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It must be the elections season – a welcome turnaround – what took him so long?

I couldn’t get the actual cover, this is in the on line page – but was essentially the cover of AM-NY

Murdoch fights for Bloomberg’s right to fire teachers at will – seniority be damned – bogus polls enlisted. The Bums in question are the teachers in case you missed it



LIFO stands for “Last in, first out” = seniority.

I thought this was a Post cover I needed to memorialize

The text on the cover is:

Funny about that power of public employee unions. I wonder how does it manifest. really.


The disgusting commentator on the Egyptian assault got some consequences

and gets a second cover

as NY Post continues yesterday’s theme, this time with flattery for Obama



Beyond NY, no first page mentions any of this.

For comical relief, here’s a tragedy:



He truly seems to be out of it as Obama pours it on about his noble calling


and then falls asleep
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Yesterday morning, after Mubarak’s last act of hubris, I predicted he’d go the way of Ceausescu. It happened just hours after that.

Some of the best and worst covers:

NY Post makes Mubarak a mummy

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