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This kind of story

is tight up their alley


It’s just the Daily news. Do they really think this stuff will turn people to vote for Obama?


Of course the Romney candid contempt for voters is news, but some of the better sources reminded people  of Obama’s “bitter racists” remarks. Not surprising the Daily News is doing this

but NY Post is proving without a doubt who is the 1% candidate this year

Of course, both papers highlight their editorials and the Post one seems to defend Romney – but the headline is certainly no help. Of course the tabloids are wasting their space – no one in NYC will vote for Romney anyway. But in spite what he thinks, very few will vote for Obama too..

I knew Obama was once again the choice of the 1% the moment Clinton was allowed to come support him without any “Monica!” in site. The miracle has happened once before in 2008 with Ted Kennedy’s public endorsement with no Chapaquidick in sight.

Here’s a pure orgasm from the Daily News

and a very mild sarcasm for the loyal opposition



Been on DU )first time in years) looking for that poster. Didn’t find it, but I found one of the most mind boggling cause for celebration

Kristol Blasts Romney For Ignoring Afghanistan, U.S. Troops In Convention Speech

More pertinently, they do not like this meme at all

It’s time to retire the “Are you better off then you were 4 years ago” stupidity.

One campaign meme on Facebook answered this by “Of course we were better the day Obama took office, because Bush was gone. *can’t find me asthey didn’t like my comment)  Fair enough, but any good news since?

Here’s a by the numbers answer

Gross Domestic Product
Fourth quarter, 2008: -6.2 percent
Second quarter, 2012: +1.7 percent

Jobless Americans
January 2009: 11.1 million
Now: 12.8 million

Unemployment rate, overall
January 2009: 7.8 percent
Now: 8.3 percent

Median family income
2008: $52,029
End of 2011: $51,413

and more.

The more notable comment in that Facebook exchange: Better disappointment than disaster. Which still doesn’t reach the heights of Avrosis comparing Obama to chemotherapy

or a mattress collecting your broken bones after a fall


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