thing of beauty. Permalink

Someone wants to change the title

4. Again

I think the missing word in your post was “again”.

He is really impressed with himself and very frustrated in people who don’t see just how brilliant he is. Permalink

And some made me sad – much as I shouldn’t feel sorry for them

7. That’s cuz we’re f#cking retarded. Remember.

I’m being sarcastic, I’m actually heartbroken. I have a sterling silver Obama logo necklace that I wore proudly until a few months ago. I’m so sad about how I feel. Permalink

some good (if too late)observations

14. In my eyes, the president has two tones: condescending and angry.

Rarely have I seen any alternative attitudes come through, except maybe timid. So his condescension today was no surprise. He is as snide as it gets. Permalink

Don’t you fucking yell at us, Mr President. And your podium

pounding has little effect anymore!

Reminding how Clinton handled identical situation ( as I hear “Obama is as bad as Clinton”)

How Clinton handled Republican blackmail – he used it to destroy Gingrich

This is exactly what happened when Gingrich and company tried to blackmail Clinton into all sorts of crazy shit, saying they’d shut down government if he didn’t give in. Clinton knew most Americans agreed with him, and he strode onto the TV and said “Those fuckers are trying to force me to do stuff that most Americans don’t want, and so they’re shutting down the government. I don’t want to shut down the government, but I’m not going to put up with blackmail.”

The Republicans were in flames in days, and Gingrich eventually got the boot. From Wikipedia:

The Republicans blamed Clinton for the shutdown, and Clinton blamed the Republicans. Public opinion favored the president; Clinton’s approval rating rose to the highest it had been since his election. The Republicans’ support was further diminished two days later when Gingrich made a widely-reported complaint about being snubbed by Clinton; Tom DeLay called it “the mistake of his life”.

DeLay writes in his book No Retreat, No Surrender:
“He told a room full of reporters that he forced the shutdown because Clinton had rudely made him and Bob Dole sit at the back of Air Force One… Newt had been careless to say such a thing, and now the whole moral tone of the shutdown had been lost. What had been a noble battle for fiscal sanity began to look like the tirade of a spoiled child. The revolution, I can tell you, was never the same.”
Gingrich’s complaint resulted in the perception that he was acting in a petty, egotistical manner, and Clinton defended the seating arrangement as a courtesy to Gingrich, the back of the plane being closer to his pickup car.<1> Later, the polls suggested that the event badly damaged Gingrich politically.

The shutdown also influenced the 1996 presidential election. Bob Dole, the Senate Majority Leader, was running for president in 1996. Because of his need to campaign, Dole wanted to solve the budget crisis in January 1996 despite the willingness of other Republicans to continue the shutdown unless their demands were met. It also has been cited as a role in Clinton’s successful re-election in 1996.

and some helpful advice

How to Remove Bumper Stickers

and someone notices the change in the place

Democratic Underground RETURNS to being truly “Underground,” I guess.

or rather the fact that O’s are now officially marginalized – which is kinda late

…well according to our President (for now), we should just shut up and take it. Because we progressives and liberals with our high-minded ideals are just too stupid to understand Obama’s “long game” strategy, we just need to trust our leader. We just need to fall into lockstep with the Democratic caucus. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I’m a member of this group because I choose NOT to fall into lockstep.

I’m a member of the underground because I choose to fight for my ideals and common sense.

I will not apologize to this President, who has betrayed his party. I will not be anyone’s lap dog.

But it calls into discussion what they’ve done

1. The “U” in “DU” had been forgotten for a couple years..

now, with so many blinders being ripped off in all directions, all at once, it seems that “second letter” is reasserting itself… Permalink

and a funny comment

75. Oh please!

Obama couldn’t find The Left with a compass and G.P.S.! Permalink

More sophistry from the authoritarian loyalists

Hmmm. Some of the same people who insist that it is their right/duty to loudly criticize President

when they disagree with him – and chafe at being told that they should be keep their criticisms to themselves – are now absolutely FURIOUS that the President had the temerity to criticize THEM.

Sorry, but we can’t have it both ways.

Took a while – they were high-fiving each other for the perfect argument, but finally someone nailed it

54. Who works for whom, here? It’s not the electorate’s job to please the President. Permalink

Turning on their pundits

Rachel Maddow is proving just how myopic the Parlor Talking Purists really are

with clever arguments like these (and this is a DUdie candidate)

12. So Obama as President can overrule what Congress and Senate do? Permalink

which mercifully get responded

44. Yeah, it’s called a veto. Permalink

and the rude awakening keeps on going

What ever happens, we are fucked. We’ve been used

and abused and there is nothing left.

One after the other, they wake up

2. I’m just mad at myself for not seeing this coming.

I was 100% snowed. 2 years ago, I never thought we’d be here. Never. 6 months ago I woke the fuck up and stopped making excuses and rationalizations. It’s gone downhill from there.

But at least my eyes are wide open now. Some are still in dreamland. It’s a blue pill red pill situation Permalink

I am mad at you too for not seeing this coming. And for attacking me and the rest who told you it was coming.

Another view on the “Unprecedented One”

I’m beginning to think Obama just isn’t smart enough to be president

Others think

3. He’s not stupid – rather he is complicit. nt Permalink

and then there’s Solomon

8. i think that you can argue both sides…that he’s being taken advantage of, and that he’s
the one taking advantage…and neither reflect nicely b/c in the first case he’s a not-so swift pol. in the second case, he’s not on our side and therefore less than trustworthy. neither of these scenarios are flattering. Permalink

and some put disappointment in verse

When we elected Obama, we thought

When we elected Obama, we thought

We elected a Thurgood Marshall,
a lion of the law,
one of the great legal minds.

We thought we elected a Martin Luther King
a guardian of rights
a courageous, peaceful warrior.

What we got was a Clarence Thomas,
Parroting the RIGHT opinions,
Deferential to conservative bluster.

So we now find ourselves ill served
Hoping that his promise of change
Means that he will change his ways.

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to another clueless effort to distract

** So, Who wants to see Obama light a Christmas tree! **

This concludes today’s edition. See you on Tuesday!


My second startle came with this tweet

It’s another one of those moments when they get it (like “Our long nightmare…“)

Starting with the idea that Obama has all our e-mails. And he was just after missing the 3AM call in the morning

According to its timestamp, the e-mail was sent at 4:26 a.m.

“Hey Everyone,” read the first line of the president’s note, which at 27 megabytes proved too large for millions of Americans’ in-boxes.


“Anyway,” the e-mail continued.

A 150-page printout confirms that while Obama’s points are generally cogent in the first quarter of the message, the increasingly chaotic spacing, multiple spelling errors, and near total lack of commas rendered the later portions almost impossible to parse.

and ends with

“Yes we can!” the e-mail concluded. “Ugh, you know what? Forget it. Believe what you want. Yours, Barack.”

Someone seems to have been a fly on the wall….

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