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Occupy basher policeman Ray Kelly gets a new tabloid cover – more embarrassing than before

and Bloomberg jumps in for him

Obama’s press conference was also as embarassing as his bill – although the real reasons are not brought up .

Elliott Spitzer once took on Wall Street and the media took him down in a matter of days. His intention to return to politics has been met with more sex puns in tabloids headlines than Weiner could dream off. Somehow they figured this is not a minus with voters sow this is the new sin: not voting for Obama. It’s more ironic coming from NY Post.

For me, it’s a big plus and proof of consistency: One that knows the cesspool that is Wall Street should not vote for their puppet. And no, NY Post this is NOT “voter fraud”

Quite the gall from the man who bought the office of Mayor 3  times to comment on other people’s corruption. And how the Post loves him since they’ve been paid off! “Mayor Mike!”

Once upon a time, NYC was paradise! The politician, the briber, the media and the government were one and the same person and the public was none the wiser how support was gained. Now that Boomberg’s 3 terms bought for are over, different owners, money changing hands sometimes shows.

So, tabloids can finally get in .

What Daily news tells us happened

What NY Post sells

what I know happened

Meanwhile, my candidate, Jill Stein gets arrested for wanting to go debate


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