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Even NYC tabloids do Egypt now, in their unique silly way

and surprisingly for the NY Post, better

in non-Egypt news, the big media shake-up that will influence future political coverage


Oh, noes!

Well DU has become quite the Obama bash fest….

what the hell happened to DU, seems to have merged with freerepublic.

Only one breaks the chorus of approval

24. I know

Having people criticize the president on here for accepting republican narratives absolutely makes this message-board the equivalent of an insane bigoted far-right message board. 

Its like they say, if you criticize a democrat from the left that means you are a secret republican operative.   Permalink

The loyalty train  is chugging along however

***Check in if you’re proud of President Obama and his SOTU tonight***

Not 100% agreement from me, but very good.

William Pitt is not aboard

Is this as bad as I think it is?

I have been known on more than one occasion to defend the President even when he didn’t necessarily deserve it. I’ve also kicked him in the ass more than once.

This is an excellent Republican speech. There were a few belly-rubs – new energy policy, and oh we love the children – but he has been kissing GOP ass from beginning to end.

Please tell me I’m just an insane person. Been writing all day, maybe I’m addled.

But Jesus God…what is this crap?

Best Republican speech I’ve ever heard.

Total poop grenade.

Shit everywhere.


answering to a cheerleader saying Obama is doing right

10. He hasn’t lit the podium on fire or thrown up or anything
but I wouldn’t call this “doing great.”  Permalink

There were plenty of articles, material for this one in 2008 too, but they ignored it

Time Magazine Cover of Obama: Why Obama Hearts Reagan

Some excerpts from the article

Since the November elections, Obama has brought corporate executives into the White House, reached out to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and made compromise his new watchword. He signed a surprise $858 billion tax cut that would have made Reagan weep with joy and huddled with Reagan’s former White House chief of staff Ken Duberstein for lessons learned when the Gipper governed amid economic troubles.Over the Christmas break, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted that Obama was reading a Reagan biography, and just to confirm the bond, Obama recently wrote an homage to Reagan for USA Today. “Reagan recognized the American people’s hunger for accountability and change,” Obama wrote, conferring on Reagan two of his most cherished political slogans.

Of course, the defense team is ready this time as well

7. The full article is pretty interesting. OP’s excerpts are kind of misleading.
It isn’t about how “Obama is just like Reagan”. Nor is it that “Obama Admires Reagan’s Policies” which he doesn’t. It has more to do with using Reagan’s style to counter R meme that “government is the problem”  Permalink

and one of the cheerleaders nails it

9. We knew this since the primaries. Did you vote for Obama? n/t   Permalink

Another subversive idea

How to fix Social Security in one graph

Here’s an interesting view on civl rights, and very likely the DUdie

Obama administration demands Dan Choi pay $2500 for DADT discharge

To which cheerleading O responds

2. Shame on Choi – easier for him to be a perpetual victim, apparently
Grandstanding to try and embarass the administration that has done so much for this cause.  Permalink


Biggest snow job pulled on Americans by the media: the beatification of Reagan.  Here – complete with posters for your bedroom

adding the ongoing one – with the new “Reagan’s son” – (used to be W) Read the rest of this entry »

This is one for the Schadenfreude list: the man who told us we’d go back to our knitting might have to take the hobby for himself

A suicide bomber in Moscow Read the rest of this entry »

A not quite about Palin post

(This blog deals  very little with Palin – who is not someone I’d support but a private citizen, hyped for political exploitation of sexism)

A funny thing happened once she was nominated: all the rabid sexism directed at Hillary automatically transferred to her, only this time, some of the former Hillary supporters joined in.

The reaction was  directed by the candidate who started  with “she is only a mayor and I manage a campign with more money that her town” and grew from there with help of all the media on and off line that was bought.

I was at the time on a forum, Capitol Hill which grew from former Hillary supporters that were banned from DU from supporting the wrong candidate.

When this second wave of sexism hit, the forum owner got swept by it so intensely, she eventually decided to take down the whole forum, refusing to hand it over to anyone not identically inclined.

Just when I thought the Palin wars were over, the Gifford shootings started and the cross hairs map became a new symbol of anti-Palin sentiment.

It led to new fractures at my favorite blog.

At least this time I won’t be deprived of any of my posters as I intend to frequent both.

I took down comments attacking anyone involved.

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